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Join Al-Shabab..BAD! Join Israel’s military..GOOD!

The FBI is very concerned about “Radicalized” Somali youth leaving the US to join Al-Shabab in Somalia and fighting for them. Try visiting Somalia and you will be “interviewed” by the FBI before you even leave. If you do manage to visit Somalia, even if you visit a neighboring country and you are Somali and you WILL get the royal “interview” treatment by the FBI.  IF you ever get back because the FBI will quite likely place you on their notorious “No-Fly” list which has added over 1.5 MILLION people to it in just the past five years.

You see, the US does not want you to fight for foreign countries and possibly kill or injure US citizens or, destroy their property. The US definitely does not want you to get battle training, return to the US and terrorize Americans…UNLESS, of course, you are involved in killing Muslims and THEN when you return, you can “be assertive” with Muslims because that is your guaranteed right to free expression.
Israel and its Blind Supporters understand this, that is why they have massive organizations that recruits Jews outside of Israel, to bring them “back” to Israel, brainwash them, inject the feeling that they are working or, fighting for the very existence of all Jewry that will be exterminated if young Jews don’t feverishly work for Israel …and fight the “terrorists” (Muslims). One, just one, such organization is Mahal:
  • Mahal

    Non-Israeli service with modern IDF

    Overseas residents are able to serve with the modern IDF through various Mahal-IDF-Volunteers. These volunteer programs are for young non-Israeli Jews who are legal residents in Israel (and descendants of a Jewish grandparent) and overseas Israelis who are younger than 24 (men), 21 (women), 36 (physicians). The programs consist typically of 18 months of IDF service (21 months, if IDF-Hebrew study program, or ulpan, is necessary) including extended training for those joining combat units or 1 month of non-combat training. All overseas volunteers serve in regular Israeli military units.

Many of these foreign-born Jews become Israeli residents (they are already Israeli citizens because of their Jewish birth), they are trained to learn Hebrew and to fight the Arabs. Israel already creates deep hatreds against Arabs, starting from grade school, teaching children that killing Arabs is a patriotic thing to do, just listen and watch as some Jewish children talk about killing Arabs.

In the current Israel invasion of Gaza, who knows how many American citizens are serving as Israeli army soldiers, indiscriminately killing Palestinian men, women and Children. As of July 20th, we know of two American citizens who were killed in combat as Israeli soldiers.

  • 8:10 P.M. Two of the 13 soldiers killed on Sunday in the Gaza Strip are U.S. citizens, IDF confirms. (Haaretz)
“Irregardless”, as they say in the US, Americans who go overseas to join the fighting forces of another country are fine, as long as they are killing Arabs Muslims. Every year uncountable numbers of American and European Jewish high school kids and young men volunteer to work for the Israeli military, many as soldiers and why not? They are well-protected, it is high adventure and they can terrorize and even kill people and suffer no consequences…and it is perfectly legal back in the US!
Want to take some bets as to what would happen to a MUSLIM kid who goes to join and overseas fighting force, even kills some people and comes back to the US?
The Muslim kid will be branded as a “radicalized, violent extremist”, a potential terrorist who will soon go on a killing spree against innocent Americans. The kid will be “detained” than charged, tried and jailed. His parents will be placed under extreme surveillance, his Mosque will be target for general questioning, his (parents’) home will be raided, computers removed…it will be YEARS before his parents can start to live normally again and just forget about the kid.
Oh yes! the newspapers will be full of stories about how a “Radicalized” Muslim kid left the USA and underwent military training back in a Muslim country. How he fought battles there and now he has returned a a battle-hardened terrorist, ready to spread mayhem in this country. Radio and TV will take great pleasure in highlighting the kid as the reason why we, the members of the Judeo-Christian Civilization, need to remain on full alert against the threat if “Islamic Radicalization”.
In case anyone is still wondering why there is such animosity towards Muslims and why America loves its Jews so much; Jews have learnt to come together as a single, united voice, when it come to matters of protecting other Jews or “defending” Israel. Jews have become so politically strong and influential, that criticizing Jews or Israel in America, is a career-ending move.
Muslims on the other hand, are disorganized, divided along sectarian and political lines and suffer from unrealistically-inflated egos. That they cannot seem to work with any other Muslims unless they are the group’s leader but they still won’t do any work. While we bicker, our enemies make stronger cases against us and the American public, have no choice but to believe the contrived “facts” against Islam and Muslims. Our divisions show our political leaders that they do not have to concern themselves about what we want or, what we think. The politicians see their bread being buttered by the Islamophobes, so they jump on that bandwagon as well. Thus, the nation is led against Islam and Muslims, not only in this country, but overseas as well.
“In American politics, the debate about our closest ally in the Middle East has all the candor and thoughtfulness of a cabinet meeting in North Korea.”  Paul Waldman, Washington Post

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