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Jewish teens killed in Israel

When saw the news that three teens had been kidnapped in Israel, I felt sad for them and for their parents. I thought it may take the path of some exchanges of Palestinians for the boys and that would be that. I also felt fear for Palestinians because I knew Israelis would react with demonic fury, heedless of how many victims they claim.
I was partly right. Israeli military and paramilitary forces launched an all-out effort to find the boys and to find who did it, taking many prisoners who were sure to be tortured (Israeli courts have allowed the use of torture in their so-called, “ticking bomb” scenarios) and causing destruction in their path.
Today, when I heard that the bodies of the boys were found, I was very sad, especially for the parents. Surviving their children is surely the nightmare of all parents, no child deserves to be the victim of any battles between adults. Children are always innocents, their killing can never be justified, even when they may be found carrying guns. It is bad enough that people dismissively kill other innocents (non-combatants) but those who kill children must surely rank among the lowest forms of humanity, along with those who permit such killings.

It has only been a short time since the news came announcing the killing of the Jewish boys in Israel and already the vitriol is overwhelming. Israeli’s Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has already decided Hamas is responsible for the killings, he has called them “beasts” and politicians have called for the extermination of Hamas…all of them!
If you have never done so, you should make a point to read the comments that come after the news articles, sometimes they are more revealing than the article. The Jewish Press reported the news which was followed by many voicing grief but then there were also those who were angry and vented their spleen against their hated “other”; Muslims. Here are a few selections:
  • Cassia Bat Avraham says: God of vengeance arise
  • Daniel Davenport-Freedman says: They murdered our boys!!!! G-d kill every Muslim….
  • Mike Warner says: Koranimals are not human beings. And as animals, they should be treated as such: when they get out of control, they should be shot dead in the street
  • Pam Derbyshire says: Carpet bomb the area kill all of those animals and their families and friends.
  • David Cohen says: Should have driven these animals out a long time ago!
  • Nikos Farma Bone Ssofsit says: nuke Islam now
  • Rick Sawyer says: Every Muslim in Israel needs to recant Islam or be deported.
Tragically, these are no isolated views, they reflect the views of most, if not all of Israel’s civilian and military leadership and the views of the entire body of those I terms as, “The Blind Supporters of Israel”. Just watch how the anger and venom grows in the next few days and then watch as another poetically-named “operation” is launched by Israel against the people of Gaza under the guise of attacking Hamas.
Israel’s leaders claim “We have no partners for Peace”, a most disingenuous statement designed to then permit Israel to portray itself as the embattled nation, fighting for its existence, every hour of every day. If Israel’s Jews want peace, they need to act in such a manner, I would say the following to them:
If you want peace, do not be making war at the same time, do not demand recognition even as you refuse to recognize Palestinians. Do not demand disarmament even as you are armed to teeth and you continue to attack Palestinians. Do not expect anything less than the hate you yourself, hold for Palestinians, do not expect Palestinians to value the lives of your children even as you routinely maim and kill Palestinian children. Expect Palestinians to take pleasure in your grief because you deliver grief and humiliation to them in daily measures and you do this as a state-supported policy.
Remember that Whites have ruled South Africa since the seventh century, they ruled North Africa and India for centuries, as if those were the domains of the White conquerors and their children. But in the end, they were all overthrown because they failed to respect the native population, they failed to assimilate within the host culture and they maintained an oppressive rule. Israel and its Jews are doomed to the same fate unless they change their ways and their attitudes towards Palestinians.
Israel needs to move beyond its rhetoric-for-public-consumption and to action for peace, REAL peace; one that recognizes and respects the Christian and Muslim Arabs of the region as much as the Jews wish for respect and recognition. A key ingredient for peace, one that has remained THE key ingredient throughout history, is that one must talk to ones enemies. This means, Israel must open talks with Hamas without killing Palestinians as they do so; talks designed not to win, but to reach an agreement based on Justice, Dignity and a common future.
THEN Israel’s Jews will find their “Partners for Peace”.

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  1. The West Bank is NOT Israel…………..


    Comment by Ibrahim Soudy | July 1, 2014 | Reply

    • The topic I addressed in my article on is about the killing of children, not the political boundaries of Israel/Palestine. I did not wish to get distracted by geography, history or the Bible. Even in limiting my conversation to “children” one is bogged down by what determines a child…under 13 years? under 16? under 18? armed? unarmed?

      More Palestinian children were killed by Israelis/Jews during the search for the three teens, but who can even tell us how many, let alone their names or ages?

      Rather than try to hash out the different perspectives on statehood, Bible, “Terrorism”, I chose to keep it simple…perhaps overly simple…in order to shed light on the FACT that the tears shed over deaths of non-combatants/innocents (more discussion here…), cannot be limited to “our” side otherwise, they are tears of a hypocrite.


      Comment by penjihad | July 1, 2014 | Reply

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