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When Mohammed Buys a Gun


Recently a man entered the Jewish Museum in Brussels and opened fire killing three and injuring one before he fled. He was later captured in Paris and discovered to be a French Muslim, he was carrying ammunition for a Kalashnikov “and a white cloth with Arabic writing on it“, among other things.


France jumped into action, arresting Muslims who planned to travel to Syria or to any country even close to Syria, believing that these people are looking to fight in Syria and if they survive, they would return to Europe and become trained mass killers…”Jihadis” is the convenient, if misleading term.


The main fact here, that fired the imaginations of most, if not every Westerner, is that the man is a Muslim. That fact alone informs the West and Jews especially, that Muslims are out to get them and Muslims will not rest as long as there are “Unbelievers” alive.


What a load of rubbish!


We Muslims are the targets du jour for the West; we know it, and our Western persecutors know it, but there is a loudly-stated pretense that the close looks at Muslims are merely in reaction to what Muslims are doing and the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” is doing its best to defend “Freedom”, “Democracy” and “our way of life”. Unfortunately, the focus is not on the actions that cause the mayhem, but on the people who are deemed to be the ones most responsible for those acts of violence. The way our law enforcement agencies (Police, FBI etc) are working it appears that their jobs and promotions and even their departmental budgets, are based not on the crimes they stop or solve, but on the Muslim scalps they bring in.


Consider the following events:

  • Major Nidal Hassan, an Army psychiatrist in Fort Hood, goes berserk and starts to kill people around him. By the time he is stopped, he has killed about 13 men and women and injured several others. Everyone gets on the “Muzlem!” bandwagon, connections are created and exaggerated, to show he is not crazed, but an cold-blooded “Jihadi“, out to kill those whom he accuses of killing Muslims overseas, in the name of Islam. Media posts huge articles and pictures of him portrayed as a violent Muslim fanatic. The story is carried for a long, long, time.


Placing emphasis on his faith by enhancing his name

Placing emphasis on his faith by enhancing his name


  • Military contractor Aaron Alexis at the Washington Navy Yard, goes berserk and kills 13 people and injures several others. The fuss mutes out in a short time, nobody starts going off on how African Americans pose a “threat to the White world”, no investigations on how African Americans live and how they feel disenfranchised, no cover pictures portraying the “Evil Black Man”.


There are many more similar events contrasting Muslims with non-Muslims and without fail, Muslims are shown as the outsider with values opposed to the “Our Way of Life”. Pundits and Think-tanks that seem not to be doing much thinking, start major discourses about the upcoming “Clash of Civilizations” (between Islam and Judeo-Christianity), as outlined by Samuel Huntington, that great intellectual who, along with Bernard Lewis, believes that we Muslims act like a school of fish, guided by an unseen, evil hand, ready to destroy this “Free Society”. Naturally, these and other like-minded “experts”, have become the darlings of the West and their works are required reading in FBI, Police and other forces, including the US Military.


It is in such an environment that we find ourselves today where, whether we like it or not, we are being placed against each other, Muslim and Non-Muslim, like chess pieces with no will of our own.


Muslim gathering places are monitored, as are many Muslim businesses, Muslims are coerced into becoming informants or suffer life-changing consequences. Western governments and law enforcement agencies have placed informants within Muslim ranks with the purpose of inciting people into taking some idiotic and violent action so they can be intercepted to show that the West has been saved yet again.


Muslims, on the other hand, are the losers in this Great Game against “Terrorism”. As institutional pressure grow against Muslims, they tend to draw within themselves and the messages that we Muslims are the dangerous “other” begin to look more and more believable. The youth grow to feel disenfranchised and even at school, feel they are being viewed as a threat. they start to lose their sense of identity with their country and begin to look inwards for some identity, any identity. With their world being surrounded by visions of violence in Muslim countries and with Western countries destroying those countries, the sense of disenfranchisement goes deeper, culminating in a desire to go and help the only people the youth can fully identify with; the embattled “other” who is being oppressed by our adopted country, even more than we Muslims are, here. Sometimes, the violence is expressed in the theaters of war overseas and sometimes, they find expression right here. In such cases, the Western forces crow that they were right about us Muslims after all, while the disenfranchised Muslim youth see yet another reason to feel disenfranchised and the cycles of violence get tighter.


In the meantime, Muslim parents are scared out of their wits, when they see their child start to go off the rails. In many cases, they try to intervene but are typically dismissed by their children as being out of touch with reality. Muslim parents try to get help, but our nations have placed more money at the disposal of fighting violence (after creating the means to violence), than they have in the intervention and prevention of violence. What are concerned Muslims to do?


We have seen the futility of going to the authorities with our fears that young Mohammed may be going off the rails and may be leaning towards violence. Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI show no interest unless they see something that can be construed as “Islamic Extremism“. Muslims have seen our FBI coerce or bribe fellow Muslims into becoming “informants” who are really agents provocateur, seeking opportunities to coax, incite and goad, susceptible Muslims into acts of violence that they otherwise may never have embarked upon, only to be intercepted by the waiting FBI agents who then proclaim yet another “terror incident” forestalled. There was a case where Parents sought FBI’s help in controlling and helping a dysfunctional youth who they told the FBI, was likely to become violent. The FBI’s response? The FBI sent various “handlers” to the youth, added to his sense of disenfranchisement, trained him over a period of six months and sent him into a crowd in Portland OR with a fake car-bomb and then arrested him for attempting to cause mass destruction.


We also know of the case where someone called in a bomb threat to a Lynnwood WA Mosque and the FBI and the Lynnwood Police took the matter so lightly that one would almost think that the person had thrown litter on the city’s sidewalk.


What are Muslims to do? We do not want our youth derailed into anti-social actions or even violent actions any more than the authorities do. We do not want violence committed in our name, not here or anywhere else, for that matter. We would like to get the authorities to work with us to forestall actions by disaffected persons.


But when we see Mohammed buy a gun with a particular glint in his eye, who should we go to? How do we know that the authorities (FBI etc.,) are not just waiting for another opportunity to entrap and goad our susceptible youth into rash action so the FBI can claim the credit for stopping another horrendous act by yet another “Muzlem terrorist”?

How can we be certain that if Mohammed is innocent, his life will not be destroyed while the FBI takes him apart to find some vague connections to implied terrorism?


This cycle of distrust needs to be broken and that has to start with the FBI, other law enforcement and political leaders. They cannot, on one hand say they want to work with us and help us, while on the other hand continue to treat us as suspects and potential criminals to a point where they are actually arresting us by accusing us of thinking of doing violent things, as is going on in France and has, on occasion, happened here. They need to put the emphasis on the crime and target people for criminal activities, not target Muslim for being Muslims and therefore, by default, violent terrorists.


But the FBI and Police will continue to line their own nests by targeting entrapping Muslims and Muslims will continue to avoid the FBI because we cannot trust them and in the end, when another event occurs, both sides will say, their suspicions were right. Muslims will lose, the rest of America will lose, as the law enforcement agencies fatten their budgets.

Ultimately, the only winner will remain, The Fear Industry.

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