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Pakistani REAL Muslims kill Ahmedi “False” Muslim

A fanatic is a man who does what he thinks God would do, if He knew the facts of the case“. So said Finley Peter Dunne, of the Chicago tribune.


Today, we have fanatics who know more than God does and therefore, do what God should be doing but does not. If it were not so serious, it would be funny that these fanatics are to be found in every faith, doing their evils in the name of God…the same God for all…but doing it to different people. That is the problem with fanatics, they do not understand their own religion as they should and the only cure they know for any transgression, is death.


Pakistani Dr. Mehdi Ali Qamar, living in Ohio, decided to go, as he did so often and work free for a week in Pakistan as a cardiologist, in order to help the poor. The hospital is run by Qadianis (Ahmedis) and even though it provides free medical aid to the poorest of the people, the Pakistan Fanatics Inc., has declared treatment at the hospital to be “Haram” forbidden. Dr. Qamar stopped at a cemetery to pray for his relatives who are buried there and as he was leaving, two men drove up in a motorbike and put ten bullets in him. Dr. Qamar died right there (Pickerington doctor killed by gunmen in Pakistan). He is survived by three children and his wife, he died for the ultimate crime of being an Ahmedi which is punishable by death, in Pakistan.


We only know of this story because it was reported. The tragic fact is the hundreds, if not thousands of Ahmedis in Pakistan, have been killed and hundreds of thousands of them have been and continue to be, persecuted in Pakistan. Nobody bothers to report these tragedies, nobody dares to protest them for fear that the REAL Muslims in Pakistan will literally, take aim at them as well. Pakistan today, consists of three kinds of people; those who don’t care, those who are too terrified to speak and the fanatics who spearhead the slaughters in the name of God…certainly not in the name of MY God, because He never ordered any atrocities to be committed by us in His name.


Pakistan has declared the Ahmediyya to be not only non-Muslim, but to be “Kuffar”-Unbelievers, those who reject Islam. Among the Most Righteous Muslims of all Muslims…those who are better known as the murderous fanatics…the punishment for being a “Kafir” Unbeliever) is death. The Ahmediyya are not permitted to make the call for prayers (same as the Muslim call to prayer) from their mosques and their Mosques are not permitted to look like Mosques even though the Ahmediyya continue to insist they are Muslim. Never mind that the ONLY reliable source of instruction for Muslims, the Quran, says the punishment for being a so-called “Kafir”, for apostasy, for a deemed “insult” to Islam or the disciples of the prophet Mohammed is up to God and only up to God.

  • There is no compulsion in religion. (2:256)
  • Had Allah willed, they had not been idolatrous. We have not set thee as a keeper over them, nor art thou responsible for them. (6:108)
  • If any from among you turn his back on his faith (let him do so); soon God will replace them with others whom He will love and who will love Him. (5:54)


Being Ahmedi is a passionately-prosecuted crime in the Most Righteous Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is to be noted that taking of bribes is not prosecutable (who is bribe-free there to do the prosecution?) Killing of people, as long as they are poor and weak, is also a free activity, disappearing people and torturing them is something the government and military take pride in doing. Pakistan has the technology and the money to produce the nuclear bomb, to build fighter aircraft, to build fighting ships and to make all sorts of weapons and weapon-delivery system…while sucking up as much bribe in the process at every level that decision-makers can suck. But perish the thought that Pakistan should provide clean water, adequate schools, basic medical care and law or order to the public.


All these, real, atrocities can continue unabated and those who grow rich from their ill-gotten gains can come to the West and buy property, send their children to expensive schools and go completely unpunished…but dare to be a Qadiani (Ahmedi)…and suddenly God Himself, is dragged in to say the Ahmedi should be killed.


Pakistan may be too far gone for an expectation of an early change there, but we in our overseas abodes, can help the change from here. We need to abandon those aspects our hide-bound and misguided “faith”, that we have learned  from our equally misguided teachers some of whom we refer to, as “Ulema” or scholars (not all of them), that we should stay away from the “Kuffar” which they translate as anyone who does not follow their limited line of thinking. We need to invite people of minority sects, even if some believe they are not Muslim. We need to invite each other to our houses of prayer and have then explain their belief to us and explain ours to them, not so that one party will “convert” the other, but so we can dispel the myths, stick with the facts and accept them as Muslim because God tells us to do that. In the final analysis, if someone is following a false belief, God and ONLY God, will deal with them in the Hereafter.


Still, nobody speaks out.

It is a tragic fact that atrocities can only happen while the majorities remain silent. When the Ahmediyya were declared “Kuffar” in Pakistan, the Christians and Hindus kept a low profile, probably grateful that they were not being so targeted. Then the sword of the Jahilliya (ignorant barbarians)  descended on the Hindus and the Christians in Pakistan and the Shia (also a minority) stayed silent, confident in their delusional belief that they are really Muslim. Now the Shia and the Sufis are being targeted and the rest of the Sunni Muslims are silent because of course, they ARE true Muslims!


Don’t look now, but unless you are a Wahhabi (may God have Mercy on your soul!), YOU will soon be a “Kafir” in the eyes of the REAL Muslims. “Objects in the mirror are closer than you think“!

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  1. You said it well, as usual. This is now such a familiar and recurring tragedy that many people outside the country are probably getting desensitized to it. So, it is ever more urgent that someone raise a voice against such atrocities. Thank you for doing just that.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | May 27, 2014 | Reply

  2. JazakAllah, May the deceased be blessed in highest esteem in the life hereafter and May the killer’s/fanatics (in this blog) are blessed righteous sense of things. I condemn this act of brutality and inhumanity and that too in the name of Allah SubhanatAllah.

    We, Pakistanis are doomed for the reason that we over stepped our authority and started adjudging and attesting ones faith which is a matter between Allah SubhanatAllah and His follower so in other words we invited Allah SubhanatAllah’s wrath on us by following this forbidden path, Burn we shall until we repent and seek forgiveness for the master of the world’s Allah SubhanatAllah.

    Persecution of Ahmadis and for that matter every minority/community should be condemned and should be deemed unlawful. May Peace, Love and Humanity Prevail, Ameen!


    Comment by Ejaz | May 28, 2014 | Reply

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