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Who Does CAIR Care For?

There have been a few organizations that watch out for rights of people, some are small organizations and some are very large and their size generally determines how they behave and how effective they are.
The large organizations have a huge backing of the people they serve; Jews have ADL, AIPAC, AJC and a host of others, all of which have the backing with time effort and money, from Jews of America and Jews around the world. Blacks have the NAACP which has the backing of African Americans. All these organizations are large enough that they do not need to pander to anyone even. They do cultivate relationships with political leaders but from a position of parity and strength, they command respect and they serve their constituencies very well.
The smaller organizations are continually looking to be recognized, they work hard and eventually, they get to a position of influence where they start to become noticed, that is when they also start to be attacked by those who hate the organization’s constituents. Sometimes, these smaller organizations change focus from representing a constituency to seeking popularity, they stop “making waves”, they get along, they avoid “controversy”. In effect, they become bland and trade the influence they had, for brief spots in the limelight with political leaders. These organizations then lose their credibility with their constituent groups, but they are welcomed by the politicians who can say they are on good terms with the minority (Arabs, Muslims etc.,) without actually being required to do anything worthwhile for the minority.

Currently, the only effective civil rights organization for Muslims in America is CAIR, the Council for American Islamic Relations. They have stood strong and fast, for civil rights of Americans and they have gone to great lengths to protect Muslims and Islam, from the arbitrary and vicious attacks by those who seem to live to hate Islam, Muslims and Arabs.
When the FBI gets on their horses to attack Muslims (they have to, that is why they exist these days), CAIR is there to stand up for us.
When teachers attack Islam or a Muslim student, CAIR takes on the cause.
When politicians decide to spruce their popularity with a little bit of Islam-bashing, CAIR stands up against them.
When there is anti-Muslim discrimination in the workplace, CAIR is there to help.
These and many more, are times when Muslim civil rights are defended by CAIR, all across the United States.
Still, the folks arrayed against Islam and Muslims in this country are in great numbers, very influential, very well-organized and very large bank accounts; a daunting collection of “very” superlatives. Their attacks on CAIR are very effective, they have managed to place CAIR as an organization that is “an un-indicted co-conspirator” in terrorism, a meaningless term in law, but to the layman it seems to mean that CAIR must be a terrorist organization. CAIR’s uphill battles became even steeper.
In its struggle to gain currency and to be seen as legitimate, CAIR started to court public opinion which is a good thing, but this move to court public opinion appears to be gaining ground over CAIR being a representative for Muslim causes. This begs the question; Is CAIR going the way of other small organizations that look good but do little for their constituencies?
Recently, CAIR started to get more and more involved in overseas issues. it started with issues that are really peripheral to CAIR’s charter, which is or, should be, focused on events in the US or, events that directly affect American Muslims. Thus, CAIR could rightfully stand against the opportunistic placement of a Muslim on the No-Fly List as soon as the Muslim leaves the US or, CAIR could work for a Muslim overseas who has been imprisoned and tortured by a foreign nation at the suggestion (“it NEVER happened!”) of the FBI. But it is doubtful if CAIR should start to take stands against things that happen overseas and do not involve US Muslims directly, such as the train bombings in Spain or the bus bombings in London. To be sure, these are despicable events and must be condemned, but probably not by an institution such as CAIR, because then, CAIR gets into the business of condemning ever even involving a Muslim and unfortunately, that might take CAIR off its track of looking at matters American and once begun the slope gets endlessly slippery.
Still, the temptation to assert legitimacy by taking stands against every evil act that involves Muslims is seductive, especially when such stands are demanded by our enemies who can always be heard to ask why Muslims don’t condemn this or, that even publicly.
So, bowing to the push and pull of Muslim and non-Muslim pressures, CAIR got into the business of condemning matters that have nothing to do with American issues.
CAIR did condemn the train bombings in Spain and the bus bombings in London, it spoke in favor of the Arab Spring, it spoke in favor of “the democratic process” when Morsi was overthrown in Egypt. CAIR condemned the slaughters of the Syrian rebels, it also condemned Boko Haram’s kidnapping of the girls and just yesterday, CAIR spoke against the death sentence on the Christian woman in the Sudan who is condemned to death for apostasy…and CAIR took time to speak out against Nirenda Modi, the new Indian Prime Minister who presided over the genocidal attacks on Indian Muslims when he was Governor od Gujarat State
On the other hand, CAIR was nowhere to be seen when the Shia were being systematically slaughtered and their holy places of worship destroyed in Bahrain at the hands of the armies of the House of Saud. CAIR lost its voice when the Syrian rebels were joined and taken over by the fanatical butchers financed and armed by the House of Saud (with American blessing) and CAIR’s most recent case of acute laryngitis was when it failed to condemn the Anti-Shia Alliance gathering in Indonesia that was attended by major Indonesian Muslim organizations, the Governor of W. java was represented and they issued a resolution called for the destruction of the Shia “By all means possible”… a call for genocide.
CAIR’s situational ethics have not gone unnoticed. My Shia friends have confided in me that they believe CAIR is a Saudi-funded organization, infiltrated by Wahhabi fanatics and has no interest in the Shia. This conclusion by a significant number of Muslims in America (worldwide?) should ring all sorts of alarm bells at CAIR because this means that a significant source of support for CAIR has been alienated by CAIR’s thoughtlessness.
Where should the Shia go for their concerns now? should they form a CAIR for Shia? and once CAIR-Shia is formed, will that mean CAIR-Sunni and CAIR-Shia will be trading barbs with each other and isn’t this divisiveness just what our enemies want in Muslims?
Practically speaking, CAIR needs to write down firm, clear outline of policy that defines when and where CAIR will speak and therefore, when it will not, no matter how pressing the incident, then, it needs to stick with its policy. CAIR cannot afford to alienate an entire segment of Muslims and it cannot be viewed as a partisan organization within Muslim ranks. CAIR’s leaders need to re-take their lost backbone and stand for equal justice and well-defined policy and they need to woo the lost Shia constituency or, they will become the darlings of the politicians even as they become as ineffective as some other organizations who take more time to dance in the limelight than they do, to help their constituencies.

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