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To the FBI Director: Concerning Muslims

April 30th, 2014

Director James B. Comey

FBI Headquarters
935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001

Dear Director Comey,

It was with envy and more than a little dismay, that I read the text of your speech at the ADL National Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.,


Envy because a minority group is so well-organized that people of all stripes and ranks visit them and talk at their meetings while heaping praise on the minority group’s works. As a Muslim, I am quite envious of the respect you gave to the ADL, because we haven’t even had the FBI give so much as the time of day to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), the only effective Muslim organization that looks after our civil rights. Please note, I am not a member of CAIR, but it has my wholehearted support..


To be sure, there are back-door approaches between the FBI and CAIR but that is demeaning to us Muslims. Rather like the old days when Blacks were met at the back door, while the open, cordial relations were reserved for the more respectable folks who came through the front door.

I do not know how long it will be, before the FBI decides to grant us the respect of recognizing our most trusted organization, but that day will also mark the day when Muslims are assured of being protected by the FBI instead of being targeted by it.


The dismay occurred as your speech unfolded.

I guess Muslims should not be surprised when you decide to use us as the examples of “Homegrown” terrorists and of youth going abroad and returning “radicalized”. This has become the open code for Muslims; we are the Terrorists and the Radicals, the “lone rats” as you put it. Obviously, it never occurred to you that there are plenty of non-Muslims who are also “Homegrown” terrorists and murderers or, that there ARE non-Muslim youths who go to their Old Countries and return after being “radicalized”…into hating Muslims. But our defenders do not seem to see anti-Muslim hate as something worthy of mention.


This was underscored in our area recently when a bomb threat was delivered to a local Mosque. The local FBI variously informed different Muslim groups that the perpetrator was mentally handicapped and was paralyzed and therefore, not a threat. It was only because of our own investigation through the local Police, that we discovered months later, that the perpetrator was hale and hearty with no discernible mental issues.

Obviously, Muslims as victims, were not even worthy of a cursory investigation.


Director Comey, we sincerely hope that your arrival as head of this agency will herald a new era for Muslims where we consider ourselves to be equal citizens and not targets of FBI’s inquiries and interest. You could start by opening your front doors to CAIR and by treating ALL criminals as such, not just focusing on Muslims.


We look forward to changes and perhaps future speeches from you that will not focus on “Homegrown” and “Radicalized” as being synonymous with Muslims.


Jafar Siddiqui

American Muslims of Puget Sound

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