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Ultra-Patriot or Fascist?

It is a thin line separating an ultra-Patriot from a Fascist, so thin in fact, that it can easily be invisible.
Consider that when America first went into the post-9/11 “War!” to bring the shining light of Democracy to the darkness of “Islamic Terrorism”, we watched, fascinated by our high-tech prowess that could render mountains into piles of rubble, without a single boot on the ground. Those of us who protested that we had no business being there in the first place were deemed traitors because we did not support the troops; our Administration had deftly turned the continuation of this “War! into supporting or betraying our men and women in uniform.
 It was no longer possible to oppose that war without also saying that the lives of our soldiers were being wasted and therefore, we were no simply opposing our “War!” against “terrorism”, we were opposing our wonderful and brave men and women who were going “in harm’s way” to defend out nation against those who would rape our women and kill our men before destroying America.
In short, oppose the “War!” and you are a dirty traitor who, if you are a “Muzlem” like I am, should “go back where you came from”. This who were not Muslim, were naïve and useful idiots for the Sleeper-Cell Muzlems who are moving forward with their plans to destroy America.
It was…is…a glorious war! We killed thousands of the terrorists and their support networks and the war spreads because now we must destroy every cell in any country where they hide because if we do not destroy them, they WILL destroy us. Without giving it any thought, we have killed or, allowed the killing of, hundreds of thousands of faceless “terrorists”, the young, the old, the sick and the women. If we so much as suspect them of being “insurgents” or their supporters we kill them and leave their bodies to rot…since even their pieces cannot be found.
Our soldiers just follow their orders…
So it boils down to this; We whip our populations into a fearful frenzy where they fully believe their very existence is threatened if they do not attack mercilessly. We paint our potential foes as intractable, determined people hostile to our very way of life, we then reduce them to sub-human species, (beasts, infections) and then we exhort our military to destroy the threat and save our nation. Young, pliable minds flock to Recruitment Centers, swearing to kill as many of “them” as they can, politicians lavish praise on these “brave warriors” as they spit venom at the “terrorists”, a word that quickly becomes the new code for Muslims.
Muslims are targeted by all our security agencies, our Police, FBI, Military and all other security agencies are trained to look upon Muslims as the single greatest threat to America and to the West.
The word it out; Destroy this menace!
We glory in this bloodlust because we call it “defending the Homeland”, but really, how different is it from the many other slaughters in history that were cloaked in the righteousness of defending the Fatherland?
Is there REALLY any difference between the deliberate slaughters of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, a few million, except for the numbers involved and except for the fact that the righteous killings were done by the victors and the mass murders were committed by the vanquished?
One look at history and we can see that the arguments of saving the Nation/Fatherland/Homeland against a murderous enemy who stands against every value held precious by the defenders. Every example glorifies their soldiers, recruits the young to “take out the Cancer” and every example condemns the opposition until one fine day, the opposition becomes synonymous with the enemy and destined to the same fate. Laws that the nation takes seriously are discarded before “the greater good” of defending the nation; “a small price to pay for the security of the nation”.
If you win, you were a hero, if you lose, you go to the gallows.
There is no difference. Unpopular as it may sound, the arguments are the same as posited by the The Spanish, Portuguese, the Dutch, the Belgians, the English and the French, in their imperial advances in the Americas, in Africa, in Asia and the Pacific. The same arguments as put forth by Germans in WWII, by Stalin, by Mao, by Israel, Poll Pot, Milosevic and every other mass murderer in history…old or new. We maintain our grip on the righteousness of our cause only because we are the victors…so far.
By  now, almost everybody’s sacred cow has been dragged to the barbecue pits and blood is running hard and fast through righteously wrathful veins of patriots everywhere. But stop and think about it; who is the real traitor? The person who tells the world when they are heading off the moral precipice or, the person who makes the decisions that result in the slaughters of uncountable people?
We have unleashed destruction that exceeds all the destruction of WWII by multiple factors and there is no sign of letting up. As we mourn our own dead and wounded, we offer no thought to the thousands of times greater losses to the “enemy”, we no longer wonder why we went to “War!” in the first place because that is now deemed unpatriotic and could be a career-ending thought if spoken out loud. But we must stop thinking of how Johnny-from-the-war will feel and we must do what we can to stop this insanity, this mindless slaughter that will never end and will only continue to produce real enemies where once there were none.
Our humanity is at stake. If we cease to feel for the other, then what is life all about anyway?

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