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What about Muslims? Spain allows Jews the “Right of Return”

Muslims Demand Equal Terms After Spanish Law for Jewish Right of Return
When asked, a Spanish lawmaker said:
  • Portuguese lawmakers who drafted the country’s law on Sephardic Jews rejected calls to naturalize the descendants of Muslims who were expelled, citing the fact that the expulsion of the Muslims was part of a war to end the occupation of Spain by North African invaders.“Persecution of Jews was just that, while what happened with the Arabs was part of a conflict,” Jose Ribeiro e Castro, a Spanish lawmaker who drafted Portugal’s law of return, said. ”There’s no basis for comparison.”
The open and blatant hypocrisy of this statement and of this law should be evident to anyone with a sense of justice or a working brain; the laws in Spain and Portugal pander to the pro-Israeli (Jewish) while at the same time, taking a bash at their other “enemy”, the Muslims. According to Pew’s 2008 polls, Spain’s negative view of Jews in 2008, was 46%, up from 38% in 2006 (21% in 2005). At the same time, Spain’s negative view of Muslims was 52%, down from 62% in 2006 (37% in 2005).
Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years during which they intermarried and were as much a part of the Iberian Peninsula as Christians and Jews. If 800 years of being settled in one place is not enough to view the people as natives, then what is? Were the Romans a “part of a conflict“? and thus, all Roman ancestry should be removed? How about the French and other people who were a “part of a conflict“?
If Muslims were a “part of a conflict“, then what about the Jews? Did they just populate the Iberian peninsula out of thin air?
Jews held rule over many Princedoms and small kingdoms in the Iberian peninsula in fact, the Jewish princes were the ones who begged the North African Muslims to invade the Iberian peninsula in order to help make lives more livable for Jews. Muslims refused at first, but were finally persuaded to invade Spain and thus began 800 years of rather enlightened rule where Jews and Christians were allowed to hold their own kingdoms and live freely; It is often referred to as “The Golden Era” by Jews, Muslims and Christians.
I’ll bet Jose Ribeiro e Castro would not be too happy about applying his own standards (above) to his own (Spanish Catholic) people because then, ALL of the Portuguese and Spanish colonies would have to have their Europeans expelled because of course, they were, “part of a conflict“. Oops, then we get to the Americas and even if we exclude the other Europeans, there are a LOT of people of Spanish and Portuguese ancestry, who were “part of a conflict“.
I recognize it would be political suicide to include “Muzlems” as having a Right of Return to the Iberian peninsula so, I don’t believe we’ll be seeing a change of heart among the Spaniards soon (the Portuguese have already rejected any “Muzlem” claim to any Right of Return). What I am waiting for, is a burst of indignation from Muslim-majority countries demanding the same treatment for the expelled Muslims as for the expelled Jews…but I shouldn’t be holding my breath; Muslims are notoriously fractious and uninvolved in other people’s problems, even when the other people are other Muslims.
So, after this “Right of Return” for Jews, what next? A proposal for return or reparations for confiscated properties? Why not?

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