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Our involvement in “Islamist Killings out there”

I got up to an easy day this morning, had tea and my best-in-the-world cereal that I made myself and was looking forward to an easy day…
Then I logged on to my computer.
  • Sunday morning bomb at Christian church in Pakistan kills at least 75  PESHAWAR, Pakistan – A suicide bomb attack on a church killed at least 75 people as parishioners left the building Sunday, officials said, in what is the biggest attack on Pakistan’s Christian community in many years.
    Women and children were among the victims of the attack, which took place as a morning service was drawing to a close. The rapidly-rising death toll reached at least 75 within hours of the blast….
  • Islamist gunmen hold hostages in Kenya siege, 59 dead  (Reuters) – Islamist militants were holding hostages on Sunday at a shopping mall in Nairobi, where at least 59 people were killed in an attack by the Somali al Shabaab group…and more than 175 taken to hospitals…
This is sickening news. Religious fervor is so strong among Muslims, especially over the past few decades, that we Muslims feel it is justified to kill anyone who strays off our own tight, boundaries. Such targets are not only Christians and other non-Muslims, such targets are expanding to internecine slaughters as well where people who regard themselves as the most Muslims among people, are killing everyone within their reach, as a way of safeguarding and spreading Islam. Continue reading

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