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In the Headlines: Syria, Egypt, Israel & Maj. Nidal

There is enough material in the headlines regarding Syria, Egypt, Israel and Maj. Nidal, to fill a small book…for each!
This is a most difficult area to be considering, the choices are ALL unpleasant, the repercussions awful and good answers are Zero. We already know the horrors Bashar Al-Assad has been raining down on his people, on the majority Sunni population. What began as a Sunni speaking out, joined by many Shia, was quickly turned into a factional war between Shia and Sunni and is now on the verge of becoming an Shia-Sunni existential civil war from which there is no going back. The situation created by Assad and now the “neighbors” is such that the Shia and the Sunni are each afraid that should the other win, they will be annihilated, so the battle is on.
We have an number of countries that are arrayed against Assad or, the Shia or, both. These countries include the USA, Arabia, Qatar and to lesser degree, Egypt, Turkey and Israel; an interesting alliance of distrust, all for their own, differing reasons, but since the enemy of my enemy is my friend, these countries are happy to dance with each other….for now.
For the US, the issue is clear; destroy every possible support Iran has, no matter what the cost and find any reason to attack Iran’s friends. Iran MUST be destroyed! US foreign policy is almost always driven by short-sighted, short-term goals with the result that it almost always finds itself in a tight bind with people hating America and Americans and our (American) response is a wide-eyed look with the Question, “Why do they hate us?”
Take a good guess, Sherlock.
At this time, the US is showing a reluctant face and saying how they must respond to any use of chemical weapons and Syria has used chemical weapons. To all but our leaders, American posturing rings hollow and expedient; the US had no problems when Iraq was using chemical weapons against Iran, in fact, the US and European powers openly permitted the export to Iraq, of gateway chemicals that clearly indicated the production of chemical weapons, as “Agricultural materials”. Of course, that was then, this is now and American morality changes to fit America’s needs.
Arabia and Qatar are bankrolling the war against the Syrian government with billions of dollars, not because they necessarily hate Assad, but because they hate Shia and want to exterminate them as fast as possible. Note Arabia’s military “support” for the Sunni Ruler against the Shia population of Bahrain, it was a genocide by any international law, but the voices of the so-called “Judeo-Christian Civilization” were nowhere to be heard because money and oil are more important than morality. Besides, why should the US get all fired up about genocide when it has one of the most genocidal histories itself?
Arabia is also providing masses of Selafi fighters for the rebellion in Syria. export of violent Selafis is a new phenomenon by Arabia, the House of Saud has found a very useful way of channeling out its potentially violent idiots to fight wars outside and hopefully, get killed so the house of Saud does not have to worry about internal extremist rebellion by Selafis who actually believe the House of Saud is pursuing too moderate policies!
Egypt was gung-ho against the Shia when it was being ruled by the most disappointing Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The MB made every bad decision they could possibly lay their hands on until they were overthrown by a Military it-is-NOT-a coup. Will their interference peter down now or, has the momentum gone too far down the road and Egypt is inextricably involved?
On one hand, Israel is hoping Assad will win because in spite of Assad’s rhetoric against Israel, Assad kept the borders peaceful for Israel. If he should be overthrown and if the Selafis win, then there is little doubt that the borders will start getting heated up and even areas inside Israel, might not remain peaceful…for the Jews! they are never peaceful for the Palestinians, but that is a different topic.
On the other hand, if Assad wins, the Iran connection will help keep Hezbollah supplied with weapons and right now, Hezbollah is the only “power” capable of successfully opposing Israel.
The Devil they know or, the Devil they don’t? What is a genocidal nation to do?!
Turkey has nursed an antipathy against Iran for decades. Now with the somewhat conservative (Sunni) government in power in Turkey, the desire to help the Selafi fighters against Assad is too great to resist; Turkey is throwing their hat in the ring against Assad.
So, here is the stark choice: support Assad and thus, the Shia and possibly have an anti-Sunni “cleanup” happen? or, support the House of Saud and their violent extremists pretending to help the Sunnis in Syria and have a future of more intolerant, violent extremists taking over yet another country…with a Shia “cleanup” to follow?
I wish I did not have to choose, but for now, my vote is to support Assad…at least, he will die one of these days!
What a deep disappointment!
I was so hoping the Muslim Brotherhood would come to power and then show the world how efficient they are and how just to all faiths they are, but I was wrong on both counts. The MB became arrogant and acted as if they had God’s own charter to do anything they wanted, including persecution of minorities.
Of course, the Egyptian military and the Mubarak cronies went into full action supported by who else…the Americans! Without re-hashing the events, it is enough to say that a Military it-is-NOT-a coup was engineered and now we have the MB on the OUT and Mubarak party back in with the military comfortably in command again. In case nobody noticed, the House of Saud is flooding Egypt with money to support the military because they were afraid that should the MB gain full control over Egypt, their own dynasty might get shaky.
At this point in time, Egypt is about a hair’s breadth away from going down the Algerian path of civil war that will destroy the country in a short time and spread anarchy all around…Oops! Israel is again looking nervous!
Israel brought in the last flight of Jews from Ethiopia…for now, there is little doubt Israel will bring in more as and when it can or wants. Israel has been encouraging Jews form all over the world, to come and settle in that country. Jews have been obligingly streaming in, enticed by promises of easy settlement in hugely-subsidized homes on Palestinian lands. Israel’s purpose is to ensure a “Jewish Character” of the state of Israel and to push Palestinians out of more and more lands, but it is a double-edged sword that Israel wields.
On one hand, to be sure, Israel is strengthened every time more Jews make Aliyah. The more Jews Israel can muster, the greater the claim for a “Jewish State of Israel”. On the other hand, as Jews continue to grow and continue to de-populate Palestinians from their lands, the numbers of enemies against Israel grows…this in turn, will allow Israel to claim that any attack against Israel is by definition an existential one because if Israel is annihilated, then all of Jewry is endangered and THAT, in turn, allows Israel the freedom to make and use any weapon it feels will help it “survive”.
This state of affairs in and around Israel will continue to fester as long as Uncle Sam continues to give Israel complete, blind support, endless weapons and a constant supply of blank checks; The US will continue down this path, as long as there are enough Jews capable enough to be able to  have carrer-ending effects on the political careers of any American politicians who dare question why we support Israel so blindly and to our own detriment.
Major Nidal.
The trial of Major Nidal is over and he has been found guilty as he should have been and he has been sentenced to death.
The fact that he is Muslim has everything to do with the death sentence. In decades, no American soldier has been sentenced to death for murders of people. From Capt. Calley of the My Lai slaughters, to Staff Sgt. Bales of the Afghanistan slaughters, all murderers have been lionized or, excuses have been offered for the “poor, distraught soldiers” who obviously, must have snapped. Maj. Nidal, on the other hand, is portrayed as a cold, calculating, murderous Muslim at war with America. America has already been programmed to equate Muslims with terrorism and so, it is seen as only just, that a murderous traitor such as Maj. Nidal, should be executed.
…and a good time is being had by all…

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  1. Fascinating stuff, as usual. How about writing a history of Shia/Sunni conflicts? Could you expand on the role of the US in ’79 which you mentioned in an earlier post? Did they plan to set Shia and Sunni against each other, or was it accidental? What is their role in Iraq? Are they supporting the Sunni extremists? Has Russia ever tried to set Chechen Sunnis against Shia?


    Comment by Brixton Bonbon (@BrixtonBonbon) | August 29, 2013 | Reply

    • Thank you for your comments. Writing a history of Shia-Sunni conflicts would require a massive bit of writing for which, I do not have the time. The US did encourage Shia-Sunni conflicts in many places (e.g. Iraq) as a means to contain the battle against its troops occupying those lands…not that the sectarian conflict needed support, but the flames grew massive as a result of US supporting one sect against another. Russia hasn’t been quite as open about supporting sectarian hostilities, largely because Russia has not been in occupation of a land where both sects lived (except Afghanistan), where it could exploit one esect against the other.


      Comment by penjihad | September 22, 2013 | Reply

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