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KARACHI Jamatkhana bombed; Why should Shia, Ismaili be safe?!

One by one the ever-thirsty beast of Selafi extremism draws more blood from minorities…”The Kuffar” is the label they use to justify their Fasad and Fitna. Now it is the Ismailis’ turn
Why should the Shia be safe any longer?
Why should the Ismailis be safe any longer?
On that horror-filled day when Pakistan was born, Muslims wreaked havoc on Hindus. Hindus were slaughtered by Muslims where they stood, ran or lived, in massive numbers, hundreds of thousands of them…all over what was to be known as Pakistan, the Pure Land. Muslims were either participants or silent observers, or they were themselves, running to Pakistan from India as Refugees and were suffering their own deprivations, but MUSLIMS were silent to the tragedy of hundreds of thousands of Hindus and Sikhs. The fact that hundreds of thousands of Muslims were suffering the same fate in India at the hands of Hindus and Sikhs is not relevant to what was done to Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan.
The Muslim perpetrators and silent observers, formed the leaderships of Pakistan over the next two decades.
Over the next two decades, there was a period of relative calm for minorities, even Hindus were tolerated but sometimes, only just. Then came Z.A. Bhutto who first instigated a genocidal war against fellow Pakistanis and Muslims in East Pakistan and then allowed the West Pakistani Muslim extremists to start targeting other minorities; the Ahmedis were the first to be declared non-Muslims and their persecution began.
And all other Muslims, all Shia and Sunni sects, remained silent for, after all, they consoled themselves, the people targeted were justifiably not Muslim.
At first gradually, then with the coming of Zia ul Haq, the Muslim extremists got a free hand to do as they pleased and they did; they declared the Shia to be “Kuffar“.
This time, the Sunnis remained silent because after all, they consoled themselves, the people targeted could not be Muslim if they prayed to Hazrat Ali and Imam Hussain. Never mind that these “facts” were false.
This time, the violence against the Shia was far worse, the Shia were…are…targeted, persecuted, bombed, hand-slaughtered wherever they can be found; men, women, children, there are no limits that will stop this Selafist beast.
Sunnis have brought this narrow-minded thinking even to this country (USA) where they do not mix with Shia, where many Sunnis believe the Shia to be “Kuffar” without ever taking the time to understand what the Shia believe in, where Sunnis don’t even permit Shia dead to be buried in “Muslim” cemeteries because of course, the Shia are “Kuffar“! Sunnis in this area (Puget Sound) have probably never been to a Shia Mosque, have never heard a Shia Azan (call to prayer), have never seen Shias in prayer, but still, they are satisfied that the Shia pray to Hazrat Ali and are therefore, “Kuffar“.
Today the “war” against the desperately neutral, low-key, Ismailis has begun, their Jamatkhana (Mosque equivalent) was bombed.
The Sunnis are under the delusion that they are with the “in-crowd” and will be safe, but they do not realize that the Selafis only recognize themselves as the true Muslims and everyone else is among the “Kuffar“. It doesn’t matter that you are a Sunni, all that matters is that you are not Selafi and do not subscribe to their intolerant strain of thought; YOU are all “Kuffar“!
The War is well in progress and you are still asleep.
The poison has been spreading silently but deeply for decades, largely from two major sources.
The first source of the poison is Arabia where the house of Saud has been distributing millions of copies of their poisoned Quran translations (The Noble Quran by Al-Hilali and Khan) to innocent, ignorant folks who believe that anything emanating from the Holiest of the holies must be straight from the word of God Himself. They suck up the poison and teach it to their friends and their children; the Selafist violence, intolerance and blood-thirsty outlook has become part of “Muslim” thought among a huge number of people and it grows by the year, by the millions.
The next source of poison in India and Pakistan is that accursed book “Bahishti Zewar” (“Heavenly Jewels”) by Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, it is one of the most influential books among Muslims in both countries. It is a “must give” to every new household, given to the bride and shared with the husband, both of whom believe it must be as close to the Quran as is possible for a book to be when in fact, “Bahishti Zewar” is a demonical production that exhorts intolerance, violence and death on all sinners, on all “Kuffar“..
Multiply the above two by tens of millions and one can easily see how Pakistan, Afghanistan and India are so filled with illiterate, intolerant, ignorant and dangerous, Muslims who will stop at nothing to promote God’s Law as they see it.
And people of good will are silent because they do not believe they are among the future victims of these Selafis. In situations like these, neutrality is like walking on the center line of a Freeway and believing you will not be hit by traffic; you WILL die, as will your children!
Why should anyone be safe when they did not stand up for justice to protect the minorities, when the minorities were being persecuted?
Fire?…is there a fire?

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  1. As you correctly say, Afghanistan. Pakistan, and India “are filled with illiterate………dangerous. Muslims”; It would be rather appropriate to add Bangladesh to this list. The most unfortunate fact is that even the not so illiterate like Hasina and Zia are extremely dangerous.


    Comment by Madat chatur | December 18, 2013 | Reply

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