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The Feds go Muslim-bashing

Muslim-bashing has become so much a part of Law Enforcement training and accepted by a bigotry-driven government that nobody seems to care, mind or even think about what might be wrong with a bigotry-promoting message.

The local Seattle FBI and the local Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTFF) received funds from a Fatherland Security program called “Rewards for Justice”, to launch a public-awareness campaign against terrorism so, what do they do?

Check out the local buses and you will see the ad below on its sides, 16 pictures of “trrrrts” who all look to the layman and the ultra-patriotic bigot, as “Muzlems“. I can just picture the local (National?) bigotry community, the Hate-Islam radio hosts, the right-wing-nut Tea Party membership and the Republican Party membership who love America so much that they are willing to destroy all “Muzlems” from Amerika; I can just picture them chortling with delight because their position that Muslim are America’s greatest threat, has been underscored by the Feds.

Lock and load boys! Let’s make ‘merca safe!” This will be their rallying call.

Seattle JTTF campaign

The JTFF is not known for its tolerant position towards Muslims, I know at least one member, a detective from the Seattle Police Department (I am not sure if he is retired by now or still serving), a Detective Glenn (“with two ‘N’s!” ) Kerns who stood at an FBI and civilian meeting where I was also present, shouting how Somalis could not be trusted….and not a word of protest or correction from anyone in the Top FBI officials who were there at the time. Det. Kerns even dared me to report this to the local Muslim community (I did), which is why he spelt out his name for me.

So, why should the JTTF or the FBI, both of which are already steeped in anti-Muslim training, actually give a damn about the safety of Muslims from nutters who might decide to take action based on this ad Campaign?

It is not as if the local JTTF is short of effective ads against terrorism, here are two other ads which convey the message quite effectively and yet, manage to do so without promoting or promoting anti-Muslim bigotry:

Seattle JTTF_01 Seattle JTTF_02 copy

But these ads fail to ratchet up the reason for the JTTF’s existence; to point at the real target of their training…Muzlems.

Every single time, we start believing the Feds might actually be on our side as opposed to being deadly against us, they come up with something that re-focuses hate and fear at Muslims. Whether it is an ad campaign like the above or an “interview” program that is an ill-concealed fishing expedition against us or, a Muslim who has been so goaded and encouraged as to fall into their trap of agreeing to take action against the US or, coercing Muslims to become informants providing false information against Muslims and the FBI-Muslim relationship is once again put in its place.

This morning, I placed calls to my two Senators (Murray and Cantwell) and my Representative Del Bene and asked their offices to asked the Congress women to look into this campaign and to put a stop to the bigotry-promoting ads immediately.

Of course, I got the stock answer “I will convey your message to the…” and I fully expect to receive an answer telling me how the Senator or Representative shares my concerns over the rising prices of potatoes in Idaho. Not so long ago, I sent out another message asking them to reject the sections of the NDAA that provide for the imprisonment of Muslims by the military…without charges…forever; Counterpunch has a great article on it as does Forbes Magazine. One member of Congress told me that she absolutely support our Military and how heroic she believes the Military is while another droned on as to the threats faced by America. I have no reason to believe this call will get any different responses, but one lives with hope otherwise, why live?

I placed some calls to others as well.

I called David E. Bates (571-345-2518), U.S. Department of State, Diplomatic Security Public Affairs person who is the contact person for these ads. At first, he told me that the pictures did not say the people portrayed were Muslims and these were actual terrorists. I told him to show these pictures to anyone on the street and ask who the people were and he would get only one word as an answer; Muslim. I then told him to go get some members of Congress from the Tea Party or the Republican Party and ask them and see if he would get a different response. The people do not have to be identified as Muslims in order to target them, just as if ad campaigns were launched with the following themes would be obvious for their targeting:

  • Blacks.      “Faces of National rapists”
  • Hispanics.      “Faces of National Drug Dealers”
  • Russians.      “Faces of National Mafia”
  • Vietnamese.      “Faces of sex traffickers”

I asked him what reactions he would expect from America and he agreed to would be most “controversial”. I told him this is what strikes the heart of Muslims in America; nothing is gained by hate-ads like the portraiture one, but if the other two ads were run, it would carry excellent messages designed to further the message. He said the ads were in fact a product of the local JTTF groups even though  Rewardsforjustice was the funding agency. I told him since his name and his department were on the ads, he should have a say in how the names were used and to please stop this campaign immediately. He said he would contact the local JTTF and get back to me.

I them called the local FBI office to get in touch with their media affairs person Ayn Diethrich, she was off for the month so I connected with Agent Fred Gutt who is the media-contact person.

I don’t know how well the FBI is trained on fighting crime, but I have a good idea as to how well they are trained on fighting Muslims and I am pretty sure none of the FBI agents are ever trained on public contact…I am just as sure they get 400-level classes on arrogance.

Agent Gutt brushed me off by saying the program is a federal one and I should contact the National Rewardsforjustice people. I told him I had done just that and they told me this was a local JTTF/FBI program. He then told me he was there to discuss issues with the media and not with “curious people” and that was the end of the conversation.

Arrogance 404; I’ll bet he got a 4.0 on it.

What is the problem?

Anyone who sees this ad is going to connect Muslims to a global terrorism problem and Muslims as a great (if not the greatest) threat to America. The nutters are going to have a field day promoting anti-Muslim sentiments and nobody who “looks like a Muzlem” is going to be safe. Certainly messages like these will permeate through the current generations and well into the future generations, anyone who has trouble believing this should consider how Blacks are still treated by America and its law-enforcement agencies.

We Muslims have a problem because it is a good thing to promote anti-Muslim biases, it helps the budgets, it gets federal funding and it is good for the career. Why Muslims? because Muslims don’t have their act together enough to act together and affect politicians’ careers and that is the only way to put a stop to this growing Muslim-bashing trend. If Muslims don’t show a uniform array against bigotry, then why should non-Muslims be pushed to defend us? If nobody stands for Muslims, then why not attack Muslims?

Ramadan is approaching and it provides us Muslims with one more excuse to not do anything because we are so debilitated or, so much in prayer that we cannot possibly get involved in anything else. We have lots of great reasons why we should take action “later” or, let someone else take the workload and we serve as silent spectators.

But our future generations, our children, deserve better than our inaction; we need to act…together…forcefully and effectively…


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  1. Why would the JTTF be tolerant to the organization that perpetuates the most terror around the world? Is Islam tolerant to non muslims? I don’t think so. You have read the Koran? Haven’t you?


    Comment by Loren Piller | July 25, 2013 | Reply

    • I have read the Quran, but I don’t believe YOU have. Instead, I believe you are satisfied with the anti-Muslim garbage perpetrated by hate-mongering bigots such as Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and Raymond Ibrahim, just to name a FEW. There is no call to warfare in the Quran that is not tempered by words such as, “…but begin not hostilities. Lo! Allah loveth not the aggressor” (2:190) or, does not end with words such as, “…But if they desist, then let there be no hostility except against wrongdoers” (2:192).

      I will grant there there are Muslims who are very intolerant of non-Muslims, but they are just as intolerant of Muslims who do nto belong to their own sect. To take cases of violent Muslims and hold all of Islam hostage to their behavior reflects only of an intolerant mind in itself.

      The JTTF, the FBI and ALL other agencies in this country are OUR collective and individual servants, they work for ALL of us, not just for the unforgiving Tea Party or the Republican Party who would love to attack Muslims. These agencies should work to keep us ALL safe, not by attacking one minority, but by attacking the crime and the criminal. If at any time, one of these agencies decide to target an entire group of people then the members of that agency need to be pulled up, taken to task and even fired.

      Finally “Terror” is in the mind of the beholder because “terror” is defined by those in power, not by the victims. Is it “Terror” when a suicide-bomber decides to blow himself up to kill a number of innnocent people? Is it “Terror” when a powerful nation sends out its drones to kill thousands of innocent people in hopes of killing a few SUSPECTS? Is it “Terror” when the military of one nation kills a million people with their bombs and guns? Is it “Terror” when one nation carpets other nations with radioactive (Depleted) Uranium that will continue to make DNA changes to people for the next half-life of 4 MILLION Years?
      Obviously, it all depends on which side of the issue you stand on.
      It may be news to you that to date, there is no universally-accepted definition of “terrorism” because every time they find a definition, someone’s sacred cow is getting gored.


      Comment by penjihad | July 25, 2013 | Reply

  2. It is the Muslims that are very intolerant of non-Muslims that the vast majority of Muslims need to get control of. Whether you think holding all Muslims to the behavior of a few reflects an intolerant mind remember Germany and Japan were controlled by a few and the populace was more or less coerced into fighting the war. That didn’t stop the allies, the U.S. those few in control to obliterate those two peoples. Your problem, if you are a Muslim, is to prevent the lesser jihadists mujahideen what ever u want to refer to them as, from killing anybody. Because in the end there will be an obliteration of one of the civilizations. Some leader somewhere will have the where with all to take out the “other” and will. Not to break your heart but unfortunately the JTTF the FBI and all other agencies no longer work for the citizens at large. Maybe you have noticed that we live in a surveillance state. Where everything we do online or on the phone or in the mail is accessible to the state. This means we are just a few short years from a totalitarian state. Wish I was younger if might have been satisfying to fight in a revolution or civil war like my ancestors who created and preserved this great nation. Too old, too late.


    Comment by Loren Piller | July 25, 2013 | Reply

    • I think your analogy of Nazi Germany is a bit turned around. The majority population decided to exterminate a minority population; in the case of the US, it would be the majority White, Christian population going genocidal at Muslims in America. Yes, it is entirely possible as long as there are enough fools who believe in the trash put out by the Islamophobia-promoting “experts” in this country.

      Engage your brain and THINK!
      Muslims in this country are about 2%, across Europe, they range from 2% to about 4% with France being at about 9%. Muslims are not at all unified in their thinking, we are divided by nationality, culture and dozens of sects. Hell! We can’t even agree on the same day to observe our holiest festivals and fear-mongers have people like you believing that we are all suddenly going to unify and take over the country…that is an abysmally stupid thought!
      What kind of drug-induced thinking allows someone like you to believe that 2% of the entire United states…2% that are divided into fractions of 0.05%…can overwhelm the entire country that is fully armed, with the world’s largest and strongest military on its side?

      Unfortunately, I do agree with you that, “Some leader somewhere will have the where with all to take out the “other” and will.”
      The “some leader” will be a paranoid, White Christian who will be so fearful of an insignificant minority (like Hitler), that he will start another genocide…not that the US is a stranger to genocide, just ask the Native Indians, the Blacks, the Hispanics and now, with unthinking people like you; us Muslims.

      I just hope that my adopted country has enough thinking people who will take a stand against jingoist, paranoid idiots and stop them before one more chapter of regret has to be written in our history books.


      Comment by penjihad | July 25, 2013 | Reply

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