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Explosions in Boston & America Bows to Bigotry….Again!

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?
Some individual or group detonated two bombs at the end of the Boston Marathon on the 15th of April, killing three and injuring over 175 people. I will give Obama some credit for trying very hard to keep people from looking at the usual suspect…us Muslims, but how do you keep an entire nation away from the thought that the people they have been told are the very worst examples of humanity…us Muslims…are NOT the perpetrators?
America is on the verge of going on yet another binge of targeting Muslims…as citizens and as institutions and it has already started.
Fox “News” contributor Erik Rush Tweeted “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all“…in jest! he claimed, after some people raised an uproar.  Of course, one does not expect a dedicated, anti-Muslim TV outlet like Fox “News” to do much, if anything about this man, but the surprise is the fact that Eric Rush is a BLACK America! It baffles me how someone whose people have suffered such incredible history of oppression and such collective brutality simply because they were different, should be so blind to his past as to target yet another group in the same vicious manner.
Eric’s problem is that he was the first to exercise his opportunistic bigotry in public. The next day, a Britain-bound United flight was returned to the airport when some all-American, “Judeo-Christian” passengers demanded the removal of  two Muzlems on the flight caused them to fear for their lives . Since the people targeted were a couple of Muzlems, the airline felt no hesitation in booting them off their flights instead of asking the complaining passengers to get the Hell off the plane. TSA obliged as well, they re-screened the aircraft and probably patted the remaining “Judeo-Christian” passengers on their heads and consoled them that the flight was now safe. United probably gave a round of free drinks to celebrate the removal of the deadly, dangerous, “trrrrsts“.
Our great Pit Bull, the FBI, steeped as it is, in anti-Muslim training, is not an agency to be left behind when it comes to “Muzlem Hunting“. The first off the blocks, they found an A-rab Muzlem victim of the bombing in a hospital, started questioning him and then searched his apartment . Note that they did NOT search all the homes of the rest of the presumably “Judeo-Christian” victims, they just decided, I am sure, that, as they are so fond of saying at such times, “in an abundance of caution” to check out the Muzlem. Just to make sure the public feels that the FBI is doing its work, they decided to inform the press that they had checked out a Saudi “person of interest”. America is probably satisfied that the feds are on the right track.
What if the perpetrator is not a Muzlem? Nobody will apologize for targeting us Muslims, the airlines have been kicking us off their flight for the past twelve years simply because some paranoid passenger or member of the crew said they are “uncomfortable” with the fact that a Muzlem is on their plane. Nobody has EVER criticized any airline for acting with “an abundance of caution” because the caution has been aimed at an unrepresented, target minority…us Muslims. The FBI will still continue to monitor Muslims and our Mosques and they will still continue to ignore the “good” Americans. In other words, anti-Muslim persecutions will continue unabated.
What if the perpetrator IS a Muzlem? Well then, every single Muslim will be held accountable for the tragedy, Islam will be brought out on trial, the self-proclaimed “experts” on Islam, people like Pipes, Spencer, Emerson, Geller and oh, our Great Defender Against “Trrrrsm” Chairman of the House Fatherland Security sub-Committee, Rep. Peter King who is an ardent supporter of the IRA, will bring out his hearing panels again, to find out what to do with the millions of Muzlems in America, who are just waiting for the signal from the Collective Control Center, to leap up and attack the “Judeo-Christian” Americans and slaughter them all! Individual, REAL Americans will quite probably decide to take matters in their own hands after being fuelled by the above opportunistic “experts” and I am sure we will see a few Muslims killed and a few more beaten up. Quite possibly, some poor Hindus and Sikhs will get bashed up as well, because they look so much like us “trrrrsts“.
Muslims face a truly no-win future as investigations continue;.
We had better brace up…

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  1. ASA Let us hope it will be different this time. If ever so slightly.



    Comment by Qaseem Khan | April 17, 2013 | Reply

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