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US Anti-Muslim Activities; Working With Congress

Below is the cover letter I sent to the members of the House Congressional Asia Pacific American Caucus, along with an overview of the documents that I included in the CD that went with the letter..

The plan is to get members of congress aware of the hostile climate created against Islam and Muslims with funding from the Federal Government and with luck, they will then start inquiries as to why our government should be so deeply involved in creating and promoting hate against their own citizens.

Muslims should be paying attention to the hate being cultivated against them and should be thinking of collective actions against such hate. tragically, what divides us (sectarianism and apathy) appears to be stronger than what should be bringing us closer (anti-Muslim hate-promotion).

Our lack of concerted action today, is what is responsible for killings of hundreds of Muslim men, women and children across the world…yes, even those killed by sectarian conflicts are due to our lack of collective will on our (US) government).

Our lack of action will also affect our children and their children who, if we are still alive when they think of it, will ask us, “What did you do to help stop what is going on against Islam and Muslims?”

Our answers will range from, “I did not want to get involved” to, “I went to the Masjid and prayed God will help us because that is what our imams told us to do”.

God will be looking on and wondering why we do not pay attention to the words in the Quran, His instructions, one of which says: “…Lo! God does not change the condition of a people until they first change that which is in their hearts… (13:11)”.

March 11, 2013

Members of Congressional Asia

Pacific American Caucus

Washington, DC

Dear ladies and gentlemen of the House CAPAC,

Many thanks for allowing me to make a presentation to you on February 27th, about the federally-funded, anti-Muslim, anti-Islam training programs within the FBI, CIA, Police and Military. You asked me to provide you with actual backup information which is now in the enclosed CD. I apologize for the time it took to get this to you, but I felt it would be helpful to provide you with an overview document (in CD) that will help you focus on different aspects of the anti-Muslim trainings; I did not realize how long it would take me to review every document, highlight sections and write brief overviews.

Some departments such as the FBI and the military have declared that they have stopped conducting anti-Muslim trainings. However they have not shared information that would satisfy the public that this is definitively so.

These departments (FBI and the military) have also stated that they will not be undertaking what we would regard as a crucial step towards correction of an egregious wrong; re-training the tens of thousands of already mal-trained officers and agents, that their earlier training was false and the new training is the accurate one.

We are certain that without such remedial training there will be entire cadres of armed officers and agents, regarding every Muslim as a potential threat to the US and as such, subject Muslims to profiling, targeting and persecution. Without remedial training, this anti-Muslim poison will remain in the different forces for well over a generation, causing all sorts of disruptions in the lives of everyday Muslims.

These services also appear to be taking painstaking steps to protect their trainers who have been involved in anti-Muslim, anti-Islam training. None of the trainers have been fired for imparting false and hate-promoting information to their fellow-members, instead, they have been positioned so they don’t appear to the public eye any more. This does not breed confidence in the sincerity of the FBI or the military, about removing anti-Muslim thinking from their ranks.

You will see in copies of FBI training presentations, that the FBI has extensively redacted names of the people who made many presentations and names of many writers of erroneous and misleading information that serves only to promote anti-Muslim hate. Such redactions make it impossible to discover whether the authors are FBI employees or outside, self-styled “specialists” whose pursuit in life, appears to be, to promote anti-Muslim hate. It further, makes it impossible to determine what positive action, if any, the FBI may have taken.

Ladies and gentlemen of the House CAPAC, we are not interested in punishments to the heads of departments, our greatest concerns are:

  1. All DHS funding, whether direct or indirect, for training involving anti-Muslim biases, must be ordered stopped and robust checks and balances instituted, that prevent such misuse of DHS funds
  2. Ascertain that the hate-training in the FBI and the military has indeed ceased
  3. That false and misleading information has been permanently removed from all sources to the FBI and the military
  4. That trainers who created and presented such training are fired or, at the very least, never used for any training paid for by any government agency or, attended by its staff.
  5. Most importantly, all those members of the various agencies such as FBI, CIA, Police and military, who have undergone such anti-Muslim training, must be re-trained with accurate training that is not geared towards producing hate and suspicion of Muslims.

We sincerely hope you will have time to review this information and that you are able to initiate the inquiries that will start the reversal of the massive anti-Muslim hate and suspicion that has already become institutionalized in the FBI, Police, and the military.

If there is any way we can help you with more information or, if we can help interact with any of these agencies to help them get back on track, please consider us at your disposal.

Thank you for your time, your attention and for the support you have extended us.

Yours sincerely,

Jafar H. Siddiqui

American Muslims of Puget Sound

Overview of the Materials on

Institutionally-Promoted Bigotry Within the US Government

All links are live and can be accessed when reviewing the CD

1.1       Meanwhile…REAL Domestic Terror…Cyanide SAMs Terrorism & Bombs!

The most dangerous attacks perpetrated or planned within the United States were by people who were NOT Muslims. These people (Jews and Christians) planned their attacks in order to promote or protect their ideologies, some were caught before they were able to execute their plans such as the Cyanide Bombers, while others were able to unleash their plots, such as the Anthrax Attackers.

This document lists some of the most dangerous ones that unfortunately, have not received the publicity that lesser attacks involving Muslims, have received, thus supporting the false belief that Muslims have been the greatest threat to the US.

2          FBI Police Military….Law Enforcement Brainwashed

This is a very detailed series of news articles that inform us about the many anti-Muslim, anti Islam trainings offered and promoted by our FBI, Military and Police. While the entire document is worthy of attention and is profusely highlighted, references to instances of particular note are as follows:

  • Page 8-10 shows just a small example of how far the hate-Islam message has spread and how it happens.
  • Page 17 FBIs “Islam 101” demonstrates how primitive and depraved the FBI portrayed Islam and Muslims to be.
  • Page 21 One of the FBIs many anti-Muslim trainers, William Gawthrop and his Power-Point presentation on Islam.
  • Page 25 A few of the virulently anti-Muslim books kept in the FBI’s Quantico library, to instruct agents on Islam and Muslims.
  • Page 26-27  How the FBI promotes anti-Muslim beliefs within its organization and among Joint Terrorism Task Force(JTTF) units.
  • Page 33 VIDEO of FBI’s Gawthrop training Law-enforcement agents
  • Page 35 How FBI’s anti-Muslim training spread into the US military
  • Page 37 Photo of anti-Muslim trainign in the military and link to the presentation
  • Page 38 US Army stating that anti-Muslim trainers will continue to remain on their training programs
  • Page 39 Anti-Muslim hate-promotion in the American Military University
  • Page 45 US Army being taught to use “Hiroshima Tactics” on Islam

DHS and Muslims       A New Yorker Cartoon, modified to reflect the view Muslims have, of Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department

FBI Air Passenger List            Arbitrary and secret manner in which people are placed on a special scrutiny list.

FBI Counterterrorism textbook                    404 page Textbook used by the FBI that uses baseless statements to portray Islam and Muslims. In the discussion is the emphasis that Muslims are dangerous even when they are born in Europe or the US (“homegrown”); the same standards of judgment are not considered for on-Muslims.

FBI Expert. 2007 Patterns Terrorism Islamic Law    FBI’s William Gawthrop’s presentation on terrorism tying Islam as the source of all terrorism, supported by his use of out-of-context “quotes” from the Quran.

FBI Islamic library books       A selection of FBIs Anti-Islam library

FBI List                        How this list was created and distributed by the FBI without controls and how it affected people who had nothing to do with terrorism.

FBI Training. The Arab Mind             This training program deals with creating a monolithic identity that lumps all Muslims in a single form and then ties this group (ALL Muslims) to a series of fanciful, misleading and false statements about Islam.

FBIs Training. Official  Presentation on Islam                     Official FBI training presentation (see following item…Notes on).

FBIs Training. Official Presentation on Islam NOTES                      Analysis of the preceding FBI training on Islam.

FBI-Training. Comments by a Seattle Agent                       Seattle FBI agent’s letter tying Arab/Muslim thinking and actions to Nazis.

Justice Department Presentation John Marsh.-History-of-Islamic-Terrorism                  Starts with false premises about Islam; the history of Islam is one of war with “The West”. Creates a Muslim identity that is always going to be at war with “The West”.

Muslim and dying for America                     A grieving Muslim mother at her son’s gravesite in Arlington National Cemetery.

Police …ICTOA 9th  Annual  Agenda1                     National Police organization featuring an anti-terrorism presentation that was actually an anti-Muslim presentation…underwritten by DHS funds. After several representations, the two officers’ presentation was removed.

Police NYPD Radicalization in the West                  NYPD document on ISLAMIC Terrorism. The document states that since there is no way to properly identify and “Islamic” terrorist, all Muslims should be considered prospective terrorists.

Police Pennsylvania Police…Radical_Islam_Course_Booklet_(Body)[1]              A Mandatory training program that features works of people such as Walid Phares, Mark Gabriel and Rick Santorum, who are known for their promotion of anti-Muslim hatred using false information about Islam; No recognizable authorities on Islam were included in this mandatory course.

Training Classes on Terror & Islam               Brochure from a security company. It seeks to tie Islam with terrorism and devotes about 40% of its two-day presentation on details about Muslims and Islam…tied to terrorism. This company’s courses are widely presented to Police agencies across America and underwritten by funds from DHS.

US Military…Arab Mind                    An investigative review of, “The Arab mind”, a book used widely in the military and other security agencies, to learn about Muslims and Arabs. The review shows some of the fantasies used by the author to bolster his anti-Muslim hate-promotion.

V 2002.10.23-7.20.03 Headlines you may have missed                  Five posters showing headlines from newspapers, of news where Muslims were being persecuted by authorities…partly as a result of the extensive anti-Muslim training programs being conducted across America with DHS funding.

Z Books for a clear understanding of Islam and Muslims              A list of four books by a Muslim, a Jewish Rabbi and a Catholic ex-nun, about Islam presented in a factual, accurate and compassionate manner. Followed by a list of six hate-promoting books on Islam used at the FBI’s Quantico library.

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