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Is a paralyzed Muslim a good Muslim?

The question I pose is, “Is a paralyzed Muslim a good Muslim?”. By this, I don’t mean the person who is physically unable to get about, I mean the Muslim who cannot stand on his or her feet and speak out against injustice, cruelty and in favor of the rights of our fellow Muslims, our fellow human beings. Is a person who is a spectator when evil occurs even when s-he can make a difference, a worthy person in the eyes of God?
God says when we see wrong being committed, we must DO something to stop it. If we cannot do something, we must SPEAK against the wrong. If we cannot even speak against it, we must condemn it in our hearts.
Far too many of our Muslim brothers and sisters interpret this command as permission to remain silent and that is to our collective shame.
When Bhutto declared the Ahmediyya as “Kafir”, we all remained silent and the persecution of the Ahmediyya began.
Encouraged by this, the persecution of the Hindus in Pakistan began in earnest and we gloated because we were taking care of the “Kuffar”.
The persecution of the Christians started and we remained silent because after all, they ARE “Kuffar” aren’t they?
Now the focus is narrowing and the Shia are being slaughtered and there are those of us who aren’t sure that the Shia are not “Kuffar”…
This will be followed by attacks against the Sufis (Oops, it is already underway!).
Don’t look now, but EVERY Muslim madhab that is not totally a replica of the violent beliefs of the fanatics (“majazi Shaitan”) is in line for extermination.
When we die, I cannot believe God will be looking at the prayers, the tarawih, the Thajjud the Zakat and Haj in our name. I believe God will ask us, “you were silent in the face of massive violence when you could have spoken out; you were silent when you could have done something, why should I give you the consideration that you were unwilling to give to your brothers and sisters?”
Today is Friday and all local Masajid and Musallahs will be full of the faithful who feel it to be their duty to come and pray congregationally, but almost nobody will feel moved enough to, at the very least, SPEAK against the unchecked slaughters being carried out against the Shia in Pakistan.
Oh yes, there will be the counter-arguments; when will we condemn the violence by Assad and when will we condemn something else and these are all distractionist arguments placed in our hearts by Shaitan (the Devil), because he does not want us to be on the side of Justice and Good.
My brothers and sisters, Pakistan is being ripped apart in our name, in the name of God; Islam is being destroyed in the name of God…right before our eyes and with encouragement of our silence. No amount of prayers, no amount of Zakat, Haj, Fasting amounts to a hill of beans if we are unwilling to do what GOD commands us to do…stop evil from spreading. The Shehada is an empty slogan if we are unwilling to be the Muslims God wants us to be…to stop evil and promote brotherhood.
Is our silence against the silent inaction of our leaders, a token of respect or a mark of cowardice?
We…YOU and I…CAN do something here (wherever you are) that has the potential to galvanize others across the world and THAT has the potential to empower Muslims in Pakistan to stop the evil apprentices of the Shaitan, from continuing with their violent agendas.
Talk to your fellows in the Masjid and then talk with your imams.
TELL the imams to start offering khutbas against the sectarian violence Pakistan (and against violence elsewhere).
TELL the imams to promote brotherhood between Shia and Sunni…OPENLY and in public in the Khutbah!
TELL the imams to invite Shia imams as visitors to the Mosque (“the door is open” is a coward’s response).
If your imams are unwilling to do this, then you have the wrong imams and it is time to fire him, whether you have another one to replace him or not. If your boards oppose this then it is time to fire the boards.
We do not need apprentices of the Shaitan to lead us in the practice of our faith; it is time to lead the leaders.
It is urgent that we collectively call for a halt to the sectarian violence and openly condemn it. It is urgent that we call from EVERY masjid and Musallah, for joint prayers and gatherings with the Shia (okay, you can lead the prayer if you must) and extend our public hands to each other.
Remember, the largest Muslim population nations today, turned to Islam, not because we went there with swords in hand, but because they saw the examples in us, of the highest form of conduct.
Today, we need to show this conduct to each other as well as to the non-Muslims around us.

There is a special place in Hell, reserved for those who, in times of moral crisis, remain neutral. Dante

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  1. This is what i want to hear from all muslims… some muslims are giving their own meaning to the word of Allah and increasing violence in the society.. its time to raise your voice agains the cruelity and hypocrisy which is increasing day by day…


    Comment by anwar | March 9, 2013 | Reply

  2. <>

    CORRECTION Jeff: I believe this statement goes this way: Fight against tyranny. If you dare not do that, then speak out against it. If you dare not that, then show it with your eyes. But never submit.

    I don’t think God ever okay’d “condemning it in our hearts” because that is same as submitting, which is kufr.


    Comment by Tess Abidi | March 10, 2013 | Reply

  3. Showing it in your eyes or condemning it with your heart is a fine distinction. Still, too many people take it as a way out of speaking out or, doing something about wrongs. In my view, that is the “out” for a moral coward.


    Comment by penjihad | March 10, 2013 | Reply

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