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We Killed 64 Shia…Rejoice!

Wonderful news! Today (Feb 16th 2013) we killed 64 Shia in Quetta and last month we killed another hundred Shia in Quetta, this is REAL progress! Jazak Allah to all the Muslim brothers and sisters who have helped us in this holy effort! Our struggle against Kufr and Shirk in the world would not be possible without YOUR help so congratulations are due to you…ALL of you.


You might wonder why we are sharing the glory of killing Shia with you because so many of you, our brothers and sisters in Islam, are living so far away…as far as America and Europe. Yes, some of you help us directly by giving money to our madressas where we teach our children how to identify the Kuffar and we tell them that killing the Kuffar is the greatest help a REAL Muslim can provide for Islam in the path to Allah. This is all in the Quran, where Allah tells us to kill the Unbeliever. We know that Shia are Unbelievers because they revere Hazrat Ali and they pray with their arms by their sides. We know there are Muslim brothers even as far away as the Puget Sound area in America, who agree that Islam requires us to kill the Kuffar wherever we find them. We know these brothers are preaching this in their khutbas and teaching this to every Muslim they find so, thank you for your support in our efforts.

Schoolbags and a shoe are seen beside a girl who was killed in a bomb attack in a Shi'ite Muslim area at a hospital in the Pakistani city of Quetta

We know you have Islamic schools where you live, please continue to teach them that true Islam is only ONE Islam in which there are no Shia, no Deobani, no nothing, only the pure Selaf. Your children and our children must never lose sight of the fact that these Shia are Kuffar and like all other Kuffar, they must be killed. Actually, these Shia are greater enemies than the Jews and Christians because the Shia are undermining Islam from the inside! Please keep up your efforts and your help to us in the pursuit of true, REAL Islam, we cannot survive without your direct and indirect help.


We have successfully launched our jihad against the Kuffar Shia in all major cities and towns in Pakistan, we are killing them in large numbers and individually wherever we can find them…Parachinar, the Northern Areas, Karachi, Lahore and even in places like Iraq and the Gulf States.. It does not matter if they are men, women or children because in the end, they are all Kuffar. Yes, it is unfortunate that some of our own brothers and sisters are also killed, but that is not intentional and we are sure that Allah will accept them in Heaven.


We need all REAL Muslims to keep doing what you are doing, in order to keep our Jihad against the Kuffar alive. You help us directly every time you remain silent when some Kuffar-loving fool tries to protest against what we are doing to cleanse our land. You help us directly every time you allow your masajid to keep the Kuffar Shia out, every time you make sure our imams are discouraged from meeting with Shia “imams”…every time you create another barrier against the Kuffar Shia, such as not allowing them on your masjid boards, not allowing their unholy bodies to be buried in Muslim cemeteries and not sharing activities with the Kuffar Shia…even your silence is of great help in our efforts…You keep doing what you are doing, we will keep doing what we are doing and together we will bring True Islam all over this world, Subhan Allah!

Thank you, Jazak Allah!

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  1. What is happening with the Shia minority in Pakistan today may not entirely be a product of the Madressas or the ‘Jihad’ waged against the ungodly Ruskies decades ago. Rather it was in the offing very seriously so when an ‘elected’ leader of this hapless country persuaded the entire ‘parliament’ to declare that Ahmadis are non-muslims. For the Ahmedis it became a crime even to call themselves muslim or recite the kalima. Their persecution has been unending over these long years and it is but inevitable that the bigots will eventually go for another minority to persecute. Unless this basic fascistic culture is eliminated by the roots the disease won’t go away. We must first and foremost undo such legislation and try to move towards secularization.While the moral values based on religious ethics need not go away there is no justification to impose such codes on others who do not prescribe to the same views. Some people will always be more equal than others when we cling to prejudice and are unable to see the entire world as one community. It does not matter if the community is under God as defined by Moses or Muhammad or under no God for that matter as long as the universally accepted values shared by all mankind are respected.


    Comment by Khalid | February 17, 2013 | Reply

    • I agree with you and I also do not believe it is possible to have a just system of government under any philosophy, whether it is Islam, Christianity, Judaism, “Free Market” or Communism; the only way to having a just governance is by having a secular one that plays no favorites. Any faith or, philosphy or ethnicity bias and the nation is doomed to sectarianism at some point or another.


      Comment by penjihad | February 17, 2013 | Reply

      • As salaamu alaikum.
        I am a recent transplant from Olympia to Karachi. I am just confused… you write “… I also do not believe it is possible to have a just system of government under any philosophy, whether it is Islam, Christianity, Judaism, “Free Market” or Communism; the only way to having a just governance is by having a secular one that plays no favorites.”

        You don’t believe a government based on Islam works because currently there are no true Muslim countries or are you saying ever?


        Comment by Aisha Winslow | February 17, 2013

      • Thank you for your question Aisha,

        Welcome to Karachi, it is a wonderful city or, at least, it was, when I was there in the 1960’s; so was Peshawar, but those days are long gone now. eat all the mangos you can and then eat an extra one for me.
        If this is your first time in Pakistan, I can tell you the people there are among the most hospitable people you can hope to find anywhere.

        Now to your question.

        In a PERFECT world and under PERFECT Islam, it is entirely possible for people to live in peace and Justice. Sadly, we do not have a perfect world and we have not had a PERFECT Islamic government after the death of the prophet Mohammed. For that matter, I do not believe humanity has ever experienced the PERFECT practise of any faith.

        So, setting aside the PERFECT applications of Islam and humanity…
        No Muslim nation now or in the future…no faith-based country now or in the future…is ever capable of working in Peace and Justice for all…it breaks my heart to sy this.


        Comment by penjihad | February 17, 2013

    • Sadly the spread of Whabiasam in Pakistan has brought nothing but pain and divide in Islam.


      Comment by Tonga | March 26, 2013 | Reply

      • You can thank the US which created hundreds of Madressas in order to brainwash Mujahideen children so they would grow up hating the “Unbeliever”, then they trained them to go fight the Soviets. After the Soviets left, the US did its usual vanishing act and left the pre-Talibans looking for the next “Unbelievers”…Pakistanis.


        Comment by penjihad | March 26, 2013

  2. I understand your pain and frustration but you have been warned before and must warn you again. Many among your intended audience (and many more among the unintended audience) do not have the desire or capacity to see the satire in it. They will hold the literal word against you and another endless argument regarding what you meant and why will ensue. I would stay away from such provocative language.

    Salaam to all.

    Qaseem khan


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | February 17, 2013 | Reply

  3. LOL! LOL!! you are absolutely right, but it is difficult to find a place to state one’s principled opinions without fear from the Moron Gallery.
    Question for you: How does one stir up ANY semblance of awakening among the many people, the majority of whom, are people of good will, to take a stand of some kind?
    Exhortations are seen as pontification, pleas are ignored as being valueless, sarcasm runs the danger of misundertandings…what is one to do?


    Comment by penjihad | February 17, 2013 | Reply

  4. qaseem khan, I am amazed. You are more concerned about Jaffar’s satire than the atrocious killings of the innocent Shias by salafi barbarians? You took out time to warn Jaffar but not a word out of you against the murderers. Well maybe if you were doing your bit, you could admonish Jaffer on his speech ettiquettes. Your silence places you in the same pro-salafi group that Jaffer has mentioned above. It is absolutely obscene when people who do absolutely nothing come out and warn others on what they should or should not do.



    Comment by Zahra | February 17, 2013 | Reply

    • Assalam alaikum Zahra,

      I believe Qaseem Bhai was actually advising me out of concern for me and out of concern that people would misunderstand me and start talking at a tangent and take attention away form what I am trying to say.


      Comment by penjihad | February 17, 2013 | Reply

  5. If u think this is holy effort to kill shia then the first person to leave islam will be me… people like you are f*cking with the teaching of islam… you are also misleading the teachong of Quran… allah can not b cruel to ask his believer to kill the human… he love everyone… he just ask us to be protected from unbeliever… not to kill them at any condition…. only the messenger of allah are allowed to give permission to kill kuffar and shikr… are u the messenger of allah? What the hell is going with you… think twice before mAking decision… because of u people islam is becoming negative religion for others….


    Comment by anwar | March 6, 2013 | Reply

    • Assalam alaikum Anwar sahib, I commend your courage in challenging me and I applaud your attitude. unfortunately, you are fighting the wrong war, I am NOT calling for a fight against the Shia, I am being angry and showing sarcasm. Please read my post again and think with a cool head.


      Comment by penjihad | March 6, 2013 | Reply

      • I read ur article twice in super cool condition and only got the smell of terrorism activity… u r promoting islam as the religion of terrorism… u can only spread islam as killing mechine…


        Comment by anwar | March 7, 2013

      • I am sorry Anwar sahib, if you believe my article was about encouraging terrorism, then you should give up reading in English until your comprehension skills are better trained. For this particular piece, i suggest you get the opinion of someone whose English comprehension is respected by you.


        Comment by penjihad | March 7, 2013

      • Now u want me to learn english to understand your article… can u tell me what arw the things found in kufr and shirk… where did allah ask us to kill unbeliever and how shia is kufr and shirk????? Ur killinf of shia is straightly anti pathway of islam….


        Comment by anwar | March 8, 2013

      • Okay Anwar sahib, I will respond to you one more time, after that, if you persist in your ignorance, then I will have to quote the verses 25:63 and 7:199 in the Quran and step away from this “discussion”.

        I am NOT (N.O.T.) calling the Shia “Kuffar”, I hate that word and I will never call anyone who claims one God, a Kafir.

        This article is written in sarcasm (Urdu..’tunz’), in the voice of the fanatics who actually believe the garbage opinion I demonstrated. There are MANY passages in the Quran that tell us that we are only here to inform people about God and nothing further; 10:99 and 42:48 are just two examples. The fanatics are determined to kill as many people as they can, using gullible, sincere and ignorant youth as vehicles for their evils. I am simply trying to show the way these evil-minded people think, read some of my other articles and you will see that I would never call Shia or anyone else, “Kuffar” and I would never advocate violence against anyone…except perhaps, against the bags of filth who spread hate and violence across Pakistan.
        I hope you understand better now..


        Comment by penjihad | March 8, 2013

      • Oh! Ok… i don’t easily understand sarcasm… the wAy u stArt the article and end the article, it looks like you calling “jihad” for killing Shia… it might be my mistake to understand ur article… u write it like u really wAnt killing people in the nAme of IslAm…


        Comment by anwar | March 9, 2013

      • You are correct, but I am saying the fanatics want to kill Shia and the rest of the population is not involved enough to stand against them and thus, the rest of the population is actually helping and strengthening the fanatics.
        I hope you understand now.


        Comment by penjihad | March 9, 2013

      • I don’t know what you were trying writing. It’s people like you who are so Fu…upped along with the Whabis funding Terrorism. Pakistan is bleeding, its brain drain has hemmoradged. Wake up you morons.


        Comment by Aysha | March 29, 2013

      • Hey Ayesha, you are fast with your pen but not so with your wit. READ it again, it is written in sarcasm (“Tanz”). Read my responses to comments as well and you will (I hope!) see what I mean.
        Have a nice day.


        Comment by penjihad | March 29, 2013

  6. An update to the Shia killings in Pakistan- Around 50 mostly Shia residents of an apartment complex were killed by a huge bomb blast in Karachi on Sunday 3rd march. The victims were left helpless by the government or whatever goes by that name in Pakistan for long hours and even the police did not show up. An FIR(first incident report) was recorded after 33 hours! The CJ of the Supreme Court took suo moto notice and hearings are being held. However nothing is expected to come out of it since the Supreme Court is apparently as helpless as all the rest of the bystanders. The only solution lies in changing mindsets. We await another Jamaluddin Afghani or somebody better who may actually succeed.


    Comment by Khalid | March 7, 2013 | Reply

    • Personally, I don’t believe anything other than a Mao Tes dung revolution can help Pakistan. Not with the US bleeding Pakistan dry on one side while the politicians and the military of Pakistan are busy sucking the remaining life-blood out of Pakistan on the other side…as the fanatics blow up the middle.


      Comment by penjihad | March 7, 2013 | Reply

  7. I am saddened at this…. and to think that prejudice, misconceptions and bigotry are
    now creeping into so-called ‘educated’ minds as it has been misguided in the uneducated minds.
    It was General Zia and all his misguided advisers who became corrupted by the Whabis. The British made the Whabi like the American’s who created the Talaban. The Suni’s forget it was the Whabis who used them to get rid of the Great Ottoman Empire. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia is funding the terrorism in Pakistan and else where around the world. What happens when the Islamic pandora box is opened in Saudi Arabia. The House of Saudi will fall along the the Whabi cults lock stock and barrel. Whabi are only found in Saudi Arabia. General Zia and his cronies brought this terrorism cult to spread hatred to Pakistan. General Zia ordered the killing of Shia and burning of of 200 Quran and to cleanse his guilt he called “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”.


    Comment by Mariam | March 26, 2013 | Reply

  8. You are kuffars!


    Comment by Muhammad | October 13, 2013 | Reply

    • Assalam alaikum, This is the kind of brainless, intolerant thinking that is keeping Muslims in the deep, dark hole that we find ourselves in. People calling each other “Kuffar” (Unbeliever) without understanding what the other person believes in or, even if s-he is actually who the accusers think they are.

      Some intolerant people call themselves “Selafi” (followers of pure Islam), better known in the rest of the world as “Wahhabi”. These idiots are mere tools in the hands of those who launch them at will, against innocent people. The idiots are taught by their users (leaders) that nobody should question the authority of the “Ulema” (scholars) and then they are told what God wants them to do (Kill the “Kuffar”). Being diots, they do not question, they do not engage their brains, they turn themselves into walking bombs and murderers of the innocent.

      Just think, how far would Islam have gone if the Muslims of Old had done what so many of these violent people calling themselves “Muslims”, do?

      The most populous Islamic country in the world is Indonesia and no Muslim soldier or fighter ever set foot as an armed combatant on that soil. In China, Malaysia, Russia, no Muslim armies ever went there, people embraced Islam because of the actions of the Muslims they saw.

      Today, even good Muslims might be convinced to move out of Islam, when they see the intolerance and violence of these so-called “Muslims”.

      Thses idiots should be ashamed and beg God for forgiveness.


      Comment by penjihad | October 13, 2013 | Reply

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