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Thoughts on “Muslims Were Less Violent In 2012”

A few days ago, some people sent out e-mails amongst Muslims, with a link to a WIRED magazine article headed, “Report: U.S. Muslim Terrorism Was Practically Nil in 2012“. Accompanying comments noted how Muslims were really not violent despite current perceptions. The e-mails did nothing to please me because I saw that the focus was still on us Muslims. To me it should not be a matter of note if Muslims were less violent than expected; a matter of general note should be the state of terrorism or, of violence across the board, without a “Muzlem” sub-category…and no other faith sub-category.

I wrote an article expressing these thoughts and got raked over coals for my imaginary headline: “Blacks are less sub-human and less prone to violence in 2012”.

It seems that some people lost the message and focused on words of the above headline as if it was my own statement.

 One Muslim person insisted that my headline example of Blacks was horribly bigoted and insensitive and I should apologize for it.
Another Muslim person said the wrath of God should rain upon me because I had insulted Blacks and that I was akin to Hitler because of my callous attitude towards Blacks.

There were also a couple of compliments and a note of thanks for speaking out on an important matter , the REAL topic of discussion (how Muslims are treated).

I must admit, I was shocked that any thinking person should misconstrue my words as an insult to Blacks. I had created the headline to illustrate how a condescending, patronizing headline that might appear as “normal” to the majority population, is actually a VERY offensive statement that betrays the underlying bigotry of the general environment.

I checked out the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security (TCTHS) in North Carolina. They appear to be dedicated, sincere people and the thrust of some of their studies tends to show that Muslims are normal, good people. TCTHS appears to be making quietly reasonable statements against the growing bigotry against Muslims, as displayed by the Peter King “Hearings” against Muslims that was disguised as a hearing on terrorism.

But that’s not the point.

Why focus on how nice and peaceful Muslims are? Why not condemn the patronizing positions people and organizations make when they declare how peaceful Muslims really are? Nobody thinks of conducting studies on how Christians are less aggressive now or, how Jews are more supportive of peace now.

Would it not be far more productive to focus on “terrorism” as a whole and study why and how it happens? I suppose, then we would need to define “terrorism” such that it is not code for Muslims.

Still, getting back to what fired this article, it appears that most Muslims are grateful to be seen as “less violent” than the year before (TCTHS conducted a similar study for 2010) when we should be insisting on being treated with the same respect and consideration as any other group.

As long as we Muslims don’t wake up to the tragic fact that WE are the targets and more importantly, WE have the power to change the perceptions being promoted against us, I am very much afraid that the hostility against Islam and Muslims in the US and in the West, will only continue to grow and worsen. Right now though, Muslims appear to be too scared to want to do anything and too much in a disarray to take the collective initiative that can get us out of our predicament.

Our enemies must be celebrating.

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