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Muslims Were Less Violent in 2012

Imagine reports from prestigious institutions that are headed:

Blacks are less sub-human and less prone to mindless violence in 2012“.

Heads would roll all over the country and the outrage would not subside probably for decades.

However, we get a report headed:

American Muslim Terrorism: Declining Further


And the Triangle study (below) tracks indictments, not convictions.

I believe it is important to keep in mind that our “War!” against “trrrrsm” is aimed at Muslims and has nothing to do with actual violence against a civilian population; if this report showed ZERO accusations of terrorism, the US and the West, would still be on a bender against Muslim “trrrrsts” because that is where the money and the glory lie.

The report shows a graph of “decreasing” acts of terrorism by Muslims in the US and In the West:

Kurzman_EU_US_Terrorism comparison_chart

If we start to examine HOW DIFFERENTLY “terrorism” is defined, depending on the faith of the perpetrator;

if we examine how many of the Muslims indicted and/or convicted on “terrorism” charges were nurtured, encouraged, cajoled, browbeaten and motivated to get even to that stage, by the FBI and other authorities and we see how much money and time was spent on “informants” whose only role was to create and bag “trrrrsts”;

if we check out the number of Muslim acts of violence that are barely sniffed at if a non-Muslim commits them…

If we then we remove these faked, bogus, “terrorists” from these “statistics’, we see that “US Muslim terrorism was practically nil” since 9-11! We are left wondering just what the Hell does the FBI and other so-called, “Law Enforcement” agencies do with all the time and money on their hands except to plan and plot how to maintain their annual budgets?

Take just two examples (“Muzlem” vs. “Judeo-Christian”) that come to mind right now to compare with some in the chart of examples in the report (give me time and I’ll flood you with examples):

Until we Muslims can be assured of EQUAL justice as well as EQUAL protection under the constitution of this country, we can not and we MUST NOT take charges of “Muzlem Trrrsm” seriously.

Anti-“Terrorism” is the most lucrative business in the world (certainly in the US) and it drives the largest industry in the US and in the world. That includes our military, our FBI, CIA, Police, our politicians and many others in an unspoken conspiracy to keep the flames going because anti-“Terrorism” readiness now funds their very existence.__._,_.___

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