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Shutting down California campuses: Condemnation of Israel IS “Anti-Semitism”!

The Grand Reduct:

Screw Muslims and A-rabs and everyone else, let’s protect Jews and Israel!

That’s what the state of California is saying as they get organized to pass a resolution that will turn all school and college campuses into pro-Israel platforms where any speech criticizing Israel will be met with strict disciplinary action…how strict? Eleven Muslim students have been kicked out of UCLA for daring to call the speaking Israeli Ambassador, a liar AND they have been criminally charged for “disrupting” his speech.

It appears that the “Jewish Lobby” (which of course, does not exist!) is effecting a resolution of the California State Assembly that specifically targets anyone who should dare to criticize the state of Israel or its policies, as “Anti-Semitic”.

This action would be bad enough if it were limiting expressions against any minority, but it is specifically protecting Israel and Jews, which of course, leaves the field wide open for “experts” such as Daniel Pipes, Shoebat, Hirsi Ali, Emerson and all other Islamophobes have a clear field to whip up more and more anti-Islam, anti-Muslim fears among the youngest and most impressionable population of California; its students.

Surprise, surprise! the Simon Wiesenthal Center is deeply involved in this resolution. This is the same organization that has bulldozed an ancient Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem, in order to build a “Museum of Tolerance”. This is the same organization that has created programs against discrimination, called “Tools of Tolerance” which are being used by major organizations in the US including the Seattle Police Department (against protests by many groups including Muslims).

This is the same organization that works with The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) to promote blatantly anti Muslim programs and this is the same organization that has created “Campus Outreach” which brings virulently anti-Islam and anti-Muslim “experts” to speak on campus.

With such powerful influences pushing in the background, the Jewish Lobby (that does not exist!) has successfully used its (non-existent!) power to not only influence strong support for Israel (by linking it to “Anti-Semitism”), but has also cleared the field for attacks on Muslims without opposition.

Who will put teeth into this resolution, should it pass (and it looks like it will)?

UCLA President Mark Yudof, an ardent Zionist himself, for whom it is said:

  • He recently reported on his trip at the UT Hillel center, where, as “a longtime supporter of Israel,” he advocated strong academic ties with Israel and urged students to study in the Jewish state.

Many Jewish organizations as well as Synagogues have adopted a policy that in order to defend the state of Israel, they must attack Islam, Muslims and Arabs; this is being done very successfully across America where many states have considered passing anti-Muslim laws (disguised as “anti Shariah Law” or, “Anti-Foreign Laws”) and many have successfully passed then…don’t look now, but more and more states are considering these laws…all fuelled by staunch Zionists in collaboration with the Right-Wing Christians.

We cannot blame our politicians because they are geared only for their own career-growths and thus, will respond only to political (or financial) muscle.

Muslims can get involved in the political machinery of states and the nation in order to help counter-act the growing hostile climate in America or, they can roll over and quietly die off because that is what our enemies would like us to do.

Bill Text: CA AR35 | 2011-2012 | Regular Session | Introduced


  • decries the comparison of Jews to Nazis perpetrating the Holocaust or genocide as a pernicious form of anti-Semitism;
  • in context certain language or behavior demonizes and delegitimizes Israel or attacks Israel with classic anti-Semitic stereotypes, such as denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, applying double standards by requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation, drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli police to that of the Nazis,
  • Over the last decade some Jewish students on public postsecondary education institution campuses in California have experienced the following: (1) physical aggression, harassment, and intimidation by members of student or community groups in student-sponsored protests and rallies held on campus; (2) speakers, films, and exhibits sponsored by student, faculty, and community groups that engage in anti-Semitic discourse or use anti-Semitic imagery and language to falsely describe Israel, Zionists, and Jews, including that Israel is a racist, apartheid, or Nazi state, that Israel is guilty of heinous crimes against humanity such as ethnic cleansing and genocide,….actions of student groups that encourage support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah and openly advocate terrorism against Israel and the Jewish people; and (6) suppression and disruption of free speech that present Israel’s point of view;
  • The Legislature supports the actions already taken by the President of the University of California (UC) and urges the leadership to continue to take action to address anti-Semitism on its campuses
  • implementation of a campus climate reporting system allowing any member of a UC campus community to report incidents of intolerance or bias and development of a comprehensive UC systemwide campus climate assessment; (4) the formation of an Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture and Inclusion whose members have conducted in-depth visits with Jewish students and groups on UC campuses to better understand their concerns and challenges and report back to the President of the UC; and (5) immediate statements by UC leaders strongly condemning specific acts of intolerance or bias when they occur

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  1. Thanks for this information, hope you all realize how they want this to end, seperated we shall hate each others until the end of time, or at least until the messiah might finally pop up… i am living in Germany and the situation is similar, better or worse i cant say, but mass media is under zionist control and they broadcast all day about helpless Israel and the holocaust, also they influence history education.In school:We saw a movie how the nazi gassed millions of jews with shocking pictures of thin corpses buried in earth, with information on Nazi agenda.i was interested much in military history of ww2 later and 20 years after watched the movie i suddenly remembered the scence violently, there was a bulldozer of the US army arsenal who puts the bodies in the ground, Germany arsenal had never a verhicle like this! But the scence presented it as if the were the german organization at work killings jews on daily routine, hidding that this were allies who made the movie.

    Auschwitz had a Typhus Epedemic and the guard personel deserted,200 nurses and doctors stayed to help them in this overcrowed hellhouse, with red army advancing they had evacuated many jews from the east there, but supply priority was very low, with all men at the front and infrastructure devastated they did not get much food any many died there.Situation was so bad that british army and wehrmacht declared a neutral zone around Auschwitz to prevent infections of their troops.I know also that many captives in the east had cut their venes in the train and arrived half-death, this is what i think related to gases who were used from cars to kill them.Jewish losses were around 275.000 in the war.I feel very sorry for them, as they were abused by all, but i am also angry as the declaration of war of Judaea to Germany came 1933,with the announcement of the destruction of my country,there were no demonstrations or solidarity with the people and they had civil rights with all rights and duties.Germany encouraged them go and 300.000 of the 400.000 left the country, it also payed 50 Million Pfund Sterlling that the poor ones were taken.Sadly the announcment of the zionist was true in the end, as they bought british war bonds like in ww1 Hitler got angry and tried to get as many as a prize to negotiate.

    Except for one all chancellors of Germany since 1948 is it said that they were jewish, Kohl ancestors were named Kohen and around 36% of the representatives does not reveal their religious direction(you can choose between Christianity,Muslim and the eastern Religions,Jewish is not in the list,some might be Atheist,but Jews wont make choice here).Also here is a massive Anti Muslim Campaign who portrays the Muslims as mindless fanatics, which each “bomb” discovered news always questions the right wing(nazi) or militant muslim background.The ones who are might not be the smartest muslims are portrayed as if they represent the whole, its really disgusting.

    Avoid tv and mass media,




    Comment by Capella1 | January 8, 2013 | Reply

    • I thought about not permitting your comments on my blog, but then I decided to let you through. I am not comfortable with the fact that your Gravatar looks like a Swastika and the fact that you appear to be defending what the Nazis did by suggesting it never happened.

      Face it, the Nazi Party was not a humanitarian party, they slaughtered their way across Europe, killing more people than you or I can imagine even when we know the numbers…six MILLION people whose only fault was that they were not up to Herr Hitler’s racist standards.

      Can you place yourself in the shoes of a Jew or a Gypsy just for a few moments?
      How would you feel if your siblings, your families and others like you were used in labor camps until you could work no more and then sent to a death camp where your loved ones were exterminated like the “TB Bacillii” as Hitler charaterized the Jews?

      Perhaps you are not capable of empathy, which would be a pity, because humanity without empathy is not humanity but barbarism.

      If Hitler had succeeded, I would not be sitting in the US with my White, Christian wife and two children. The United States would still be a nation of White dominence where Blacks and Browns would be treated as sub-human and most of the developing nations would still be under an Imperial yoke, but the rulers would have swapped places to Germans, Italian and Japanese.

      Based on how they operated during WWII, I have no doubt that the new Empire would continue with its mindless slaughter and exploitation but I will allow that there may not be much of a difference between the Empire of the Aliied Powers and the Empire of that Axis Powers.

      The real shame now, is that Israel is acting just as the Nazis did except they have developed a method that avoids the large-scale slaughter but still continues with the genocide and ethnic cleansing. Compounding the shame are the Jews of the diaspora, who are blindl supporting the practices and policies of Israel and attacking anyone who dares question Israel.

      It would appear that hwile the Jews may have abandoned the Golden Calf, they have now deified the state of Israel.


      Comment by penjihad | January 8, 2013 | Reply

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