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Voting Suggestions 2012

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Voter ballots have arrived in Washington State’s homes and it is time for us to vote. In general, Muslims have the same concerns as our fellow American s who are not Muslim…with one exception; Civil Rights.

Ever since 9-11, the anti-Muslim animosities have become almost a hysterical shriek which is led by right-wing political and religious (Jews and Christians) groups backed by funds that seem to have no limits. Politicians, smelling votes and money, have jumped on this bandwagon either by adding their shrieks to the din or, by remaining silent in the face of anti-Muslim attacks.

Thus it is, that some Muslims have decided to present an agreement to some politicians, in order to gauge their stand against Islamophobia. Most of the few politicians who were asked, agreed to sign the Agreement, one avoided giving an answer and one flat-out refused to sign it.

It is our goal that Muslims will support the politicians who agreed to sign it and will oppose the one who refused, while allowing the benefit of the doubt for the one who avoided giving an answer…this time around.

It is our hope that by the next election cycle 2014, we will be in a position to collectively use our Muslim voting power such that we can help make a politician’s career or, break it.

The list of people to vote for, is below. The politicians who agreed to sign the document, will be shown in bold blue, the ones we did not ask, but support, will be in bold black and the ones we do not wish to support with a vote, will be in bold red. This same selection includes the issues and initiatives which will have a brief explanation given with each.

Jeff Siddiqui

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. Alice Walker poet

Initiative 1185…NO. requiring a 66% majority will paralyze legislation, corporate measures will win, while those devised for the needs of the public, will fail because the Reps will block the vote.

Initiative 1240…YES. This appears to be a well-thought-out plan that deserves to be tried.

Referendum 74…YES. Same-gender couples already have most of the rights they need, to have their own lives secure, but they are missing a few crucial ones that come only when their union is called a “Marriage’ instead of a “civil union” that occurs now. those who oppose equal marriage rights for same-gender couples should take the same stand against ALL the laws that are already in place in favor of such couples. Otherwise, in all fairness, we need to allow same-gender couples, the same rights as hetero-sexual couples. This is not a religious vote, but a civil rights vote and we need to show the same fairness we would expect to be shown to us.

Initiative 502…YES. This de-criminalizes minor possessions of Marijuana which currently, is shattering lives of minorities because they are the ones who always suffer when law-enforcement is harsh.

Joint Resolution 8221…NO. I am against anything that interferes with our constitution, as opposed to creating new laws.

Joint Resolution 8223…NO. I am against anything that interferes with our constitution, as opposed to creating new laws.

Advisory Vote 1…NO. This is a meaningless vote because it carries no enforcement. Why bother to show our opinion when it has no impact?

Advisory Vote 2…NO. This is a meaningless vote because it carries no enforcement. Why bother to show our opinion when it has no impact?

President…Barack Obama. Disappointing as his leadership has been, painful as his permitted attacks against Muslims have been, a Teapublican President will be our worst nightmare come true…for Muslims (will bring torture back…and what else?) as well as for America (doesn’t care about “the 47% who are useless“).

Vice-President…Joe Biden (see above).

US Senator…DO NOT VOTE! It is clear that we do not want to support the Teapublican, it is also clear that we wish to show our displeasure against Maria Cantwell for refusing to support Muslim civil rights since 9-11. This time around we are going to withhold our votes from BOTH Senate candidates. Next time around, we will be in a position to display our strength better.

US Representative District 1…Susan DelBene. She avoided giving an answer to our request for the agreement. Still she is a Democrat and that is better than a Teapublican. Next time around, we will be in a position to display our strength better.

US Representative District 2…Rick Larsen. We did not ask him to sign the Agreement.

US Representative District 7…Jim McDermott. Of ALL Washington Politicians, Jim is the ONLY one with principles, courage and character. He has steadfastly supported civil rights for ALL and he has always been against the US “War!” in Iraq and Afghanistan…and stood against Drone attacks. He signed to Agreement.

US Representative District 9…Adam Smith. Adam is a decent, smart man. He signed to Agreement.

Washington State Governor…Jay Inslee. A Democrat, we can hope for reasonable treatment from him. He signed to Agreement. He will certainly be a better choice than his Teapublican opponent who also signed the agreement.

Washington State Lieutenant-Governor…Brad Owen. A Democrat.

Washington State Secretary of State…Kathleen Drew. A Democrat.

Washington State Treasurer…Jim McIntire. A Democrat.

Washington State State Auditor…Troy Kelley. A Democrat.

Washington State Attorney-General…Bob Ferguson. A Democrat.

Washington State Commissioner of Public Lands…Peter Goldmark. A Democrat and very capable, stood strongly in favor of protecting public lands..

Washington State Insurance Commissioner…Mike Kreidler. A Democrat and a very capable Stewart of public interest, he has been a major irritant to the Insurance Industry in his positions to safeguard the public.

Washington State Representative District 1 Position 2…Luis Moscoso. He is very strongly in favor of civil rights for all. He signed to Agreement.

Other positions…I would recommend choosing the Democratic Candidate instead of a Teapublican. These are state legislators and if Teapublicans win, then we can most probably see legislations being introduced (and passed) against Muslims, as has happened in over 31 states where they disguised their attacks against Muslims, behind a thin veil of being “against foreign laws”.

Next time around, let us please get organized so that we can prove our voting power before elections are near. Then, politicians will pay serious attention to the civil rights of minorities…including the civil rights of Muslims!

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