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Bomb Threat to Local Mosque

Bomb threat received by e-mail at a local, Puget Sound Mosque, a few days ago.

This is most unfortunate because the Masjid is unwilling to come forward with their name.

If the Masjid were to allow their name to be publicized, then local area Muslims in that city, could bring pressure to bear on their Police to find out why they have decided this case is not worth pursuing.

The current reasoning (as far as I am able to find out), is that the Police spoke with the “kid” (over 26 years old) and with his parents. the Police discovered that the person is partially paralyzed and is in capable of carrying out his threat and apparently, they left it at that.

Apparently, the Police did not search the premises for explosives, nor did they check the man’s computer…of course, being a white Christian, allows for some forgiveness here!

Apparently, the FBI is holding off until the local Police makes a move.

The fellow e-mailed a local Mosque:

“Kindly move the fuck out of ___________ before more bombs go off, please.”

It is interesting how our Great Protectors start analyzing how this might not be a threat when it comes to non-Muslims. They suggest that since he did not make a direct threat (“We will bomb you“), this is not a threat.

Another generous conclusion (by our Great Protectors) is that this “poor fellow” is so concerned about Muslims going amok, that he may have been worrying that a Muslim might detonate a bomb in his neighborhood.

It is entirely possible that this fellow could be the brains behind a bombing group and for all we know, the threat may be carried out yet. It seems to me that the least our Great Protectors could do, is to at least, go through the motions of appearing concerned and checking out the basics that any Police work should be doing.

What is interesting is that when Muslims are doing anything at all, the government (FBI) is quick to extend the action to what the Muslims could be thinking of doing! Not so long ago, some Muslims were playing Paintball and the FBI “detained” them, then charged that the Muslims were thinking of joining the “Jihad” in Kashmir and were practicing their Jihad!

At other times, the arguments put forward by the Fatherland Security Division has been, “Since the person (read, “Muzlem“) was thinking of committing a violent act against the US interests (which is everything) and he obviously would not be thinking this if he were a loyal American, then he has mentally renounced his US citizenship when he started thinking about this violence.

If this confused you, don’t worry; it takes a particularly twisted, weasel mentality of the kind that resides only in Fatherland Security (people like Ashcroft, Chertoff, Yoo and many others) to think through such arguments so they can continue on their “Muzlem“-hunting.

In this particular case, since nobody is supposed to know what city this threat came from, we cannot really launch any pressure on the Police of that city and the person making the threat is off scot-free.

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. Alice Walker poet

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