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Please Retire Your Copy of “THE NOBLE QURAN”

I have seen about a dozen different English translations of the Quran and have many of them. While they each differ slightly because of individual translator differences, the differences are minor nuances and keep faithfully to the original Arabic, which is alongside all of them, except one which is entirely in English.
One of the earlier and more popular English translations of the Quran is the version by Marmaduke Pickthall, is is pretty good except it is in old English with too many “Thee” and “Thou”, “maketh” and “shouldst” so it is not an easy read.
Other versions are pretty easy to read and understand and as I said, they all keep to the same message even when they sometimes, use different words.
All except for “THE NOBLE QURAN”, by Al-Hilali and Muhsin Khan with its diabolical translations.
Published in Arabia (Medina), “THE NOBLE QURAN” has the nastiest, meanest, most misleading excuse for a translation that I can ever imagine, even in my nightmares. I would be ashamed to show it to anyone lest they actually believe the translations are a reflection of the original Arabic. It is a disgusting production that in itself, is a greater insult to God, than all the cartoonists and efforts of others who insult Islam, put together.
The translators and the commentators of “THE NOBLE QURAN” have injected venom into the word of God. It is as if they have the arrogance to know what God meant when he said certain things through the prophet Mohammed (saw). As if the translators had been contacted directly by God (Vahih) who said, “Here is a more complete version of what I meant when I was speaking to Mohammed, now go tell everyone else“.
In important texts, there are always footnotes to help the reader gain a better understanding of what is written. There is however, a huge difference between a footnote comment and parenthetical comment inserted within the text. A footnote is related but not necessarily an actual meaning of a text, it is in part, a clarifying opinion of the author/translator and may be removed without doing any damage to the original text. A parenthetical comment suggests that the words are actually an integral part of the meaning of the original text and cannot be removed without changing the intent of the text.
Al-Hilali and Muhsin Khan have conspired and connived with their Selafi masters, to essentially, rewrite the Quran translations, into a cruel text, full of hate and intolerance.
Take the opening chapter of the Quran (“Al Fatiha” 1:1-7). Consisting of seven verses, it is simple enough and very much like “The Lord’s Prayer” and goes something like this:
  • Oh God, we praise your name, you are the one God, master of the Judgment Day, Lord of all worlds. Help us stay on the path of those who have gained your favor and not on the path of those who have incurred your wrath, or those who have gone astray“.
It takes a conscious effort to turn this simple prayer, often known as the heart of the Quran, into a hate-filled diatribe that the Arabian publishers have done with “THE NOBLE QURAN”. In their version, the last verse of the first chapter (1:7) ends with:
  • “…and not on the path of those who have incurred your wrath (such as the Jews), or those who have gone astray (such as the Christians)“.
Check out FOUR different translations (Khalifa, Pickthal, Shakir and Sher Ali) from The Quran Browser and you will not find a single reference to Jews or Christians because the ORIGINAL Arabic language version does not have any such references in it either! Islamitexts, another excellent source of translations and commentaries of the Quran, contains TEN different translations of each verse…but only “THE NOBLE QURAN” contains the hate-filled message.
As I said, I have about a dozen different hard-copy translations, NONE of which include this condemnation of Jews and Christians. It matters not whether the translators are Sunni or Shia.
The House of Saud has created a special press at the ‘King Fahad complex’ dedicated to printing millions of copies of “THE NOBLE QURAN” every year. They had them out to people coming for Haj and Umrah and they distribute copies across the world, to all kinds of people learning God’s message.
It should be noted that over 80% of the world’s Muslims do not speak or understand Arabic, yet they pray in Arabic, having learnt if by heart at a young age. When these people are given a copy of a translation of the Quran and they know it is printed in Arabia, they cannot imagine that it would be anything but the true words of God, translated directly and faithfully, from the Arabic, which is always present alongside the translation.
Small wonder that these budding Muslims should become so intolerant in their outlook towards other faiths, towards women and even towards anyone who says anything different from what they have learnt, IS the word of God! like frogs in a well, their concept of the total truth is the stuff they have read or, have been read to, from “THE NOBLE QURAN”.
Uninitiated non-Muslims who may have the misfortune of coming across “THE NOBLE QURAN” when they were trying to learn about Islam, would be completely convinced that Muslims are instructed to hate (destroy) all Jews and Christians. We do not need such a misleading item representing Islam or Muslims.
Take the outlook at the difference in what the Quran really says about women and on adultery in Chapter 24 (“The Light”) and how “THE NOBLE QURAN” presents the translation:
Verse 2 deals with punishment for and adulterer or an adultress. All versions I have seen, say that the punishment for either is a hundred lashes, but translators in “THE NOBLE QURAN” are not satisfied with this, they have added: (“this punishment is for unmarried person guilty of the above crime but if married persons commit it, the punishment is to stone them to death, according to Allah’s law“).
I confess, I have not gone through the entire copy of my “THE NOBLE QURAN”, although it is very tempting. The process is daunting because I have no wish to read mean, cruel concoctions, inserted with the translated texts as if they were actually part of the original Arabic version. Still, I am certain that hate towards Jews and Christians is generously sprinkled in “THE NOBLE QURAN”.
In my considered opinion, all copies of “THE NOBLE QURAN” should be removed from all contact with humanity. If you cannot get rid of your copy, then mail it to me and I will very respectfully dispose of them as Quran’s beyond use, should be disposed, by burning them in a private, respectful manner. My mailing address is below.
Jeff Siddiqui
P.O. Box 7002
Lynnwood, WA 98046
A fanatic is a man who does what he thinks the Lord would do, if He knew the facts of the case. (Dunne)

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  1. ASA,

    Scary indeed. God help us and save us from mindless fanatics such as these “translators”.

    Thanks for sharing this information.



    Comment by Qaseem Khan | October 8, 2012 | Reply

  2. It may be that they have taken liberties, but what you leave out of your comments is that the things inserted come from respected Islamic hadiths and are applied in strict Sharia (eg. stoning for adultery of a married woman). So, this Koran version reflects what fundamentalist Muslims actually believe. That includes the comment on Jews and Christians which is given by Mohammed as his explanation of this verse in one of the hadiths and which is widely repeated and believed by more fundamentalist minded Muslims.


    Comment by Orlando | October 4, 2014 | Reply

    • Thank you for your comments Orlando, but a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially if it gives wing to bigotry.
      The Quran is the ultimate, final arbiter of what God’s commands are in Islam and no ruling from any Muslim scholar, can over ride the Quran. The Hadith, while much respected, are simply chronicals of what people attribute to the prophet Mohammed and how those attributions are reported.

      The first Hadith compilation did not occur until abbout 200 years AFTER the death of the prophet so, the accuracy can be argued. Since the first reliable Hadith compilation by Al Muwatta, there have been almost innumerable compilations which, in the Sunni tradition, boil down to four books but even these, over time, have been revised to support one ruler or another until they are in many cases, vastly different from the first time they were written.

      Yes, many Muslims hold Hadith to be almost as holy as the Quran itself, but that does not define Islam any more than hundreds of years of Christian teachings that Blacks are sub-human and therefore, may be enslaved or, the thousands of years of Jewish teachings that Gentiles should be wiped off the lands along with their animals and holdings.

      Finally, there is no universal, uniform “Sharia”, different schools of thought and different places have different “Sharia” interpretations.

      Every faith has its versions of their holy texts interpreted in a bloody-minded manner, this world would be a terrible place if we allowed extremists and bigots to define how we practise our faiths. It would also be a terrible place if we judge entire faith-groups by how some of their fellows in faith, conduct themselves. No faith-group is safe from negative labelling, not even the much-respected Buddhists.


      Comment by penjihad | October 4, 2014 | Reply

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