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“Islam vs. Christianity and Judaism”

Sometimes, I wonder what the reaction would be if some Mosques across the country, ran advertisements (see below) for sermons such as the following:
  • Masjid of Allah presents a series of free public seminars warning of the dangers of Christianity and Judaism in the world
    Sept 2. Quran vs. New Testament and Torah
    Sept 9. Sin and Salvation in Judaism and Christianity
    Sept 16. Judaism and Christianity; religions of slaughter and sword
    Sept 23. Totalitarian nature of Judaism and Christianity

    Services begin at 10:00 a.m.

Would the Great American Public…the REAL Americans, regard this as “”Freedom of Speech” or, would there be so many drive-by shootings and fire-bombings that not even ashes remain of the “Masjid of Allah”?
Would our great newspapers and other members of the media (radio, TV) take the grand, tolerant line of “defending the right of all, to say what they like” or, would they stand in line to condemn the Masjid and call for all “Muzlems” to be thrown out of the country?
Would our politicians throw electoral caution to the winds and jump to defend the “Freedom for which America stands” and the right of Mosques to say what they like about faiths…or, would they make this a litmus test for being a REAL American and call for “strengthened measures against trrrrsm and keep a watchful eye on the “Muzlems”?
Would our Police and FBI take a stand and say “People are free to express themselves and we have no interest in what they say, as long as they are not doing anything wrong” or, would they start to send in informants to the Mosque (Oops! the informants are already in place!)?
Finally, would my neighbors (if I were a member of the masjid) ask me how to fix the problems in Christianity and Judaism or, would they be telling me to move out, “Go back where you came from“?
In the words of someone more erudite than myself, our Freedoms would disappear “like moth piss on a hot light bulb”, if Muslims ever dared to take some of the positions that Christians and Jews in this country get away with almost daily.
Those foaming savages in those horrible Muzlem countries, may be illiterate, but they are not stupid. They too understand that this defense of our so-called, “Freedoms”, is just there to make us look good; when tested, reality has always proven different.
Islam vs. Christianity

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