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If I were giving the Khutba (Sermon) today….

Normally, I am not the person who would lead prayers or, deliver a khutba (Friday Sermon), although I did give a brief khutba once. That was when US Air kicked some Muslims off their plane because some bigoted passenger voiced a “concern” about “Muzlems” being on the plane. I called for a Muslim assembly at Seatac Airport where we would hold our Friday prayer in front of the US Air counters in protest against their corporate bigotry against Muslims. Notably, less than a dozen Muslims felt motivated enough to show up for the congregational prayer at the airport that day, most of them from one family!
Today being Friday, I wish I were giving the khutba!
  • If I were giving the khutba today, I would talk about the killing of the Sikhs in their Gurudwara (Temple).
  • I would talk about the hostility against Muslims and Islam that is being promoted in America at political levels, at institutional levels and on the Public forum.
  • I would then talk about the hostility against Muslims in Mecca in the very early days of Islam and how the Muslims there suffered threats and were in fear of their life and limb.
  • I would talk about how Muslims in Mecca stood by each other and how Muslims in America need to stand by each other.
  • I would talk about how Muslims emigrated to Medina (as we have emigrated to this country) where they took part in the fabric of society and gained positive influence.
  • I would talk about the political system in this country where opinions canbe influenced for great changes if there is enough public demand for the change, such as the changes in public opinions towards Blacks, Japanese, Chinese and Jews, to name just a few.
  • I would point out that if Muslims decided to stand together and vote collectively in favor of politicians who reject the training and practice of anti-Muslim, anti-Islam bigotry and if we voted against politicians who supported bigotry, the politicians would start to actively oppose the training against Muslims and the persecution of Muslims by our security agencies (FBI, Police, CIA etc.,).
  • I would say such collective action is the only way for Muslims to ensure a safe national environment for us and for our future generations.
  • I would point out that the 2012 Elections are very important and very impactful and if we Muslims can even now, publicly gather our voting power, it will have massive effect on America and on every country abroad, where America wields its power and influence.
  • Muslims in Washington state alone, can have the national impact we wish to have, if only we can get past our fears and apathy, that when we leave the Mosque, we should keep in mind that the future for all Muslims, resides in the hands of each of us and onlyin the hands of each of us.
  • I would close by saying that before we die, our children might ask us what we did to help change the environment against Muslims in this country. That after we die, God will ask us what we did to help change the environment in this country.
I greatly fear that khutbas today will be the usual sterile presentations that leave the congregations as unmotivated and as unenlightened as they were when they entered the Mosques…and yet another opportunity for help change our fates, will have been lost.

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  1. Siddiqui, nice my man. I will attend a traditional Latin Mass tomorrow,and feel the same urgent need to communicate with the Latin American flock. Communication being the key element. Without the speaker ,all is lost on the congregation. Your jabbering on this blog tells me of your frustration. Being of Irish Catholic immigrants, I must tell you that your blustering is something my Irish Family conquered in 1960. We elected John F. Kennedy, ( the F is for Fitzgerald). My family stepped off the boat in the 1500’s. I am of the O’Carrolls.

    Siddiqui, you need to study American history,quit whinning, or go back to Packistan. I am passionate abut the release of Dr. Affa Siddiqui, from federal prison. You son are becomming a hack. I now conclude you are part of the problem. Your blog is now a waste of my time.


    Comment by Michael Earl | August 11, 2012 | Reply

    • Hey, Captain John Birch (your e-mail name). Since your comments make little sense to me anyway, I will not miss your departure. Goodbye and goodluck with your time.


      Comment by penjihad | August 12, 2012 | Reply

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