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If I were giving the Khutba (Sermon) today….

Normally, I am not the person who would lead prayers or, deliver a khutba (Friday Sermon), although I did give a brief khutba once. That was when US Air kicked some Muslims off their plane because some bigoted passenger voiced a “concern” about “Muzlems” being on the plane. I called for a Muslim assembly at Seatac Airport where we would hold our Friday prayer in front of the US Air counters in protest against their corporate bigotry against Muslims. Notably, less than a dozen Muslims felt motivated enough to show up for the congregational prayer at the airport that day, most of them from one family!
Today being Friday, I wish I were giving the khutba!
  • If I were giving the khutba today, I would talk about the killing of the Sikhs in their Gurudwara (Temple). Continue reading

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