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Jafar Siddiqui’s Primary Elections List

I offer a list of electoral candidates that we support, after the list, there will be an explanation for reasons why. Note: Since these are Primary Elections, we will be willing to give the benefit of the doubt to candidates who have been asked, but have not yet signed The Pledge. We will take a much stronger position in the General Elections, against people who fail to sign The Pledge.

To begin with, Muslims have the same concerns as non-Muslims in choosing our political leaders…with one difference, we want to feel secure in this country. For Muslims, personal security, free from the prodding and persecutions that have beset us since 9-11, is probably the single overriding concern. We wish to be able to pursue our lives with the comfort and knowledge that we are going to be treated as equals in this country of equals and that we will be accorded the same rights and the same equal protections under the constitution, that are enjoyed by our fellow (non-Muslim) Americans.

Unfortunately, this is not so today…

By and large, the Republican Party has nailed its colors on the mast of anti-Muslim bigotry and the Democratic Party has signed on to it without a word…literally.

It gets worse. It used to be, that the Republicans would wield the clubs at Muslims while the Democrats would pay for the clubs. Today, the Republicans are out there, screaming a high pitch, in their attacks on Islam and Muslims, while the Democrats are so anxious to show that they are “TOUGH” on security and crime, that they are actually bashing Muslims harder as if to out-American the ultra-patriotic Republicans.

Muslims get ground up in this contest between the two major parties and the future does not look promising for our children either.

Today, we HAVE to choose candidates who promise to get us equal protection under the constitution, regardless of their party affiliations. In case there are two candidates from different parties who have signed on to The Pledge, we will then evaluate what their other priorities may be and how those priorities align with our social priorities.

Please vote for these candidates in the Primary Elections.

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The Picks:

US Senate: Maria Cantwell (has not yet signed The Pledge)

US House:

  • Jim McDermott 7th Congressional District (has signed The Pledge)
  • Adam Smith 9th Congressional District (has signed The Pledge)
  • Darshan Rauniyer 1st Congressional District (has signed The Pledge)

WA Governor: Jay Inslee 7th Congressional District (has signed The Pledge)

WA Secretary of State: Greg Nickels (was not yet asked to sign The Pledge)

WA Attorney-General: Bob Ferguson (was not yet asked to sign The Pledge)

WA Commissioner of Public Lands: Peter Goldmark (was not yet asked to sign The Pledge)

WA Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kriedler (was not yet asked to sign The Pledge)

WA State Representative Position #2: Sahar Fathi (was not yet asked to sign The Pledge)

WA State Representative 1st Legislative District: Luis Moscoso (Signed The Pledge in the mail)

The Details:

Maria Cantwell. In the hopes that she will sign The Pledge before the General elections, we will put our support behind her for the Primaries. This is only because we are hoping that the Democrats will, in general, treat us better than the Republicans have done.

Jim McDermott. THIS is the kind of political representation we would love to see! Jim supports social causes and he stands strongly against idiotic “War!” that everyone else seems to think, is a great idea. Jim has stood for Justice and rights.

Adam Smith. Adam has proven himself to be an intelligent man and he listens. He made some voting decisions that ran contrary to our civil rights, but he listened and appears to have understood the need to have Muslims on an equal platform with everyone else.

Darshan Rauniyer. Darshan has signed on to the pledge and he enthusiastically supports civil rights and justice in the US and in US foreign policy. His opponents never bothered to return our invitations to isgn The pledge.

Jay Inslee. Since his opponent Rob McKenna has also signed The Pledge, we now need to look at how they conform to our social priorities. Jay stands for better social services for the under-privileged while Rob does not. Jay support healthcare for all while Rob does not. Notably McKenna signed a letter in support of Israel’s invasion of Gaza (as Atty-Gen. he did not need to get involved in that event) and the slaughter they committed and he justified it as “Israel’s right to self-defense”. More importantly, he has never backed away from that act.

Greg Nickels. Greg was an able Mayor of Seattle and has a good social conscience. He is worthy of our support.

Bob Ferguson. Bob has a good track record of supporting civil rights and being more progressive than his Republican opponent who appears to be the “Hanging Judge” based on his past record.

Peter Goldmark. He has proven himself to be a good steward of the environment and a defender of the public interest in his decisions.

Mike Kriedler. Mike has been one of the most conscientious managers for the public, often bashing his head against the Insurance Industry walls and winning. We need people like him in office or, the insurance “game” will only get worse for us.

Sahar Fathi. She is a Muslim candidate. In an environment where there are no other Muslims to represent us, we desperately need Muslims in positions where they will be in the public eye and will be seen as productive Muslim participants in the political systems of this country.

Luis Moscoso. Supports equal rights for all minorities.

Solve the problem yourself or accept a fate you may not like…from this perspective, the ethic of personal responsibility gains appeal.Noel M. Tichy
The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. Alice Walker poet

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