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Rob McKenna Signs Pledge to Protect Muslims!

Congratulations to Rob for joining the family of REAL Americans, who care that every person is equal in this country! Now we can judge Rob on merits other than the unasked question, “Is he among those who hate us Muslims too?”
  • I, ___Rob McKenna___ do affirm my belief that all people under the jurisdiction of the United States, have the right to equal protection under the constitution of the United States, including Arabs and Muslims.

    I promise to repudiate, reject and oppose publicly, any acts or statements of bigotry against any race, nationality or religion, that may occur in my environment. This includes acts and statements of politicians in the State of Washington as well as in Washington DC., Towards that goal, I will use all available means at my disposal, to oppose any training against Islam and Muslims, that is being imparted to our national, state and local law-enforcement agencies and to our military.”

So far, almost every political person we have asked, has signed The Pledge, they include Adam Smith and Jay Inslee. Some political campaigns have had trouble with the “including Arabs and Muslims”, obviously, because that could be unpopular with some wing-nuts among the electorate but that is precisely why we are asking for such language. We need people in positions of power, to stand up and speak out unambiguously, when Muslims in general, are being targeted by our security services or, Muslims are being kicked of airplanes simply for the crime of being “Muzlem“.
In the upcoming elections, we will be paying close attention to people who agree to sign The Pledge, as well as to those who fail to respond to our request to sign it. There is absolutely no point in even considering anyone for support unless they can agree to simple, basic, equal protection rights to Muslims. There are far too many politicians who are enhancing their careers by bashing Muslims and helping to stoke fears of Islam and Muslims in America and unless we Muslims start exercising our political strength, these politicians will have all the incentives to continue to bash us and no incentives to stand up for equal protections for ALL.
Yes, we Muslims are interested in the “normal” issues of America, issues such as healthcare, education, economy, but what good are those issues to us if we continue to live under the threat of being targeted and persecuted by our own protectors (political leaders, Police, FBI, military etc.,), simply because we are Muslim?
We will continue to extend the invitation to sign The Pledge to other political candidates, regardless of their political affiliations.

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