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Here we go again…the inevitable “Muzlem Trrrrrsts!”

The week opened on Monday the 25th to another spine-chilling story ofMuzlems“, getting ready to kill masses of Freedom-loving Americans and I groaned for the umpteenth time!

Our ever-vigilant FBI has, it appears, conducted over a hundred investigations into Islamic extremists in the military…our military, can you imagine that? Er, sorry, that is suspected Islamic extremists in the military. There is a difference, you see. REAL extremists can be brought to trial and jailed, but suspected ones, simply get their lives destroyed with an investigation that might as well hang them afterwards; REAL Muslim extremists are hard to find, while suspected ones are everywhere!
The FBI’s attitude towards Islam and Muslims goes back to their training in which their focus was drawn to the fact that there were over 9000 (murderous) Muslims in the military. The FBI has been trained to target Islam, not terrorism.

One of the people on the Senate Committee on Fatherland (Oops, ‘Homeland’) Security is Sen. Joe Lieberman who is seldom far behind with his Jihad against “Muzlems” in his misguided defense of Israel. Voicing concern about us “Muzlems“, he said:

  • I know one can say that as a percentage of the millions of people in active military service or working with contractors, the numbers (of Muslims) you talk about are a small percentage of the total, but the reality is it only took one man, Nidal Hasan, to kill 13 people at Fort Hood and injure a lot more,”

The next day, the good Senator did himself one better, he told reporters that Maj. Hassan had shown early signs of support of terrorism by giving lectures “that presented extremists in sympathetic light“. Clearly, he was regurgitating the lines presented to him by the anti-Muslim hysteria generators because Maj. Nidal never made any presentations that showed extremists in good light. The one presentation that is referred to by the bias-producers is where he was trying to present what the extremists thought and what their justifications were; a far cry from actually showing them in sympathetic light. But let us not get our biases tangled up by facts! “Muzlem” equals “Terrorist“, now let’s go get them!

Let’s get one thing straight, I have no objection to looking for, finding and punishing all violent extremists after due process of the law…which still means, charging them, presenting evidence against them, a jury finding them guilty and then, sentencing them. Yes, I know, it is a pain to go through “Due Process” when we are trying to keep America safe, after all, Due Process is meant for REAL Americans, not those murderous “Muzlems“!!

But I digress. As I said, I am all for punishing people who are found guilty of violence or, planning violence against people. After finding them guilty, I would be all in favor of locking them up and throwing away the keys and I don’t care whether the person might be a Muslim, Jew, Christian or, anything else.

Why the focus on “Muzlems“?

Have you ever heard of Christian extremists or, Jewish extremists? Not really, our media and our public officials get very squeamish about using career-ending  J-word or, the C-word as prefixes when talking about extremists or terrorism. When Christians or Jews commit or plan to commit acts of violence, they are found to be “deranged” (Green River Killer), “over-stressed” (Staff Sgt. Bales) or, more simply, extremists, but never Christian extremists or, Jewish extremists.

The net result is that the public starts to think of Muslims in terms of not being Americans, of looking to kill Americans and of being dedicated to murder in the name of their unholy religion. The language used by our FBI, our politicians and our other leaders, in which they use “Muslim” or “Islamic” as prefixes to violence serves only to disenfranchise Muslims and to deepen the chasm between Muslims and non-Muslims. However, since nobody is protesting the divisive language and since it only serves to enhance careers, why not use it?

The FBI has conducted more than 100 investigations into suspected Islamic extremists within the military“. The first thought most non-Muslim Americans have in reaction is, “Good! let us get those violent extremists!”

The first thought most Muslims (like myself) have is to wonder why suspects have been identified as “Muslims”? What defines an “Islamic Extremist”?

Based on how Muslims have been treated at the hands of our law-enforcement agents, anyone could become a “suspected Islamic extremist” depending on how the US political winds are blowing or, what kind of training the particular agents have been receiving.

Over the past twelve months, “experts” on Islam have trained our military and our law-enforcement agents (FBI, Police etc.,) that anyone who professes to be a Muslim is an extremist, that the Quran compels Muslims to kill non-Muslims (“Unbelievers”), and that no Muslim can ever love being an American or can love America. In simple terms, every Muslim is a violent extremist waiting to slaughter untold numbers of Americans.

I have personally seen examples of FBI behavior that becomes greatly exaggerated when it comes to Muslims. I have seen the FBI treat all Muslims as terrorists who are just one step away from destruction of this country. The same people in the FBI who go berserk when an issue arises about Muslim, can hardly find any excitement when it comes to a non-Muslim who is actually busy planning violence.

One of my friends was persecuted by an FBI agent, bullying my friend to give names of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers within his mosque…or else! When my friend protested he did not know of any, he was told to come up with some or he would wish he had never been born. Local Muslims have been told they would get citizenship if they informed on Muslims…imagine the pressure then, to provide some Muslims as suspects! One time, local FBI even launched a nationwide hunt for imaginary terrorists who were about to sink Puget Sound ferries.

I believe I can stand fast on my statement that while every case of a non-Muslim violent extremist that the FBI has caught, has appeared to be genuine, almost all the Muslim trrrrsts “caught” by the FBI so far, have been Muslims who were encouraged, trained, goaded, bribed or cajoled, by the FBI, into agreeing to commit the violence before they were “caught” with great fanfare. To us it looks as if the FBI were simply trying to feather their nests by fingering Muslims and therefore, looking good for their bosses.

Nothing Personal, Its About Jobs

We Muslims need to share the enthusiasm with the rest of America when a possible terrorist is caught. Instead, we grieve because we are pretty sure another usual suspect is about the get strung up. The FBI and our political leaders need to bridge a huge trust gap with Muslims, but tragically, they seem to be hard at work in creating a larger gap.

Our accusers say Muslims are “naturally suspects” because they do not feel as if the US is their country. This may be so, but throughout history, persecuted minorities have felt animosity towards their country. Even in the US, persecute minorities have felt alienated from their country and have refused to take up arms to defend it. Many Blacks have refused to join the military during WWII, the Korean and Vietnam wars because they did not feel they owed any loyalty to the country that treated them like scum. Why should Muslims feel differently?

Since 9-11, Muslims have been hounded out of military service and even the Secret Service and the FBI, simply because they were Muslims…to thunderous silence from our leaders, betraying what they thought of us. If the Political leadership and the FBI continue to treat us as suspects, as people about to commit mayhem and as not REAL Americans, then don’t be too surprised if Muslims in growing numbers, start to give up on any attempts to be Americans and start to feel loyal towards the groups they are accused of supporting.

Note to our protectors (FBI) and our political leadership: We ARE Americans, you had better take note and treat us with the same respect as you treat our Christian and Jewish co-citizens.

Look for terrorists and violent extremists and drop the “Islamic” and “Muslim” prefixes…and you can count on our support.

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