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Ban Muslim Laws, Ban Jewish Laws

There is so much mythology and fantasy around the so-called “Sharia Law” that a large number of states have now been involved in either passing laws against “Sharia Law” (under various euphemisms) or, have been involved in voting for the “ban” or, are currently discussing methods to ban “Sharia Law”( Map below is as of March 2012).


Going into details of Sharia and its application would require a separate, detailed article however, it is worth point out a few basic facts about Sharia and the hysteria being generated against it in the West, led by the US.

Sharia is a composite of the Quran, Hadith, Sunnah, earlier legal decisions (Stare Decisis), accommodations to the changing times and finally the unanimous judgment of the people…with the proviso that none of the considerations may contradict the Quran. This composite (“Sharia”) is an equivalent to the constitution of a people, it forms the basic framework for laws which in Islam, are called “Fiqh”. Sharia covers every aspect of Islam, from prayers to halal food to marriage, divorce, circumcision and death, to laws outlining criminal behavior and social responsibilities.

“Sharia Law” therefore, is a misnomer, one may more accurately say “Sharia-compliant law” or, “Fiqh”. There is also no single “Sharia Law”, it can vary from sect to sect and from interpretation to interpretation, going to extremes as in Arabia and as followed by the Taliban or, more benign forms of practices. Some particularly ignorant examples of misinterpretation of the rules for Sharia can be found where people use Sharia as an excuse to stone accused adulterers or, kill people accused of blasphemy (there are no such punishments in the Quran), or buy off or threaten forgiveness for murder from the survivors of the victims. These rank alongside past Christian practices of killing non-Christians or, enslaving them in order to enlighten them; they endure only because the majority is either too intimidated to oppose them or, the fruits of such oppressions are too good to let go.

In the West, Muslims are asking for be allowed to decide basic family matters within the context of Sharia, a request that is being met with extraordinary reactions from people who only understand what hate-mongers want them to understand. The outrage against Sharia is shared among the ordinary members of the public who don’t know any better and political leaders, who should know better but want to take their extremist positions because it helps their political careers.

Very few voices of reason are allowed to be heard and in any case, public opinions are not usually formed by knowledge, but by emotions so, anyone who can rally the public to the flag and the country is much more likely to win, over those who might wish to take a more reasoned approach.

Ask Queen Isabella, Andrew Jackson, Hitler, Begin, Milosevic, Taliban or, George W. Bush.

Muslims in the west, are asking to decide marriage, divorce, inheritance and other similar matters, within the context of their faith (Sharia) and of course, only between consenting parties. This is no different than Christians (Canon Law) and Jews (Beth Din) having similar practices recognized by courts, over the past centuries.

In the hysterical march against Islam and Muslims that is gathering greater and greater wind, people forget the impact of their actions against Muslims. For example, today, they may discriminate against Muslims, but what is to prevent future leaders to discriminate against other minority faiths? President Obama signed the National Defense Appropriations Authorizations Act into law, stating that his administration would “never” enforce the provision that allows the military to imprison any Muslims suspect, without charges or trials…forever. What if a Tea Party President gets elected? What if it becomes expedient for a president to rally support by attacking Muslims in America?

These questions remain ignored.

A few voices are starting to speak out now, as people realize that their sacred cows are also getting lined up for the slaughter. Jews are discovering that a ban against the practice of any “foreign law” or “religious law” would include their laws as well and could threaten Beth Din (See: “Jewish Divorce Caught in Sharia Law Fight“).

The big questions now, are:

Are reasonable people able to overcome the mass hysteria against Islam and Muslims?

Are Muslims able to take active part as involved citizens and push for their rights in America?

Unless the answer to BOTH is “yes!”, America is headed for an unthinkable future that will take us backwards into the sewers of history.

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  1. Crusade. Anytime anywhere with Honor. As a Roman Catholic of Gaelic lineage, I understand your fervor. I am not posting to satisfy your vanity. Your name is SIDDIQUI. I am on a mission. Aaifa Siddiqui is in prison in Texas. POW Bowe Bergdahl is held in Pakistan for ransom and exchange..

    I know that the return of both Dr. Siddiqui, and POW Bergdahl to their homes and family will be a blessed event. If you share family with Aafia, I would like to hear from you.

    May God Bless all


    Comment by Saint Micheal | June 23, 2012 | Reply

    • Hello Michael,
      I am sorry but your handle (“Captain John Birch”) and your name suggest to me that you are a bit of a nutter and your comments only strengthen that impression. You say you are on a mission, but we don’t need more Wyatt Earps, we need some sane people who are willing to push their leaders to a sane approach to the world and “Crusade” doesn’t do it; not for America, not for Americans and certainly not for anywhere in this world.

      Aafia Siddiqui is wrongfully imprisoned and nothing will get her out because America has attached its arrogance to its actions. Bergdahl is a hostage (NOT a “pow”!) in Pakistan and I am not sure what will secure his release because his captors are extremists. Both events are tragedies.

      Take a cold shower, calm down and start to talk rationally. If others can do the same, we will have a better chance at world peace. Otherwise, you will get your wish.

      By the way, none of your comments are at all relevant to the topic of my article.


      Comment by penjihad | June 24, 2012 | Reply

  2. Excellent explanation of the Concept of Sharia. Thanks.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | June 25, 2012 | Reply

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