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WA Gubernatorial Candidate Jay Inslee Agrees With Muslim Equality!

Congratulations to us all.
Washington State Gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee has signed to pledge (see copy reproduced below) that ALL people under American jurisdiction have the same right to equal protection under the constitution, including Arabs and Muslims.
He has further promised that he will publicly oppose any act or statement of bigotry against any minority, that occurs in his environment.
By signing this document that Muslims in Washington state have worked for, (Gov.) Jay Inslee joins Adam Smith of the 9th District and others, who are also considering this document.
Jim McDermott of the 7th District needs no introduction as the only person in the Washington state congressional delegation, to stand for justice and equal protection. He has stood against the “War” to make industry wealthier, he is also the ONLY man to oppose NDAA (which locks up Muslims forever, without charges or trials) from WA state.
Our pledge to the people who agree to sign this promise of equal protection for Muslims, is to work to get Muslim votes for these candidates.
Please remember to thank these people for being prepared to work against the growing bigotry against Islam and Muslims in this country.
Register to vote and then VOTE!
As the numbers of candidates who agree to sign our pledge grows, so will the list of people we support. For right now:
  • Jay Inslee (Governor WA)
  • Jim McDermott (7th District WA)
  • Adam Smith (Congress, 9th district WA)
Thank you all, for your help and support.
Jeff Siddiqui
The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. Alice Walker poet
Letter from candidate for Governor, Jay Inslee:
May 14, 2012
I am writing you today to offer my full support and assure you of my firm dedication to equal protection under the Constitution.
American-Muslims are valuable members of our society. Their contributions should not be overlooked or discounted. American-Muslims serve their communities as successful business owners, teachers, doctors, and veterans. They share the American values of freedom, equality, family and faith, and I believe that any act or statement of bigotry demonstrates a betrayal of those values.
I believe that all people are created equal and should be treated equally. The rights and protections granted by the United States Constitution apply to all under American jurisdiction, regardless of race, nationality, or religion. This of course includes Arabs and Muslims.
As governor, I will continue fighting to ensure the equality of all Washingtonians and will oppose any threat or objection to the rights and protections of all people in the State of Washington. I promise to repudiate, reject and oppose publicly, any acts or statements of bigotry against any race, nationality or religion that may occur in my environment. You can count on me to stand with you in these efforts.
I look forward to the honor of serving you as governor and working with you towards these goals…

Very truly yours,
Jay Inslee

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