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How? Why?…Muslim Woman Beaten to Death in California

“Another innocent person killed by a Crazy”…at least, that is what most uninvolved people will think as they move on to their daily chores and pursuits.

Muslims in America on the other hand, will see the brutal killing of this Iraqi Muslim woman in California, as one more piece of convincing evidence that America IS gearing up to a genocidal state of mind, towards Muslims.

No, thankfully, not ALL Americans are filled with hate and fear towards Muslims, but it does not take ALL members of any group, to ignite the fires of hate-driven violence, it only takes a small, loud percentage, abetted by the silence of the large majority who don’t want to upset the routines of their lives, by getting involved.

No, not ALL Republicans are such monsters, not ALL Tea-Party members are filled with this hate towards Islam and Muslims and not ALL Democrats support such hate. But certainly ALL Republicans, ALL Tea Partiers and ALL Democrats, are guilty of at least being default supporters because of their silence.

And ALL Americans are involved in this hate-machine because they lack the drive to stand against this opportunistic, unifying hate.

Certainly, ALL MUSLIMS are permitting this violence against Muslims because they lack the motivation to take a stand, to collectively use their enormous power of the ballot because that is the only thing that will have an effect on our politicians and THAT, is the only effective way to start the reversal process of this hate-Islam juggernaut.

“Crazies” are not created out of thin air, they are cultivated, encouraged and motivated by massive propaganda machines that consciously and sub-consciously, train and motivate people to first fear the target group, then hate the target group and finally, to try to destroy the target group.

Trayvon Martin, the slaughter in Afghanistan, the slaughter in Toulouse, the murder in California, are ALL by created, cultured, and nourished “crazies”, created by lengthy periods of hate and suspicion during which the “threat” of the minority is promoted, using various euphemisms.

This is followed by a rallying cry to “save our way of life” and finally the Holy Cause of “eliminating”/”Stopping” the group in order to make the world a better place and you get people like Hitler, Milosevic, Karadzic, the National Front, Le Pen, the Muslim fanatics and the “Protectors” of “American Values”.

About a year ago, in Yorba Linda, a Muslim organization was raising funds for local Hungry and Homeless when the Tea Partiers and Republican decided this event was a terrorist-supporting event and called in large numbers of Right Wing people to harass the attendees of the event.

Harassed Child Yorba Linda March 2011

Local politicians came and gave speeches against Islam and Muslims, one local Council Member even said she had Marine friends who would be “Happy to send these people to their Heaven”. Instead of condemning these demonstrations against Muslims, the Tea Party and Republican Party maintained their silence while their memberships ran to defend this “Freedom of Expression” and pointed out that the demonstrations were not close to the event (they were about 100 yards away). Locally, in Seattle, Teapublicans applauded the demonstrations and instead, condemned the victims for inviting “terrorist sympathizers” (there were none), they even denied that the demonstrations were on the same day as the fund-raiser.

Democratic Party, perpetually looking for ways to look “brave and patriotic”, couldn’t even find a single word to say against the organized demonstrations of the Teapublicans.

It does not end there.
Our law-enforcement agencies (Police, FBI, CIA et al) and our military, are being systematically programmed into thinking that Islam and Muslims are the greatest threat to America and to the West. As we sit here, entire cadres are being created with this belief in their minds. The training sessions take place either as “Education On Islam and Muslims” or, as “Counter-Terrorism Training” to which generous doses of anti-Muslim fantasies are added. The trainers are self-styled “experts” on Islam and “terrorism” who gain stature as they go from one local training to another, brainwashing sincere officers and agents, against Islam and Muslims. Tens of millions of dollars are spent annually, by the Department of Homeland Security funding and thus, lending credibility to these “experts” and their messages of hate.

Millions of dollars are spent each year, by the military in similar anti-Muslim training of soldiers and officers. High-ranking Generals have openly stated their deep bias against Islam and Muslims and got promoted, regardless. Professors in military academies use anti-Muslim training as part of their “anti-terror” curricula and even the US Air Force Academy under the command of Gen. Born, was found to be systematically training cadets against Islam and Muslims, under the guise of “anti-terror training”…with no consequences for the Commandant.

The scandal of NYPD-CIA collaboration in the spying of Muslims in New York and New Jersey is already well-discussed (and well-defended) in spite of the fact that it was aimed at Muslims in general, without regard for guilt or innocence and in spite of the fact that an internal NYPD report later disclosed that they had turned up no evidence of any wrong-doing on the part of Muslims.

SFPD is found to involved in spying on Muslims in collaboration with the FBI.

Police in Portland OR, is found to be under pressure from the FBI to collaborate and spy against Muslims.

The FBI?

In spite of years of denials that the FBI would ever engage in anti-Muslim training, they were found to be up to their eyeballs in anti-Islam, anti-Muslim training. Attorney-General Eric Holder was “Shocked, Shocked!” he was, to learn of this and ordered an investigation and cleanup of FBI training. The FBI backed away in slow, reluctant steps, denying they had any trainers or materials that targeted Islam or Muslims and after each denial, more evidence to the contrary was found.

None of this is met by protests by Mainstream America (this IS an election year!), none of this seems to be enough to galvanize American Muslims into action and of course, politicians don’t care because their concerns are only awakened when they receive a strong message (in the form of cash or kicks) by their constituents.

Promoted and unabated, this growing trend can lead to unimaginable consequences that we may all deny, will even happen. But history has informed us again and again…in spite of empty slogans like “Never Again!”…that it takes very little to light the fires of Hell of Earth; it just requires an opportunistic leader, an acquiescent public and a convenient, helpless, target group.

Today, it is us “Muzlems“.

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