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It’s Not Getting Better For Muslims In America

It keeps getting worse…
No. not really.
The common myth embraced by most Muslims is, if Muslims keep their heads down, do nothing bad, tell everyone how much they love America, wear flag lapel-pins and sing songs of gratitude for being allowed to be in America, then MAYBE, they will be left alone….
…until someone decides to take you down and then all that has to be said is that you are suspected of sympathizing with terrorism or, Al-Q or, helping those who are planning to attack the US or its “coalition friends”.
Some years ago John Ashcroft, a one-time US Attorney-General, floated the idea that if someone is caught trying to support terrorism (Muslim, of course) then he is in effect, renouncing his US citizenship.
The logic went thus: You would not plan to attack this country unless you hated it and you would not hate it unless you had no intention of being a citizen of this country and therefore, you had in effect, renounced your citizenship when you planned on taking part in violence against this country. So, we will revoke your citizenship.
There was some traction, especially among the Republicans and especially when they figured out that the idea would actually hurt the “Muzlems“, but it died because at the time, even in the pitched hysteria of King George The Worst regime, it was too much to pass a law stripping someone of his citizenship.
What was that again?
Objects in the mirror are larger than they appear
CE 2012. First we get a brief provision (Section 1021) in the National Defense Appropriations Authorization Act (NDAA).
Brief but deadly….almost got lost in the details of the massive bill that renews defense expenditures for another year, who would have thunk that the NDAA could have such a deadly poison for Muslims in it?
Section 1021 says that ANYONE who is suspected of providing support or actually participating in violence against the US or its “Coalition Partners, WILL be held in prison, without charges or trial, by the military, for as long as the “War!” against “terror” lasts.
Of course, this defines the punishments almost exclusively for Muslims and they may be kept in prison by the military…forever!
And we thought that the NDAA was bad?
The ink hasn’t yet dried on the NDAA when another bill is being proposed, H.R. 3166 and S. 1698.
Called “The Enemy Expatriation Act“, US CITIZENS can lose their citizenship if they are seen to have been “engaging in or supporting hostilities against the United States” or,
engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States“.
For purposes of this section, the term `hostilities’ means any conflict subject to the laws of war.’.”.
It does not take much in brains, in fact, it takes just a little bit of the current, growing paranoid anti-Muslim fantasy, to accuse some “Muzlem” of any of the above and ‘Poof!’ no more US citizenship.
Then what?
Well, for someone like me, it could mean deportation “back to where I came from” with an all-expenses-paid, long stay at Hotel Gitmo with hundreds of US soldiers standing in wait for me.
Regular showers, stretching exercises, pummeling massages, diet food, bright lights…NOTHING is too much for guests at this hotel!
What about someone like my son, who was born in this country and has no understanding of nationhood other than the US?
Like the Uighurs in Gitmo, he too (and any others like him), will be destined to remain there…as long as he lives.
The United States. Where no one is innocent until proven guilty; the shadow of suspicion is all that is needed to slam a minority into an ultra-patriotic oblivion!
Today, the minority is the Muslim for whom nobody seems to care.
Who will it be tomorrow when we are done with?

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  1. The paranoia continues. Some of the problem may lie in the fact that muslims are unable to let go or ignore any part of their holy book. The Western civilization has been able to let religion take a back seat and rather than reinterpret the Bible or deny parts of it they have simply ignored it where it stood in the way of practicality. Take sexuality where western mores were very strict not long ago and all kinds of sexual behaviours were punishable. Today it is a non issue for most ‘offenses’. For muslims on the other hand, the Quran prescribes a strict moral code and severe punishments are supposed to be meted out to the ‘deviants’.Never mind that behind the curtain most muslims are very liberal, on the face of it they are liable to intense punishment. Here lies the problem. If practising muslims were to have their way in the west they could demand the imposition of such codes on others which would be simply unacceptable. Hence the fear is generated and eventually leads to persecution of the feared. The solution may lie in projecting the liberal face of Islam and stepping over the irritants. This would also require that secularism be adopted as the governing principle in muslim lands and religion be made an individual private matter. This would contribute to eventual unity between all human beings on the basis of universally recognised principles.


    Comment by Khalid Mumtaz | February 4, 2012 | Reply

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