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I wish I were fighting for Pakistan rather than the US…

I wish I were fighting for Pakistan rather than for the US and I would like my son to be fighting and killing for Pakistan in the Pakistan Army“.
I can already see at least one hysterically paranoid person getting ready to string me up from the nearest lamp-post and a Hell of a lot of other REAL Americans getting mad at me. I can also see a lot of very sincere Americans…reasonable people all, wondering if I have taken leave of my senses and then, wondering what I am doing in the US.
Let’s add the the mix….
What if I then contributed $1000 to Jay Inslee or his opponent-to-be, Rob McKenna. Any bets that my money would be thrown back at me faster than a red-hot brick? they would also condemn my stand and tell me unequivocally, that I should leave this country if my heart and loyalties are so passionately with the country of my birth, Pakistan.
At the same time, I would be pilloried for being an untrustworthy “Muzlem” and I would be used to point out how Muslims are here to undermine this, so free, land of “Judeo-Christian values”.
Now to pull the curtain aside….
Newt Gingrich got a Ten MILLION dollar infusion of cash from billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and it was Sheldon Adelson, who said he wished he had served in the Israeli Army rather the U.S. military—and that he hoped his young son will come back to Israel and “be a sniper for the IDF,” a reference to the Israel Defense Forces. Adelson also said, “All we care about is being good Zionists and being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli-born, Israel is in my heart“.

Not a peep from America, not even from the Ultra-patriotic Americans.
Of course, now we understand better, why the Lizard (Newt) said “Palestinians were in invented people” and why he is so bent on destroying Palestinians AND Iran. It is also a chilling revelation of America’s tilt towards Israel and its growing hostility towards all matters Arab and Muslim.
Mind you, I don’t begrudge the support for Israel; Jews have worked hard and worked long to create a climate where America looks at Israel almost as a controlling extension of itself in fact, no other minority has ever worked with such single-minded dedication to support a foreign country than have American Jews. Most of this support from Jews is because of the Shoah. With millions slaughtered, Jews are naturally and extremely concerned that the next Shoah could be around the corner and they need to insure against it with a strong Israel…which pulls at their biblical heartstrings as well!
Such blind support for Israel might still be okay, if it weren’t tied so inextricably to focusing fear and hate against Arabs, Muslims and Islam. What the Blind Supporters of Israel chose to ignore is that hate begets hate and injustice begets injustice and even though Israel today, is stronger than all the mid-Eastern countries put together, Time has a way of switching Alpha-Dog with the Under-Dog. With the enemies Israel’s supporters are so assiduously cultivating, an underdog position is something that could very well become the existential situation that is heralded by Israel almost all the time.
It could be next year or, it could take another hundred years, but if Israel and its blind supporters don’t reach an accommodation based on justice and dignity, there will come a time when Israel will not be able to defend itself as well as it would like, against an enemy that did not need to be created or cultivated.
Back to the Lizard, Jews and Muslims….
The Lizard is a classic example of the way a politicians are willing to sell their bodies and their souls for political support in the form of money or, votes.
Maybe the MANY Jews of good will and other rational supporters of Israel, will find their voices and condemn the pro-Israel=anti-Muslim equation that is looming larger and larger as time passes.
One of these days, maybe Muslims will start getting their political act together and maybe then, we will see a letting up on the persecution of Muslims that is being fuelled so rapidly in America and in the “Judeo-Christian” West.
As for my opening “quote” (in case some nutter is starting to load his gun), I would rather not be fighting for anyone at all.
What is wrong with Peace, Justice and Brotherhood?

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