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Maybe I am just imagining that the US is targeting Muslims…

Or, why Muslims need to wake up…

A lot of people have told me to “tone it down”,  not sound so “anti-American” and asked me why I hate America so much that I keep criticizing it and if I do hate America so much, why don’t I “go back where I came from”? I have even been accused of supporting and inciting terrorism (but when I consider the source and intelligence of those criticisms, I suppose I shouldn’t mind too much).

Fair enough.

Maybe I AM imagining that the US is geared up to target Muslims and maybe things are not so bad after all.

The again, maybe the Tooth Fairy is leaving gold coins in exchange for teeth these days too.

Let us look objectively and see where the results take us, shall we?

For years, I have been talking about how the Police, the FBI, the Military and all other security agencies are being actively trained to treat us Muslims as the greatest threats to the US and to the West. When I first started saying this, I received a lot of criticism for my “exaggerations and untruths”. Variously, I have been told such training could NEVER take place in the FBI or, the Police or, the Military (“they are there to protect you!”).

But today, we know different, don’t we?

Today, we have proof and even Attorney-General Eric Holder, the top man at the FBI, had ordered a cleanup of the training programs that have so far actually targeted Muslims and Islam. Proof has also turned up against the military, but nobody is taking any action there because presumably, that would be “unpatriotic”…more “unpatriotic” than targeting, maligning and persecuting an entire American minority?

We have actual training videos of FBI, Police and the branches of the Military across the nation, being trained against Islam and Muslims, we have lists of false, self-styled, “Experts” on Islam and Muslims, who have been going around training the Military, CIA, the Police and the FBI. The top-level leaders know this, but since elections in the US, are always just around the corner and since Muslims are the out-of-favor class of sub-Americans, nobody takes any firm action against such training.

American careers are being created and built, on anti-Muslim persecution and on stoking fears  against Islam and Muslims.

Just in 2011, the President of the United States, ordered the murder of Anwar Al-Awlaki, a US citizen in living in Yemen…WITHOUT formal charges or a trial, simply on the fiat of the Emperor of Rome. After the Drone-killing Al-Awlaki, the CIA went a step further and killed his teenage son as well and nobody in the power-halls this country uttered a sound of protest. The man WAS a Muslim, after all!

Just recently, the latest Defense Appropriations Bill got passed by Congress. It contained a provision under section 1021, that authorizes the military to imprison (“detain”) anyone suspected of attacking the US or the “Coalition Partners” in Afghanistan or supporting Al-Qaeda, INDEFINITELY, WITHOUT TRIAL OR CHARGES “until the war against terrorism is over“. Obama at first opposed it because of this clause, but I guess it was more important to stand his ground on the employment tax continuation bill, than for the constitutional rights of an unimportant minority (“Muzlems”), so he agreed to sign the bill into law.

For those who may be sitting rather cluelessly on this one, the Defense Appropriations Bill provision 1021 is aimed directly and solely at MUSLIMS, no other group that I can think of, could be affected by it.

Now another first (Dec 20th): Tarek Mehanna was convicted by a jury, of supporting terrorism. This is another first because the ONLY charge the prosecution had against him was that he had translated Al-Qaeda documents and posted them on the web and THAT constituted support of terrorism!

Sometime earlier, Raymond Ibrahim, translated and published the entire Al-Qaeda manifesto;  he is lauded and an “expert on Islamic terror” because all he does is tell the world who a horrible faith Islam is and how Muslims will destroy the so-called Judeo-Christian world.

Tarek Mehanna is Muslim; Raymond Ibrahim is Christian…BOTH are Americans; figure it out.

This is a first because now constitutionally-protected Free Speech is being re-translated as insidious enough to re-define “terrorism” and is then being used to persecute Muslims.

Out Goes the constitutional right to Free Expression.

Out Goes the constitutional right to being charged. 

Out Goes the constitutional right to a civil trial.

Out Goes the constitutional right to a speedy trial.

Out Goes the constitutional right to a trial by a jury of peers.

Out Goes the constitutional right to seeing the evidence against the accused.

Out Goes the constitutional right to no cruel and unusual punishment.

Out goes the US Constitution…nice on paper, but no teeth, just like the great constitutions of the now-defunct Communist countries.

Why is this happening?

Because Muslims have no voice in politics, they have no political influence and they prefer to keep a low profile, rather than being involved….plus, we Muslims are easy to spot from among a crowd of people, it is also easy to pick out our Muslim names from a crowd of names. Bashing Muslims carries rewards, not penalties; the “normal” American has been rendered too terrified of “terrorism” to take a stand in support of our rights. They can be found saying things like, “if we can be kept safe, then some sacrifice is acceptable“. Note, they are not the ones volunteering for the “sacrifice”, WE are being volunteered. Rather like the virgins who were sacrificed to keep the gods happy; nobody asked the virgins if they were okay with the decision.

Muslims are lying low, keeping as quiet as possible and hoping that the Tsunami of persecution will pass over them, but it doesn’t, the waters only get muddier and higher.

2012 is coming up and this is our great chance to take a strong political stand. If we are successful, we no longer have to live under persecution and fear. If we fail, we have to keep trying until we succeed.

There is no other choice.

Why do I hate America? DO I hate America?

If all the civil rights fighters hated America, if all the anti-slavery fighters hated America, if all those who fought for freedom of speech and for due process of the law, hated America, if all those who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy, who fought against the tides of bigotry and oppression in America, then I am proud to be in their company.

Jeff Siddiqui

Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. Frederick Douglass

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