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Israel or Palestine? “My Home!”

This is a small part of the well-known story of two families, a Jewish one and a Muslim one, who are rooted in the same land…in the same house.
Watch the video!
I don’t believe there will ever be peace on “The Holy Land” as long as the game being played is a zero-sum game; “I cannot win unless you lose”.
Almost every Jews in Israel lives on land that has been stolen in some form or another and they justify it as the fulfillment of God’s promise to the Jews. God has been used as the ultimate justifier in every atrocity that we can think of, from the current Muslim-on-Muslim slaughters that are running rampant from Pakistan to the Middle East, to the deliverance of our “Freedom and Democracy” to Iraq and Afghanistan, to the slaughters in Bosnia, Hitler’s genocide, the Christian Crusades and landing in the Americas and the Pacific…everywhere, God has been used as the banner-bearer.
Still, we have a situation in Israel where the Jew cannot live there because the Palestinian was kicked out to make room and the Palestinian cannot return unless the Jew is kicked out to make room. The current slogan is not that Israel is a land where Jews can live, but Israel is a JEWISH land, thereby, excluding the Christian and the Muslim Palestinians, some of whom have drawn their ancestry back to the days of Canaan, Before Abraham and before Moses ever set foot there.
As long as Israel continues to expropriate Palestinian lands, to kick Palestinians from one scrub of shelter to another, there can be no peace. Similarly, as long as some Palestinian leaders continue to say they will have the land back and will kick the Jews out, there can be no peace.
Both “sides” are doomed to spend an eternity battling each other; neither will know peace or security, both will witness the deaths of their children and their parents in battles whose balance will inevitably swing to one or the other; Time, has no limits.
Now, the “doves” are seeking a “Two-State solution” to Israel/Palestine. I have asked some, how they envision the borders, the sovereignty, the resources and the coexistence and I get no satisfactory answers, “We can work that out!” they say with a belief that is belied by reality; they cannot “work it out”. Once again, there will be a zero-sum “solution” in which there will be the winning side and the losing side and once again, the wars will not end there because there are many things and many issues that cannot be divided and cannot remain for one side…like water, the essence of Life itself.
Having suffered through millennia of uncertainty and rootlessness, the Jewish psyche is desperate to hold on to something that connects them together and to a land they can call their own…exclusively their own. After the WWII Shoah this message was embedded into every Jews whether s-he lived in Israel or not, “Israel, Jews and Judaism are ONE; lose Israel and lose everything”; the Zero-Sum game required that Israel be an exclusive domain of Jews. This state of mind has become so much a part of the Jewish identity that to even consider the possibility that Israel MIGHT be shared is like suggesting the Final Solution for Jews.
Palestinians too, are programmed to believe that one day, they will re-take Israel, a state of mind that guarantees battles to eternity. Some Palestinians are satisfied with the Two-State solution, but what they envision a Two-State solution to be, is hardly what Israeli Jews have in mind for them.
The best, most promising and the lasting solution, is one that is favored by relatively tiny minorities of Jews and Christian and Muslim Palestinians…a One-State solution. The land can have multiple names, after all, different names for the same places has not deterred the Swiss or, the Italians from enjoying peace, prosperity and brotherhood. Politically, there can be a division of parliament with an Upper House that is reserved for 40% Jews, 40% Muslim and 20% Christian, while the Lower house can be based on population representation…similar to the US. Laws may not pass without a majority within each group and all laws apply equally to all.
The so-called, “Right of Return” can be limited to an annual quota of individuals from each groups such that demographic changes cannot be manipulated.
Palestinians who were dispossessed can be given compensation that reflects the same principles as the compensations for Jews who were forced to flee from Germany.
Gradually integrate the Police, the Military and the Security forces starting immediately.
For the next 60-80 years, create a joint leadership of the country or, possibly, a rotating one.
Start educating ALL children and all adults, that God only created perfect humanity with aberrations being the Devil’s work.
There is absolutely no reason why Israel/Palestine must become a “Jewish” state and every reason why it must become a state that proves the ultimate brotherhood of the Abrahamic faiths.
There is no other way out of it except for mutually-assured genocide.

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