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Pakistan’s JF-17 Presentation in Dubai Air Show

Guns or butter? that has been the single driving question throughout history.
Pakistan’s JF-17 is a nice fighter jet that speaks well for Pakistan’s military assembly and production plants. The aircraft is a Chinese design, made up of components from many countries (mostly Chinese, some Russian and Western) and assembled in Pakistan, I doubt if it is better that the US F-16 and F-18s in any respects except for being cheaper. By next year, it is estimated that Pakistan will be producing 58% of the components itself.
It is a national disgrace, that these aircraft were first used against the people of South Waziristan.
That said, it is a national tragedy for Pakistan to be so involved in building war machines that cost BILLIONS and become obsolete after just a few years, while the people in Pakistan suffer greater and greater deprivations.
The populations is burgeoning faster than most countries, there is no potable water to be had in ANY city of Pakistan, most city roads are worst than ruts in remote areas, healthcare, even when one has money, is terrible and hard to get. The only education that works worth a damn, is education from elite private schools and education from the few madressas that don’t create fanatics by focusing entirely on the Quran.
Business is in the pits as well. the only enterprises that appear to work, are those fed by corruption or, those that enjoy monopolies…owned by the military or, by the feudal oligarchy.
Religious fanatics are the only growth-industry in Pakistan. They are fed useless and distorted renditions of the Quran that exist only in the hate-filled minds of the teachers who themselves, are ignorant of what the Quran actuallysays.
Fanatics’ growth was first promoted by ZA Bhutto who needed them in order to solidify his own power and the inexorable slide over the precipice, began when the Qadianis were declared to be non-Muslim at the insistence of the fanatics.
Zia overthrew Bhutto, gave him a well-deserved but illegal, hanging and opened all doors to Muslim fanatics. The US entered the picture shortly in its first Afghan “War!” against Afghan communists and the Soviet Union, pouring billions worth of money, weapons and brainwashed fanatics in to “War!”.
Today, the religious fanatics have pretty much taken over the spreading anarchy in Pakistan. They began by declaring Qadianis to be non-Muslim “Kuffar”. Then they targeted the Hindus and the Christians of Pakistan and today, anyone who does not support their violent movement is counted among the “Kuffar” as well as anyone who is not a member of their intolerant creed.
The religious fanatic groups are not acting in cooperative unison as much as they are acting in concert; not necessarily planned, join actions, as much as actions that tend to coincide against their common enemy, the militaries and their civilian structures, of the Pakistani government and of the United States.
Pakistan cannot continue like this; growing population, growing corruption and violence on one hand, and disappearing business, civil rights and public services on the other. So many things are wrong in Pakistan, that one quickly needs more than just the “one hand” and the “other hand”. Pakistan’s political leadership is as purely self-serving, incompetent and corrupt, as can be imagined. Pakistan’s military, once an institution recognized to be among the the finest, incorruptible and efficient militaries in the world, is now a pale parody of itself; rife with corruption desiring to rule Pakistan and killing its own people; neither fish nor fowl.
Don’t be too surprised if some states (starting with Baluchistan) get the idea that they can lead themselves into ruin just as well as the rest of Pakistan can and decide to declare independence. The only thing Pakistan has given the Baluch people is military action and death…by Pakistani soldiers and by US drones and US SEALs. On the other hand, Baluchistan has Natural gas reserves and many other minerals that can help it actually develop better as an independent country, than as part of Pakistan.
A free Baluchistan will also provide the best trade routes from Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea.
Iran will not like an independent movement within Baluchistan because it also has a restive Baluch population.
The US will not like this independence movement because it does not want to put and end to its murderous actions in Baluchistan, so Pakistan will and does, have plenty of support in suppressing the Baluch people. HOWEVER…if some Baluch leaders get the “right” idea and manage to convince the US that they will not allow a single attack into Afghanistan, from Baluchistan AND they would like better relations with the US, then the US will do its well-known about-face and start supporting Baluchistan freedom movements. A Free Baluchistan that is friendly with the US, will provide a mother lode of raw materials (Uranium being one) and a trouble-free leg of the gas pipeline from Turkmenistan, to the Arabian Sea, for which the invasion of Afghanistan took place to begin with.
The leaders of Pakistan are too blinded by their unbridled looting of the nation, to pay attention to the fires that surround them, Pakistan IS heading towards a flat-out, civil war with the prospects of India and the US getting involved as well; India to secure Kashmir and the US to grab or destroy Pakistan’s “Nucular” assets if it can…a LOT of destructive money and weapons are going to be poured into Pakistan if things continue to deteriorate even in the mid-term.
To end with an up-swing tone, the only hope for Pakistan that I can see, is Imran Khan. He is gathering more and more support and is soon to be a most serious contender to leadership of Pakistan.
He will not be popular with the US because he is adamantly against US Drones and SEALs doing their killings in Pakistan, he is also against Pakistan’s military killing its own people on the orders of their US paymasters. Quite likely, one of the first things I expect Imran to do, is to stop these insanely murderous actions.
As an incredibly popular cricketer and a Pathan (Pukhtun), he is ideally-suited to making peace with the Baluch people and with all other ethnicities as well.
In my opinion, Imran Khan is the man to watch as the ONLY hope for Pakistan to survive and to thrive.
Look for him, he is expected to visit the Seattle area around December 9.

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  1. Imran Khan has been in politics for 15 years now and it was only last month that he finally pulled a crowd. Who has laid a hand on him? Who financed the ‘jalsa’ and provided the security? Why it was only yesterday that the person most likely to grab power in Pakistan, Ms. Bhutto was so easily killed a step away from the capital in a garrison city! The problem is that the system cannot be changed by the system whose key interest is maintenance of the status quo. Currently it seems that some ‘clean thoroughbreds’ have been introduced to give the semblance of an alternative to the desperate and teeming masses while the ‘winners’ will be s-elected as per usual practice after an understanding has been reached with the powers that be. Sad but horribly true and the real issues are likely to remain untouched.


    Comment by Khalid Mumtaz | November 19, 2011 | Reply

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