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If Muslims did what others do…

I published a story, “Detroit Muslims force women to sit in the back of buses” a few days ago, it was not correct, I had in fact, changed a few words that then affected the perspective of the story in a different manner. The actual headline was: “At Front of Brooklyn Bus, a Clash of Religious and Women’s Rights” from a New York Times story and it was about the use of a private, but publicly-funded busline for the Orthodox Jewish Community of Brooklyn.

My motivations for sending out the changed story were to find out how people (Muslims and non-Muslims) would react to Muslims doing such a thing and how differently this story would be viewed BECAUSE Muslims were thought to be doing such a thing in this land of “Freedom and Democracy”. My point was also to illustrate that the aberrations and the evils that are so magnified among Muslims, are really no different from those practiced by non-Muslims; that Muslims must be seen as being no different from any other faith, whether they are in the US or, “out there”.
People contacted me back directly (most did not reply) and through some of the group discussion lists that I also sent the “story” to.
A few people saw through what I had done and one even saw through what I was trying to do, but the rest varied in their responses.
  • Some Muslims were disgusted and even suggested that Muslims who force women into such positions, should consider returning to the Old Country.
  • Some Muslims tried to defend the rights of people to practice their own traditions as long as nobody else was being hurt…the fact that women werebeing hurt in this scenario got buried under “tradition”.
  • Many non-Muslims voiced similar reactions although there were a couple of “I KNEW it!” responses about us Muzlems trying to Islamize “The Land of the Free”
None of these reactions were particularly surprising.
The fact is that there are quite a few communities where gender-segregation is practiced, Orthodox Jews and Christian communities like the Amish come to mind immediately. There are entire communities where even speaking English, is seen as being the language of the undesirable “foreigners”, as well as communities where non-English languages (German, Spanish, French, Hebrew etc.,) are used, more so than English. All of them are non-Muslim communities that have existed in this country for well over a hundred years, they continue to live and be seen as all-American communities.
But let some Muslims walk around in “Muslim garb” (anything perceived as Middle-Eastern clothing) and prepare for a maelstrom of vindictive opinions, threats to the individuals and to Muslims in general, screams that America is about to be swamped by the Muzlem hordes…even the FBI gets involved in “investigating” this possible threat to the Fatherland (Oops!, “Homeland”).
One has to ask why such attitudes are so widely shared among REAL Americans.
The simple answer is the Muslims are terrible at public relations and because Muslims don’t generally engage on the public platform (politics and other civic and civil life), we have no influence. Muslims also believe that all we have to do is show people the truth of what Islam is and who we are, that everything will be okay because Truth always triumphs.
On the other side of the coin, there is a mighty array of forces against Muslims. For the most part, these forces include Jews and Christians of the right wing. This alliance ignores facts, cook their own “facts” and depend heavily on sincere, impressionable Americans, to swallow false but powerfully emotional appeals to why Muslims and Islam must be feared and hated.
Jewish groups promote anti-Muslim sentiments because they fear Muslims might destroy Israel and better to fight them now, than to try and take them on when they are really effective later. Christian groups promote anti-Muslim sentiments because they revere the Biblical reference to “The Chosen People” (Jews) and “The Promised Land” (Israel) and they too, see Muslims as potential threats to Israel and to Christianity as a whole.
The Alliance between Right-Wing Christians and Jews grows in spite of the fact that these Christians believe all Jews must “return” to Israel, where they must all convert to Christianity or, be destroyed, before Judgment Day comes. Jews take the attitude that since the Torah does not have such a prediction, Judgment Day is unlikely to happen soon and why not take advantage of the situation while it is there? No Jew seems to ask what will happen if some day, the Right Wing Christians get powerful and get tired of waiting for Jews to voluntarily “return” to Israel.
Muslims’ approach is short-term; go out there and inform people about Islam and Muslims and they will believe we are as American as they are, with the same diversity amongst us.
The “Judeo-Christian” Alliance on the other hand, takes both, the short-term and the long-term outlook.
In the short term, they bring in speakers (“experts”) on Islam and Muslims who tell their audiences about the fantasy destructive nature of Islam and Muslims and how we Muslims are bent on destroying the so-called, “Judeo-Christian Civilization” and replace it with the other fantasy, “The Caliphate”. “Islam must be stopped and eradicated from America before it destroys us“, they say. Nobody questions what precisely is envisioned in this “Stop and Eradicate” measure.
In the long term, the Alliance is working on the minds of the future. Anti-Islam lectures and lessons are being presented in schools, thus, sowing the seeds of hate in our future generations. Anti-Islam and anti-Muslim lectures and presentation are being hammered into the minds of new entrants in Police, FBI, CIA and all branches of the military thus, ensuring an enduring hate of Muslims in American minds (here is just one example).
These efforts are extremely well-organized and extremely well-funded. Funds come from willing individuals to the tune of tens of MILLIONS of dollars every year; the funds are given without question and with the full knowledge that the money will be used to fight Islam and Muslims. The Alliance has effectively vetted politicians so they too, support the anti-Muslim goals and again, tens of MILLIONS of dollars are directed to anti-Islam efforts, funded entirely by the American tax-payer.
The Alliance is so successful that if the words “Muslim” or Islam” are uttered, the picture that pops up (even in the minds of many Muslims), is a foaming, turbaned Muslim fanatic with a knife in one hand and a gun in the other…possibly wearing a suicide-bomb vest.
Where are the Jews and Christians of good will?
In the face of this Goebbels-like onslaught, their number are shrinking every year. They continue to believe that their America has enduring values that will not get corrupted by the evil ones; that the Alliance should be ignored because is made up of a small number of idiots who can never succeed and America, the most civilized among The Civilized, will never persecute Muslims.
Does this picture evoke any older memories?
Where are the Muslims?
Most of us come from the Old country where anyone who raised his head, lost it. Most of us are keeping a low profile, doing our jobs and continue to hope that this ill-wind will also blow away. The fear of involvement is covered up by saying we should pray more and we should not get involved in “politics”…meaning anything to do with activism or the pursuit of civil rights. Rich Muslims pour hundreds of thousands of dollars in their localities, into building Mosques or, funding classes to learn about Islam, for their children, but nothing to counter the efforts of The Alliance.
It should not take a genius to figure out who will win this one-sided “War!” or, how badly the losers stand to lose.
My efforts right or wrong, are devoted to fighting anti-Muslim bigotry and in my fantasy I might live to see the tide turn against The Alliance.

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  1. Salâm

    Though something inside me do wish to react against what you’ve wrote in this post, I have a feeling that it is more based on what you didn’t write that what you did write, ’cause I can’t disagree, at least in general, with what you wrote. My “problem” though is that I don’t know what that “you didn’t wrote” is, so I refuse to attempt to guess it.

    You are right in stating that there exist “an alliance” (though I wouldn’t use that word, more seeing it as a “general notion among Christian and rightist Jews), attempting to promote anti-Muslim views, though it varies how strong the “anti-Muslim” part is.

    One thing that I have to react to though, is when you write: ” No Jew seems to ask what will happen if some day, the Right Wing Christians get powerful and get tired of waiting for Jews to voluntarily “return” to Israel.”

    Many Jews, at least here in Israel, are looking to Christian “friends” with skepticism. It’s not that they (or we) view all Christians in a suspicious view, most are decent and good people, as is also the case with Jews and Muslims, but some groups and individuals do have an agenda, which one should be careful of. Many Jews, even rightist Jews, reacted against Beck coming to Israel, even though he has a pro-Israeli agenda.

    There are also many Jews here, my self included, who attempt to create awareness of the close bonds and similarities there actually are among Islam and Judaism, and try to remind Jews that though there are Islamic groups who view Jews as their enemies, this doesn’t mean that they are representative for the whole world’s Muslim societies. Just as Jews are of different understandings and opinions, so is it with Muslims.

    If, beside where I already did react, there is something I should have to disagree in, then it is in your use of the term “alliance.” Yes, there are alliances, but for must Christians and Jews (as well as Muslims on the “other side”), I believe that it has more to do with opportunism than “alliances.”

    Salâm w’kul kheir

    Shmuel Aryeh


    Comment by qolyehudi | October 24, 2011 | Reply

    • Wa alaikum assalam,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      What is so sacred about arguing the difference between “some” and “all”, but only as related to Jews? Did I not also lump Christians along with Jews?
      I don’t wish to get sucked into the whirlpool of the “SOME Jews vs. ALL Jews” argument. I did say RIGHT WING Jews and Christians and that, I had hoped, should suffice to say that I only mean those Jews and Christians who are on the right (wrong!) wing and not ALL Jews and Christians. It is quite likely that there may be some Jew or Christian who tells me s-he considers himself to be right wing, but is not prejudiced against Muslims. Okay, I’ll accept that, but s-he is likely an army of one among the other right wingers.

      I would have to be nuts to lump ALL Jews and Christians as being against Muslims or, not being wonderful people. I won’t use the cliche of “some of my best friends…”, but I will tell you that my family is aware that should I fail to return some day, it is likely I am the unwilling guest of our security forces (Police, FBI etc.,) and they should contact my most trusted friend and lawyer who is an Israel-supporting Jew.
      One of my standard refrains is, “I wish all Jews and Christians were like some Muslims I know and I wish all Muslims were like some Jews and Christians I know”.

      ’nuff said?

      No, I do not believe right-wing Jews and Christians collected together and signed an agreement of mutual aggression against Muslims. I used the word metaphorically to represent a common goal (of attacking Muslims and Islam). Their sub-groups, including many Churches and Synagues, bring in the same hate-mongers like Geert Wilders and Daniel Pipes, who spout the same bile and false representations of Islam and the Quran, to keep their naive audiences bug-eyed with fear. Right-wing Churches AND Synagogues routinely show video “documentaries” like “Obsession”, “Fitna” and “The Third Jihad”, to their congregations to instill greater fear and hate towards Muslims and Islam…all based on false or, distorted information about the Quran, Islam and Muslims.

      As for what I did not write, you seem to have the advantage over me in that you can read my sub-conscious mind. As far as I am aware, I do not pull punches and I do not write anything I don’t believe…nor do I fail to write what I do believe.
      Perhaps you can help me out and tell me what I did not write, that you disagree with and then we can have a discussion in which both parties are aware of what is being said.
      It is you, not I, who said I left out something and it is you who started an argument based on what I did not write…a most convoluted discussion, worthy of Alice in Wonderland. It reminds me of the torture-chamber interrogation where the victim continues to be tortured because he is accused of not telling all.


      Comment by penjihad | October 24, 2011 | Reply

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