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As the “Muslim World” disintegrates…

Pakistan. Newsflash that more people have been killed in Karachi, shot in sectarian attacks. Areas of Karachi are “no-go” for Pathans (Pashtuns) and other areas are “no-go” for Urdu-speaking (“Muhajirs”).
The ethnic battles are fired and fuelled by ethnic-political leaders who are in regional government and have employed thugs to create greater rifts between ethnic people in order to be more powerful within their own ethnic groups.
Hate and Fear are universal in creating leadership.
Pakistan’s ethnic splits occur between Pathans, Punjabis, Sindhis, Mohaijrs and Baloch…all fired and fuelled by “leaders” who have nothing but hate to offer their followers; no jobs, no safety, no law and order…just murder, mayhem and looting.
So common is the ethnic-based, fear-leadership, that nobody dares to challenge it and people are forced into the different camps, if only for the relative safety from the “other” who is even more estranged and hostile with each degenerated step. Journalists dare not point direct fingers at the “leaders” because then the journalists themselves are in danger and where will they go? to the other ethnic camps where they will be killed anyway?
I have lived most of my Pakistani life in the old Frontier Province and in Sindh and while I have seen lots of hate and ethnic fear floating around, I have never seen hateful (worthy of hate) people; I have never met a Pathan or a Punjabi or a Sindhi or a Baloch or a Mohajir, who was evil BECAUSE he was from his ethnic group. I have met people who I would not like to turn my back to, but that was because they were evil people, not because of their ethnicities.
I have gone…alone…into Tribal Areas where I could have been disappeared and nobody would have cared, but I was treated with kindness and hospitality. I have lived in the midst of ethnic warfare in Sindh where I met some of the finest examples of humanity on all sides of the conflict.
I have been exposed for my ethnicity in “hostile” regions and yet met with gracious people who helped me out of potentially-lethal situations.
I refuse to consider that the person I am seeing is evil, simply because s-he is of another group and it breaks my heart to see this exploitation of religious and ethnic difference, exploited by “leaders” who want a short-cut to glory and fortune by creating an enemy where there needs to be none.
This is as true in Pakistan and Muslim-majority countries, as it is in the US and the rest of the so-called, “Judeo-Christian Civilization”.
Elsewhere, in Balochistan, the Pakistan Army is busy killing Baloch tribes instead of making peace with them. Pakistan ironically took over attacking the Baloch, from the British, right after independence; the Royal Indian Air Force (RIAF) bombed the Baloch until august 15, 1947 and the Royal Pakistan Air Force (RPAF) took over seamlessly and shamelessly. Today, the US is “helping” Pakistan attack their own Balochis with US Drones and Special Forces men.
Cut-and-paste the above paragraph for the Frontier Province (Khyber Pukhtunkhwa) Tribal Areas and I dare say, even within “regular” Pakistan. US Seals, CIA and Special Forces are fanned-out so deeply inside Pakistan that Pakistan has no idea where, or how many are operating within Pakistan, killing Pakistanis as they please, with nary a word from the Pakistan leadership except for the occasional orchestrated “protest” and then back to the business of killing Pakistanis…
Not to say Pakistan’s military has its hands clean either, they are busy killing their perceived opposition with as much, if not more, vigor than the US is killing their perceived “militants”…all the while, the slaughter of innocents is what is really being racked up by both murderous co-conspirators.
Pakistan was fine, rather peaceful, until the US got involved in its “War!” with the Soviet Union in Afghanistan back in 1979 and then again, in 2003. Not to say the US is to blame, all the US did was to see an opening of pure Greed in Pakistan and exploit it to their short-term desires; the REAL BLAME lies at the doorstep of the Pakistanis who have shown that they will commit any atrocity, destroy even their own, just so they can have a few million dollars squirrelled away in a US or European bank.
The same goes for “leaders” in any Muslim-majority country we care to name. Arabia curries favors with the US because without the US, the House of Saud, would cease to exist within weeks. In turn, the US allows the House of Saud to suppress their minorities as they please and they do please…a lot. All the House of Saud has to do, is to keep a lot of oil flowing which will maintain a low world price.
Nothing is happening in Bahrain, nothing at all.
But a lot of morally-shocking stuff is happening in Libya where Ghaddafi is blowing up his own people. It is so outrageous that the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” is taking the unimaginable step of actually interfering in Libya with military effort. The US Secretary of State has said how criminal Ghaddafi is and how they are now determined that such a murderous tyranny must never be allowed to continue. Not to be left behind, the rest of the European “civilization” agrees and is also bombing Ghaddafi’s positions. The bastard!
Syria too, is beyond the pale. They are also killing their own people and suppressing their own people. Once again, the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” has determined that this is not to be and many of the puppet Muslim-majority “leaders” have pulled their ambassadors from Syria.
What outrage! Imagine killing civilians who only want a say on their own land!!! The bastards!
The tragic fact is that there is not a single Muslim-majority state where tyrants are not busy suppressing and killing “their own”…with and without US aid; Tyrants must continue to kill in order to remain in power.
In Bahrain, the Ruler, who is of a different sect than his ruled, has brought in willing murderers from Arabia and from other Muslim-majority nations, in order to slaughter the out-of-power majority into submission.
Here the ever-civilized world is deaf, blind and mute, because these are OUR bastards!
In Israel, the Jewish majority continues with its genocide of the Muslim and Christian Palestinians and once again, the great civilized are not only silent, they are actually supplying and supporting the Israeli “War!” effort in a sanctified genocide.
These too, are OUR bastards!
The short and tragic fact is that there is no “Muslim World”, there never has been. In every empire in the “Muslim World”, there have always been the willing Muslims, the house Negroes, as Malcolm X would have said, who are quite happy to do the massa’s bidding and are quite happy to kill their own, as long as they can continue to rule the unwashed.
As in Old Europe, where the Lords, the Barons and the titled were those who stabbed someone in the back for their own furtherance, today, we have “leaders” in Muslim-majority countries, who have successfully stabbed their opponents in the back.
How surprising then, that the “leaders” of the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”… our new countries, should be creating an image of Muslims as people to fear, who will destroy the West unless they are “stopped”?
Maybe it is not all that surprising. After all, why should the “leaders” in this part of the world be any different from the leaders of that part of the world? They all want the same power and glory and none of them care about the people who will ultimately pay the price of the “leadership”.
There is a lot of hand-wringing among overseas Muslims, but the tragic fact again, is that we brought our falsely-created, sectarian and ethnic differences to our new countries and we continue to nourish our old hostilities because “they” hate us.
The separation from the “other”, is now our only form of identity; who I am NOT, has superseded who I am.
So divided are we, thousands of miles from our old countries, that we cannot visit each others Mosques, we cannot share each other’s pains, we cannot share each other’s joys and we certainly cannot bring ourselves to collaborate and put out the smoldering fires that that promise to break into flames and engulf us all.

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