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Norway Massacre; a Symptom or the Disease?

We have all mourned the tragedy of the children slaughtered on Norway by Anders Breivig, a right-wing Christian terrorist. Muslims heaved a sigh of relief that this man was not a “Muzlem“, as everyone believed at first, but a REAL, “homegrown Terrorist”, i.e., a Christian. Some of us Muslims, have taken great pains to point out that Breivig is NOT a Muslim and conversation has been place on the front burner, that Christians…non-Muslims…are just as capable of butchery as Muslims.

In the next few days, there will be endless acknowledgments that yes, we must also be wary of Christian right-wing extremists as we are of Muslim extremists and that terrorism is not a monopoly after all. There will also be the inevitable, “yes, BUT…” and people will start to point at Muslims again and eventually, the conversation that remains, will once again, focus on Muslims and on Islam.

In the US, people will don their blinkers again and try to sniff out Muslims; left-wing politicians will remain as gutless as they ever have been and the right-wing politicians will once again start to bash at us Muslims in order to gain a few extra cheap points.

Muslims will be left wondering if anyone really wants to stop terrorism or, are they really just after us?

Just as Muslim killers and suicide-bombers are only a symptom, so are the Breivigs, McVeighs and Goldsteins, also symptoms of the real problem…who is motivating these people to commit their slaughters?

We know, that the people motivating the Muslim killers, are the leaders who want to spread terror amongst fellow Muslims and occupiers in hopes of gaining control of their local situations.

To stop these leaders and their followers we in the so-called, “Judeo-Christian” West have spent literally, Trillions of dollars, arrayed entire armies, mobilized all our Police and security forces (FBI in the US) and killed over a million people since 9-11, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and who knows, where else?

We have tortured thousands…TENS of thousands…of people to discover little or nothing and to top it all, we have torn our constitution in the US, to shreds.

The “War!” is still on…

We also know the people who are motivating the Christians , the Jews, especially in the US and the rest of the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”, to commit their slaughters. We cannot avoid their poison-filled messages and their constant brainwashing of our youth, our adults, even our military and security forces, because they are ubiquitous and almost a daily occurrence.

Yet, on this side of the same coin of terrorism, we remain not only indifferent, we are actually paying huge sums of money to ensure the fear-mongers continue with their poisoning of the American mind…these people are considered our “experts” on Islam and on “terrorism”!

“Experts”, people like Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Brigitte Gabriel, Walid Shoebat, Geert Wilders…the list is endless and nauseating… make vast sums of money travelling the length and breadth of this country with a single message; Islam exhorts Muslims to slaughter non-Muslims (“Unbelievers”) and it is only a matter of time, before Muslims will take over this country and then, the only choices offered to REAL Americans, will be to convert, or die…unless those murderous “Muzlems” are “stopped”. Nobody defines how we Muslims will be “stopped”, but it is no longer in the sole domain of yahoos, to interpret these not-so-subtle messages as calls to kill Muslims before Muslims “kill us and take our women”. Their messages have ratcheted up to now include non-Muslims who may be neutral or, who may believe that not everything about Islam is bad; people who are now called, “The Near Enemy”.

Our politicians have already taken positions against Muslims, they have condemned Mosques wherever Mosques have been proposed, they have pointed to Muslims and to Mosque congregations as not being “American” and they have called for Muslims to be “stopped” before Muslims take over this country.

The same message has been hammered into the sincere and impressionable minds of our Police and military…with our tax dollars. The Department of Homeland Security cannot seem to spend money fast enough, to teach Police and FBI, that Islam and Muslims are the single greatest threat that America has faced and that nobody who calls himself a Muslim, is to be trusted.

It appears that each passing day, sees and America that is more bug-eyed with fear of Muslims, than it was, the day earlier.

Norway did not have such a concentrated barrage of anti-Muslim messages hammering at their people, yet, there was Breitvig…also claiming other organizations think just like he does except they will be targeting “Muslems“.

It may happen sooner than we think, that some person or, people in this heavily-armed society, will decide to take matters into their own hands and kill a large number of Muslims…and succeed at it. I am sure few people will recall the podiatrist and his wife in Florida who, in the words of the FBI, had enough explosives to flatten an entire city block…plus a list of Muslim targets that he was intending to use the explosives against. Few might also recall the people in California, who also had a large cache of explosives…plus a list of Muslims and Muslim-buildings, they intended to blow up.

Muslims have asked our Police, our FBI, our politicians and anyone else associated with the anti-Muslim fear-propagation, to help put a stop to the hate-mongering, but to no avail. We pray that violence against Muslims will not take place, but when it does, it should not surprise anyone; we will know it happened because violence has been actively promoted and nobody cared enough to help put a stop to the disease of hate against Muslims.

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  1. Dear Sir and Ladies,

    the last centuries showed a lasting peace between christians and muslims. This seems over for now, still everywhere christans and muslims live together at most places on earth, but atmosphere is somewhat poisoned as each group has distrust in the other.

    Of course every reasonable person knows that majority of muslims are no suicide bombers and dont build bombs in their freetime and dont plan to harm christians(or anybody else).

    Same for the christians, again the majority has no bad feelings against muslims(or anybody else), would not even think in their wildest dreams to drop bombs on their villages or chase some shepperds with helicopters.

    So why is there so much hate if everybody acts reasonable?

    Because the hate of the masses makes them much easier to control. As individual person you are part of a larger group, if your group is attacked you show solidarity with your group. As this confict appears religious motivated so the churches rally for support of their believers.

    Each can now choose his antagonist.

    Each one can now suspect in a christian or muslim community in the neighbourhood.that there might be radical fanatics who are intolerable against your person or your group.

    You can be never sure!

    The “conflict” was staged from the beginning, until enough force caused a reaction in the muslim world, now things develop their own way, only mass media is needed to keep everybody informed to keep the ball rolling.

    The Mohammed caricatures who were shown in the muslim world contained some pictures who were no part of the newspaper(they are not connected in any way). one of them showed a french man in French wearing a mask of a pig on a fancy-dress party in his village.This was never part of the newspaper. A obvious attempt to manipulate and motivate the muslim masses, in this context the picture should hurt the feelings of muslim believers who should think the danish newpaper ridicule Mohammed.

    Some person out here are the opinion thats we can be ruled(oppressed) more efficently if we can not focus on them. Best guaranty that they dont lose their power and can forge the future after their plans.

    “Let them give something to keep them busy for the next 20 years,afterwards we come with something new.”.


    Comment by Geomant | July 29, 2011 | Reply

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