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Norway Slaughter; Give Muslims a Break!

I opened today’s (July 23, 2011) Seattle Times and their second headline regarding the Oslo bombing is, “Official says no link to terrorists; death toll attack could rise“.

The anti-Muslim hysteria in the West has degenerated so far that a man who kills over NINETY people has “no link to terrorists“, but a Muslim who tries to board a flight is already deemed a “terrorist”. Even if the headline came on a feed, The Seattle Times could use its own judgment (Horrors!) and re-write the same headline as, “Official says no link to organized terrorists; death toll attack could rise“.

It appears that when it comes to Muslims, the Seattle Times could spare the extra thought to help not skew opinions against us. As a newspaper, I would have hoped that their consciousness would be made well aware of the current anti-Muslim hysteria and the paper would be going out of their way to avoid promoting it.

Then again, perhaps we are expecting too much.

Moving to Norway, an anonymous Norwegian Police officer said of the slaughter, “It seems it’s not Islamic-terror related. This seems like a madman’s work“.

Of course! what the Hell were we Muslims expecting!

Anytime a REAL, Judeo-Christian does his slaughter, it is merely a “madman” and therefore excusable. But should one of those damned “Muzlems” even be close to something violent, he is automatically presumed to be a “Trrrrst!” and connections are made between him and the-organization-that-must-not-be-named (AL-Q).

Naveed Haq who killed people in the Jewish Federation in Seattle is called a Muslim even though he had converted to Christianity almost two years earlier. Sure, he is stated to have said, “I am a Muslim-American and I am mad at Israel”, but the FACT is that he had been baptized as a Christian  just a year or so before this and the other FACT is that he was a bi-polar schizophrenic for ten years prior to his killing spree, but who cares, when we are holding Muslims and Islam on trial?

On the other hand, the Airline Shoe Bomber is also referred to as a Muslim even though he was a Christian all his life until he converted to Islam.

Anders Behring Breivik,the Norwegian mass-killer (“madman” not a “terrorist”!) was a stereotypical Aryan son of the soil, one could easily call him a “homegrown terrorist”, but sadly that term too is taken and reserved for “Muzlems“.

So focused are the law enforcement agencies of the Judeo-Christian West, that when Breivik purchased six tons of fertilizer and had it delivered to his farm, it was not considered noteworthy; Breivik used three tons of it for his explosives.

Breivik was considered a patriotic Christian, just like the many anti-Muslim “experts” are in the US and the “Judeo-Christian Civilization”.

I have often said that the law-enforcement agencies are far too focused on Islam and Muslims and while they are staring unblinkingly at us,

FBI...Muzlems, gotta look for Muzlems...

the REAL terrorists will be free to do their dirty work. It give a small satisfaction that I and others like me, have been proven right on more times than just this one. Unfortunately, the message has yet to seep into the mindset of Law enforcement agencies like Police and FBI…here or in Europe.

As long as anti-Muslim fear-mongers continue to brainwash the public and the law-enforcement agencies…using OUR dollars…Muslims will continue to lose and terrorism will continue to win. Frightening as it is to even consider this, the false “experts” on Islam and Muslims are paving the bloody path towards pre-War Germany with their encouragements to “Stop the Muslim Menace”.

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  1. Excellent point. Well said. I hope some of these self appointed guardians of Western civilization will pay heed to their own professed values.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | July 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. I too had laughed when I read “Official says no link to terrorists”. Excuse me!!, he had a very strong link to terrorists. He was one. Surely we have reached a height of stupidity when terrorism is to be defined as anything but terrorism. Thanks Jeff


    Comment by Tess Abidi | July 23, 2011 | Reply

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