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US War Criminals, where are they now?

There are many Americans…REAL Americans who are war-criminals but have escaped prosecution because America does not prosecutes its own. Just like the promiscuous woman who is always seen talking about chastity, the US is always seen to be talking about “Freedom”, “Democracy” and “Human Rights”, but is also always seen as the power behind the worst tyrants and despots in the world.

Every war the US has ever been involved in, produced a new cadre of American war-criminals, but none have ever been seriously prosecuted by the US. I say “seriously”, because the worst war crimes trial the US was involved in was the My Lai Massacre trial of Lt. Caley…the ONLY person out of 26, to be convicted…and then served 3.5 years…under house arrest!

The crimes against humanity by the US began with first Iraq war and continued through the sanctions regimen which took over a MILLION lives because the Iraqis could not even get the simple but crucial medicines to save their children and their adults.

Today, we have an entirely new cesspool of scoundrels who should be tried and hanged publicly, for the crimes against humanity, for war crimes and for destroying the most cherished values of what the US stood for Below is just a short list of those criminals who valued the stock prices of their feeder corporations, more than the lives of the dirty “Muzlems” or even more than the lives of the soldiers who were sent “out there” to “defend America”:

  • King George the Worst, who lied about “weapons of Mass Destruction” in order to attack Iraq and who attacked Afghanistan simply because he could…it had NOTHING to do with OBL because the Taliban were agreeing to turn him over to a neutral country for extradition
  • Dick Cheney, who aggressively pushed for the war, with full knowledge that it was bogus.
  • Colin Powell who sat at the UN testifying with “proof” that Iraq has WMDs. later, AFTER he retired, he said he did not know that his information was false until much later…so why did he not disclose that crucial fact when he was supposed to have made the “discovery”?
  • Donald Rumsfeld whose active pushing propelled the torture tactics that are even today, being conducted by American agencies abroad.
  • John Yoo who, as White House Counsel wrote the Torture Memo that said that it is not torture unless the pain experienced by the person is similar to the pain experienced in massive organ failure and even then, it is not torture if the person applying it did not intend to torture!
  • John Ashcroft, who made his career by persecuting Muslims in America and by pushing the FBI to target more and more Muslims. This man created the USAPATRIOT act that has torn the US constitution to shreds.

There are many “lesser” war-criminals who were at the spear-point of the execution of the war-crimes, but they have all been honored with medals or promotions (or both) and even when their participation in war-crimes is well-established, nobody dares to raise a voice of concern for fear of being labeled “soft on crime” or, “unpatriotic” or, “not supporting the troops”. This last label is immediately applied to anyone who dares question any of our many “WAR!”s (Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Libya).

Remember the International War Crimes Tribunal (International Criminal Court) formed back in 1945? It came into force in 2002 and at the time the US refused to sign on to it but spent the next few years pushing, prodding and blackmailing countries to sign treaties with it, promising never to charge any American in the ICC.

Thus is the voice of Justice and Right, stifled.

The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) filed charges against those listed below, in Germany in 2006, but the German courts refused to do anything about it. CCR then filed an appeal which was also rejected. Finally, in 2009, CCR filed a Motion for Reconsideration with the Appeals Court…and they are still waiting.

  • Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
  • Former CIA Director George Tenet
  • Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence Dr. Stephen Cambone
  • Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez
  • Major General Walter Wojdakowski
  • Major General Geoffrey Miller
  • Colonel Thomas Pappas
  • Major General Barbara Fast
  • Colonel Marc Warren
  • Former Chief White House Counsel Alberto R. Gonzales
  • Former Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee
  • Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo
  • General Counsel of the Department of Defense William James Haynes, II
  • Vice President Chief Counsel David S. Addington

All of the people, including those listed before the above list, who should be behind bars for war-crimes, are enjoying lucrative careers with honor because nobody dares speak against them; after all, the targets were “Muzlems“, not REAL Americans!

Osama Bin Laden’s driver is thrown in Gitmo and tortured, while war-criminals like Judge Bybee and the 2002 head of Gitmo “Interrogations” (read, “torture), Michael Dunlavey, are promoted or given honored positions; Afghanistan and Pakistan are regarded as “havens for terrorists”, while the US gives a luxury life to Americans involved in terror, perhaps because ours are “heroes” while “they” are REAL “trrrsts” and a threat to the “Judeo-Christian civilization”!

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  1. Somehow humanity is still struggling to come out of narrow pigeon slots where it’s always us against them, ‘muzlems’ against christians,blacks against whites and so on. The ‘muzlems’ are in the category of what Geronimo was told when he asked the American general, ” Why are you doing this to us” and the general said, “You are paying the price for being backward”. When will mankind become civilized?


    Comment by Khalid | June 6, 2011 | Reply

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