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Gen. Boykin’s fantasy march against Islam

Today, in America the privileged are those with closed minds, who drive Americans to the verge of hysteria with fearful images of Muslims gone wild, determined to slaughter every “Unbeliever” they can find…WE can find; I am a Muslim AND an American, so I switch from one identity to another, which can sometimes, confuse the reader. Rest assured, I am both and there is no contradiction in that.

The Hate-Islam industry is vast and growing, some leaders of this industry are sincere if misguided Christians who believe any perception of challenge to their faith, must be met with an assault on that challenge. Other leaders in this industry are sincere if misguided Jews who believe any defense of Israel, by definition, includes destroying Muslims and Arabs wherever they can be found.

Then there are leaders of the Hate-Islam industry who can feel the pulse of fear and ignorance in the general population and they know that if they can stoke those fears, then the leaders will become greater leaders, richer and more popular. These opportunistic leaders include politicians and “experts” on Islam and “terrorism”, they are fully aware that their fostering of hate and fear of Islam and Muslims is based on false presumptions, but they do not care, as long as their goals are furthered.

Back on February 11, 2011, General William G. Boykin wrote an article on The Texas Insider, entitled, “Shariah Law or Constitution? America Must Choose“. This is the same general who toured churches and heaped scorn in Islam and Muslims, saying things like, “My God is Jesus while theirs (Muslims) is Satan”. His efforts were so appreciated by the regime of King George the Worst, that Boykin was promoted from General to Under-Secretary of Defense.

I am not certain where General William G. Boykin falls in these categories, but he is certainly quite busy, promoting hate and fear of Islam and Muslims. I used to believe that he must be a sincere Christian and therefore, he regards Islam as a threat which is why he is so hostile towards us Muslims. However, his deliberate misinformation about Islam, stuff that can easily be verified if anyone should wish to check it out is forcing me to assume he knows that he is spreading disinformation and he is doing it for self-promotion purposes instead of being a devout Christian or, a dedicated patriot; he is obviously neither, but a pure opportunist. The only other alternative is that he could be an idiot, but he is far too clever to be an idiot.

I noticed that he had provided a bibliography list, so I jumped to it…only to see other leaders of the hate-Islam misinformation industry being used to substantiate Boykin’s delusions about Islam. He notes one reference form the Quran and one form a book for Muslims to use as reference source, but more of those two later. It appears that rather than doing his own research, Boykin has willingly embraced the misinformation provided by other hate-mongers, this methodology suggests a lazy writer who cares more about promoting his own perspective, than relating facts.

Even though I knew what Boykin would be saying about Islam, I forced myself to read it because I always want to have certainty for my assumptions…and perhaps I always keep hoping for enlightenment to bless the bigot. Upon reading his article, I became more certain that he is deliberately spreading disinformation about Islam and that he is still too deep in the Dark Kingdom of Hate, to be enlightened.

In spite of its length, Boykin’s article speaks hardly at all, about Islam,  but it does speaks volumes about the bias, bigotry and poison he harbors against Islam and Muslims. By his false information about Islam, he also proves just how desperately he wishes America to follow in his footsteps of hate. The trouble is that the “information” Boykin shares with his readers is easily proven false, but it is a rare reader who fact-checks an article.

Let’s look at the article…

  • “Muslims who follow the teachings of the Koran, the Islamic holy book, have, therefore, enjoyed complete First Amendment protection like other faith, ever since the first Muslims arrived in America in the 19th century.”

There are legends that one of the navigators of Christopher Columbus was a Muslim. While we may argue this detail, the fact that is beyond dispute is that millions of slaves brought to America, were Muslim before they were beaten into Christianity. The First Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791 and no Muslims benefitted from it for at least another hundred years.

  • ” Islam is not just another religion. In its fullest form, Islam is a complete and totalitarian way of life.”

I take exception to the word “totalitarian”. As far as being a complete way of life, it is true, Islam offers guidance that can help a Muslim through most issues that might arise in life. This is no different then Judaism which has the original 613 Commandments that list what a Jew MUST do and what s-he is forbidden to do. Judaism is supposed to have brought Law to humanity, in other words, Judaism defines how a person must lead his/her life…could one also say “Judaism is a complete way of life”?

As for the “totalitarian”, one has to try and read Boykin’s mind to understand what he means by that term. Islam, like Judaism, does dictate many things that a follower must or must not do. But Islam keeps telling the Muslim to inquire, to engage his brain, to discuss and if ever there is a choice between punishment or forgiveness, to forgive. How any of this could be construed and a condemnation of Islam, I am at a loss to see. Here are some quotes from the Quran and Hadith in support:

  • Show forgiveness, speak for justice and avoid the ignorant 7:199
  • You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them. You shall not walk proudly on earth – you cannot bore through the earth, nor can you be as tall as the mountains. (17:36-37)
  • If there is any way (to avoid punishing someone for a legal offence), let that person go. For it is better for a leader to make a mistake in forgiving than to make a mistake in punishing. (Tirmidhi, 1011

Eager to drive his point home, the general flies into fantasy land by saying:

  • “Islam under Koranic doctrine also includes economic, financial, social, military, and governmental components, which do not coexist easily with non-Muslim beliefs and practices.”
  • “In countries where Islamic enclaves or ghettos have emerged, such as France and Britain, local mullahs enforce Sharia law regardless of its conflict with national or state laws.”

He offers no examples of the inability for Islam to “coexist easily with non-Muslim beliefs and practices”, so we can only let our own fantasies loose and create situations that do not exist in real life. Islam requires that financing must not have any interest attached to it but financing may be linked to a share of the profits the borrower might make…as well as a share of the losses the borrower might suffer. In effect, the lender becomes a partner for the duration of the loan. Muslims are required to neither pay interest, nor accept it, but one is at a loss to understand how this becomes a problem for those who may choose to follow the traditional, non-Muslim financing that carry’s interest as an essential component.

In many European countries (AND in the US) local Muslims follow Islamic laws to settle family matters like marriage, divorce and inheritance and this is permitted in the laws of the host countries and subject to being over-ridden by local laws, it is not a matter of “enforcement” of Islamic laws. For centuries, Jews and Christians have also followed their own faith-based laws in family matters, without conflicts with the laws of the host-countries. Jews have the institution of Beth Din and Catholics have their Church, to adjudicate family matters.

  • “Sharia law is the foundation of Islamic theocracy and totalitarianism. The establishment of global Sharia law is the goal of the adherents to authoritative Islam. The Koran is unequivocal in its directive to Muslims to establish a global Islamic state, or Caliphate, over which the Islamic messiah, or Mahdi, will rule with Sharia as the only law of the land.”

Upon reading the above pronouncement, one could not fault a reader for taking law into his own hands and wiping Muslims off the American map as Queen Isabella did to Muslims and Jews of Spain. But let us pause for some thought.

Shariah is the code that determines the laws that Muslims must live by in Muslim-majority countries, while in non-Muslim countries, Muslims are directed to follow the local laws as long as they do not run into conflict with Islam (charging interest, eating pork etc.,). There is no discussion of “caliphate” in the Quran but Muslims are directed to spread Islam as far as they can…a practice of proselytizing that is also prevalent in Christianity. Islam however directs that there be no forced conversions.

  • If it had been the will of your Lord that all the people of the world should be believers, all the people of the earth would have believed! Would you then compel mankind against their will to believe?         (10:99

I full swing, Boykin throws caution to the winds and fantasies to the skies by saying:

  • “Sharia law is utterly inconsistent with American values, as it enslaves those under it and encourages or commands acts of violence and barbaric behavior. Sharia demands the death of those who renounce Islam.5 Honor killings, marital rape, female genital mutilation, and severing of hands and feet are but a few of the other components of Sharia.”

Here Boykin cites Quran 4:89 as a directive to kill those who renounce Islam. Chapter 4, verse 89 reads as follows:

“They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve. that ye may be upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them and choose no friend nor helper from among them.”

This verse is clear that Muslims are directed to not trust those who would draw Muslims away from Islam and that if  any of the “disbelievers” should turn to enmity, then those people should be killed…not quite as the general would have us believe.

There are no directives for “honor” murders in Islam. There are no directions or requirements for female genital mutilations (FGM) in Islam in fact, this gruesome practice predates Islam by over a thousand years. According to United Nations Population Fund, FGM exists almost entirely in Africa and is practiced by Muslims, Christians and pagans of those African countries. Rape, marital or not, is banned in Islam. Cutting off of hands of criminals can only be performed on those who are repeat criminals and who do not commit their crimes for need (stealing food). This practice is only followed in very few Muslim-majority countries.

Boykin cites page 541 of “Reliance of the Traveller“:

  • ” The details of Islamic law are readily available in English translation. The one most commonly used is entitled Reliance of the Traveler. Authenticated by Islamic scholars for English speakers, this reference outlines the incredibly abhorrent behavior demanded of the adherents of Islam”

Trust Boykin to cite some book that is seldom used and has little or nothing to do with “Islamic Law”. The book contains opinions of people who are extremely intolerant and whose intolerant views are not reflected in the Quran.

  • “Numerous adherents of Islam in this country have espoused an anti-constitution position and a seditious agenda, explicitly and on the record”
    “Our First Amendment was never meant to protect sedition or insurgency”

Sedition is illegal and so is insurgency. One would think that any of the “Numerous adherents of Islam” who “espoused a seditious agenda” or “insurgency”, would be tried and sentenced to long prison terms yet, it would appear that the general knows some Muslims who preached sedition, but he is unable or unwilling to identify them. Perhaps they exist only if one lives on the same remote planet as the general.

He cites Abdurahman Alamoudi as saying “America will become an Islamic country,”. One fails to see how this is a frightening statement since we regularly hear Christian ministers and priests tell their congregations to seek to convert everyone they can find, to Christianity.

Boykin relates how Maj. Nidal shouted “Allah Akbar” as he went on his rampage, suggesting that this is typical of Muslims. This “proof” is as ridiculous as someone believing all American soldiers kill people for sport because of the four US soldiers who were indicted for killing Afghans for sport and collecting their body parts as souvenirs.

  • ” Shouldn’t Islamic leaders and imams be put on notice that when they advocate the imposition of Sharia in America, they will be investigated and prosecuted as appropriate? Shouldn’t the mosques from which they preach this anti-constitutional rhetoric be similarly investigated and, if violations of law are found, be closed?

Note the insertion of the word, “imposition” with “Sharia“. Imposition means to enforce, whether people want it or not. I am not aware of any American Muslims who advocate the imposition of Shariah code over America. There are many Muslims who would like to use Shariah codes in family matters and this is completely legal in the US. Gen. Boykin is not satisfied with this, he would like to punish Muslims who suggest they would like to see Sharia all over America. This is a free speech issue, no different than for Christians who would like to see Jesus being worshipped all over America. Every follower of a faith is proud of his faith and fully believes that his faith is the best there is. It follows that every follower of a faith would like to see everybody sharing in the blessing of the pure path that he has taken, what is wrong with such hope, whether the faith be Christianity or Islam?

No, the general would like to see all Muslims who wish to practice their faith anywhere they like, to walk the plank.

Having selected the term “Imposition of Sharia”, he then proceeds to suggest punishments for the people who would force such practices in the unwilling and links the “imposition” with Islam and Muslims. this position of Boykin’s is as asinine as someone first suggesting that all Christians would like to crucify people and then asking rhetorically if there should not be severe punishments for people who crucify others. Other than betraying a desire to fire people emotionally, his statements make absolutely no sense at all.

  • “Americans can no longer operate from a position of ignorance about Islam. It is the responsibility of every citizen to become informed on Islam in order to understand Sharia. Relying on political leaders, opinion elites, and the media to inform us is unfortunately not an option

Here I can unreservedly agree with Boykin! Americans can NOT afford to take the word of hate-mongers like himself, for whom Truth is merely an impediment to their goals. Since Islam and Muslims ARE increasing being portrayed as evil, murderous and violent, non-Muslim Americans MUST take it upon themselves to ask Muslims all the difficult questions that might be swirling in their heads or, to do their own research and figure out who the real liars are.

For those who would like to read interesting discourses on Islam, but not from us Muslims, I would suggest Karen Armstrong’s two books, “”Islam” and “Mohammed“. This ex-nun did much research and wrote the books with compassion and understanding but examining the attractive and the unattractive parts of the subjects.

Another book is Rabbi Reuven Firestone’s “An Introduction to Islam for Jews“. Rabbi Firestone is a scholar in Judaism, Islam, Hebrew and Arabic. He draws from both faiths in his examination of Islam and does it excellently. Anyone who reads this book will emerge with great insights into Islam AND Judaism.

As for General Boykin, he is doing a deep disservice to America by spreading his prejudices among people who don’t know better; if he ever considered himself to be a patriot, he certainly is not that now.

He is also doing the opposite of what Christ taught, for Christ taught love for one another and promotes the telling of truth (as does Islam).

I am reminded of a quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, “The whole world would be Christian if only Christians were more Christ-like!”

Boykin, take note.

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  1. Thanks Jeff. Your research and analysis is commendable. I only wish that you could find it in your tormented soul to tone down the frustration, bordering at times on bitterness, that we all feel when people like General Boykin murder truth. I ruge you to rise above them.


    Comment by Qaseem Khan | May 19, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you for your observation and suggestion. You are right, it is a weakness that I must work on.


      Comment by penjihad | May 19, 2011 | Reply

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