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Our NOT-“War!” in Libya

I have mixed feelings about the attacks on Libya…

On one hand, I very much support getting rid of Qaddhafi, but on the other hand, I am apprehensive about the intentions and declared goals of the Western “coalition” that has launched attacks against Libya.

Are they really that sincere about their stated slogans of “Human Rights” and “They are killing their own people“?

Is this really the reason why the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” is setting out to free Libya?

If so, I would like them to also take on Bahrain and stop Arabia from attacking Bahraini people, even though it is at the behest of the “ruler”…somehow, I am reminded of the time when Austria invited Der Fuhrer to help settle down the chaos in Austria…

I wonder when they will start their attack on Pakistanoh nooo! Pakistan is killing its own people at the orders of the US! Besides, Pakistan is eliminating “trrrrsts” and “trrrrsts” are never real people, they don’t feel pain and sorrow like we do.

Israel? Nah! Israel is not technically killing its own people, it is simply killing people under its occupation…and in cooperation with the US. Palestinians ARE “trrrrsts” after all, just like all A-rabs! As Kirby Wilbur, Chairman of the WA State Republican Party once said to me, “I think there is something in the DNA of the Arabs that makes them violent“.

Iran?…YESSSS! let us take on them I-ranians! Those Mullahs and Ahmedwhatshisname should be blasted out of existence because they are a threat to Israel…I mean, the whole world! WMDs, nukes and all that, you know.

Chechnya?….nnnooo! you see, Russia is a rather strong nation and they are after all, simply “defending themselves” against those “Muzlem trrrrsts” in Chechnya.

Yemen? Weeeelll…we are already active in Yemen against the “trrrrsts“. We also have to consider that if the tyrant…I mean, head of Yemen falls, then Al-Qaeda might take over so, disgusting as it may be, we need to maintain a low profile….

Arabia?   This is complicated. After all, the people who would like to rise against the House of Saud are those Shias in the East and that places them so close to I-ran, that we simply cannot risk I-ran taking over Arabia. Besides, if the House of Saud is removed, the extremists will take over…what? extremists are already in power? Well, that all depends on how we define “extremists”!

Ivory Coast?  We did not know they had oil…they don’t, do they? This little country should probably be left to settle its own problems, we do not wish to become the world’s Policeman.

India? Well Kashmir is not really a big problem, India is a democracy and the Kashmiri people are after all, “Muzlem trrrrsts“. We simply do not have the resources to engage all countries in the world.

Sri Lanka? Well that genocide is nearly completed and the UN has noted its displeasure, what more would you like the US…er, the World Civilized Family to do?

China? Let’s not get too carried away here! China is a good friend and the problems in Tibet and Qinjiang are not…ah, quite as bad as in Libya…at least we don’t know for sure. Anyway, we are sure the Muzlem Uighurs in Qinjiang are “trrrrsts” and we hear no protests from the Tibetans.

Now that we have resolved the issues of the world, let us re-focus on Libya and that most Hitlerian man, Qaddhafi and let’s go neutralize him,  but remember, we are NOT targeting him in any way!

Let FREEDOM and Democracy ring!

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