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Southwest Airlines and Institutional Bigotry

Bigotry against Muslims and Islam has become so institutionalized that barely any notice is given when the fig-leaf of “Security” is used to hide behind and bash Muslims.

Last week a young female Muslim student was removed by Police from a Southwest flight on orders from the Captain of the craft. The Captain was reacting to his flight stewardess who said she was “uncomfortable” with the Muslim woman because she was wearing a hijab and the stewardess had heard her say, “It’s a go” in her cell phone just before boarding.

O muh Gawd! a Muzlem using forbidden words!!! Call out the National Guard before we all perish!!!…Oops, can’t do that, the National Guard is out in I-rak or A-fgan protecting us from Muzlems…call the Police!

Today (March 16) Southwest Airlines apologized for their ill-considered action and gave the young woman a free ticket…Oh joy!

There was no mention of disciplining the crew involved in the humiliation of the Muslim woman and no mention of re-training them either.

 am not sure how far up the chain of bigotry my feedback will go, but I sent the e-mail below, to the complaint section of SW. More such letters may help get their attention.

I wish we could call a boycott of Southwest and other airlines that practice bigotry with such impunity and I wish we could call our Senators and Congress Representatives and tell them to raise questions with the Department of Transportation, but our Congressional delegation is far too scared of appearing as if they are “Muzlem-lovers“, to take any action; elections are always just around the corner and after all, this is a “Security” matter and we can never be too careful (especially with Muzlems!). 
To contact SW and complain:
Flight or event date: 03/13/2011
Airport: San Diego, CA – SAN
Origin City: San Diego, CA – SAN
Shame on you for removing a passenger just because some bigoted flight crew member said she was “uncomfortable” seeing a “suspicious” Muslim who (she thought) said, “It’s a go”.
Even if she HAD said those words, it is unforgivable for SW Airlines to treat the passenger as a suspect…this just shows how bigoted the airline attitude is towards Muslims.
The fact that you gave the student passenger a free ticket is no virtue, you should be telling us what kind of re-training you are giving your crew…the one who complained and the one who took action on the complaint without investigation.
SHAME on you!

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  1. I strongly urge every Muslim woman who wears a hijab to request SW to provide them with a clear set of instruction on what to do or not to do while flying Muslim. Clearly speaking on the phone freaks some Americans and can get one kicked off the plane. Maybe SW can have a separate warning for Muslim women right on their website. That should help keep America safe.


    Comment by Tess Abidi | March 17, 2011 | Reply

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