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Iranian Jews to be investigated

Breaking news from Iran:
Iranian government is planning to investigate Iranian Jews for their loyalty to the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Iranian Jews are not really Persian, they are foreigners who settled here many years ago” said Parliamentarian Farhad Bewaquf. “The Shah catered to them because of America and Israel and he placed them in high positions. But now that we have an Islamic government, we know that the loyalty of Jews in this country is doubtful, I cannot believe that they would consider themselves as Iranians__ they are all Zionists!“.
Hostile Iranian leaders are calling for the expulsion of all Jews and the imprisonment of those suspected of spying for Israel. The Ahmedinejad government is trying to pacify the leaders by suggesting less extreme measures such as limiting Jewish access to government jobs and contracts and keeping Jews from areas and cities deemed to be “sensitive”.
Iranian Minister for Minority Matters, Chengez Jungistani agrees, suggesting that the one Jewish reserved seat in the Iranian Parliament, be taken away. “Our civilization is incompatible with Jews. These days, when Israel keeps threatening Iran, we do not know if the Jews are providing intelligence to Israel, that would hurt us.” He said. 
The above “news” is of course, a concoction of mine, it is absolutely untrue…Bogus!
What were your reactions, as you read the “News”?
Most Muslims would be astonished that such a measure would even be considered  by Iran; most Muslims would feel hurt and angry that such extreme opinions would be seriously aired in Iran.
Christians reading the “news” would be outraged, while the right wing Christians would be delighted that their hatred against Iran is yet again, justified; in their minds, the right wing Christians would be getting ready to call for all actions to contain and neutralize the Iranian threat to “our civilization”.
For Jews, their latent fear that the next Shoah is only around the corner, would be re-ignited and they would be getting ready to launch a massive campaign against Iran and to protect Iranian Jews from an unimaginable fate.
US House and Senate would be clamoring against Iran and against the Prospective abuse of Jews and the trampling of their human rights…certainly the President of the United States would have some robust comments to make against Iran.
The Republican Party? They would be calling for a tactical nuclear attack on Iranian facilities that support anything to do with nuclear matters.
Except for the extreme calls, the statements of revulsion against the trampling of human rights, would be completely justified.
So, what on Earth would possess me to write such a fictitious story and why would I want to upset Jews, Christians and Muslims who read the “story”?
Ever heard of Pete King?
He is the Republican Representative from New York’s 3rd Congressional District, since 1993. Now that the House of Representatives has a Republican Majority, Pete King is the ranking chair of the House Homeland Security Committee and he has promised to hold Hearings on Islamic Radicalization next week. 
Note: he is not holding hearings on “terrorism”, he is holding hearings ONLY on Muslims who turn to extremism in the US; Not Christians, not Jews, not Atheists…only “Muzlems“. This of course, implies that Muslims are to most dangerous source of violent crimes (“terrorism”) in this country and Muslims are the untrustworthy population to watch. This, in spiite of facts that show otherwise; facts, supported by the FBI, that Muslims in America, are responsible for a tiny fraction of all terrorist activities going on in this country.
Rep. King is not in the least bit ashamed that his position should be so hate-filled, he is actually proud of his position. There have been a few calls for him to investigate terrorism as an entire category, but he responded by saying he did not wish to dilute his focus away from Muslims…now there is a real patriotic American who would do any brown-shirted fascist in the country, proud. Among his many other notable positions?
  • He has said that he believes 85% of all Mosques are controlled by “Fundamentalists”
  • He has said that he does not believe Muslims can be loyal Americans…BUT…he has also said the de rigueur: “The overwhelming majority of Muslims are outstanding citizens
  • He has supported keeping Guantanamo open for business, stating that Gitmo is “100% humane
  • He has supported the use of torture
This man, who is so strongly against “terrorism” now that Muslims are given that label, is the same man who openly supported the IRA in the 1980s.

— Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y., center) with Sinn Féin president and alleged IRA leader Gerry Adams (left) and onetime IRA member Danny Morrison (right) in 1984. | New York University Library.

He led parades in their support and saying things like, “‘let us never forget the men and women who are suffering and, most of all, the men and women who are fighting (in the IRA).”
The same man is now in the following House Committees and subcommittees:
  • Committee on Homeland Security (Ranking Member) As Ranking Member of the full committee, King may serve as an ex officio member of all subcommittees
  • United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
  • With so much influence in the world’s most powerful country, King is well-placed to focus hate and fear of Muslims and Islam; he is encouraged by all right-wing Jewish organizations, all “experts” on “terrorism”, Islam and Muslims and by almost everyone in the Republican Party. His reasoning is that “Muslims will not turn against their own” and will not give up names of terrorists. He also says that he has the quiet backing of most of the nation’s law-enforcement officers and agencies, who agree with him, but will not say this openly. In our own state of Washington, Republican Representative Dave Reichert, who was a Sherriff until he was elected to Congress, is not publicly agreeing with King, but he is not disagreeing with him either.
    Why should anyone speak out against King?
    If they take a public stand against this latter-day Joe McCarthy, they could be seen as being “soft on terror” and selling out America…baaaad for re-election purposes!
    Selfish interests keep even the best amongst us, quiet. There are people who fear for their jobs if they speak out against Nazi-wannabes like Rep King, people who are afraid of being ostracized from their group of friends and supporters, people who want to keep their political positions and would not want a “soft on crime” label attached in the next elections.
    Even our President has not spoken out against King, probably because he is afraid the Republicans will bring up the questions tht he was not born in the US and he is a “Muzlem“.
    There are Muslims who are silent on this issue because they do not wish to be seen as defending “terrorists”, especially not “Muzlem” terrorists…(which means ALL of us).
    Cowardice can be a virtue.
    Back some years ago, someone started a false rumor that Jews in Iran were going to be forced to wear golden stars on their sleeves and everyone joined the competition of who would come out first against Iran’s repression of Jews, who would use the strongest language of condemnation; politicians, Jewish organizations…everyone joined the fray and nobody was embarrassed when it was discovered that the rumor was false…they were all proud that they stood up for human rights and against Iran…it helped that the oppressed people were Jews.
    That was then.
    Today? Today people are lining up to support hate and fear against Muslims, the REAL Americans are overjoyed and make sure that all hate-mongers are well-rewarded for their stance; ratings scream upwards for show hosts, politicians get elected and re-elected, law-enforcement agencies get more money for bigger toys (like armored personnel carriers for Police departments)…everyone is included in the love-fest of hate-mongering.
    Go back to my fake story at the start of this article.
    Can we imagine such conspiratorial silence if the story were true?
    Why is nobody surprised at the complicit silence while Rep. King is bringing to life, the same story in the US, but against Muslims instead?
    What action can Muslims in America take?
    It is fairly clear that we have no political strength and that is ONLY because we do not work together when there are challenges or threats against us; we are too confortable and too fearful to act…we would rather celebrate the “freedom” of Egypt, than try to act here to win ourselves and our children some measure of respect and equality.
    I wonder…
    What would happen if 100-150 Muslim men and women (plus some children) staked out some tents in Lafayette Square, outside the White House with banners calling for our President and our Legislature to protect Muslims against bigotry and to treat us as equals in America?
    What if Muslims refused to move unless arrested or unless there were public statements against anti-Muslim activities in America and denunciations of people like Rep. King?
    Do you think it would work?
    It certainly would get worldwide attention and maybe they would even get some more tenters from Christians and Jews of good will.
    It would be cold and other local Muslims would have to bring food and moral support to the encamped Muslims…it could be fun!
    I wonder…
    Would 99 other Muslim citizens care to join me in such an action?
    Would other Muslims be prepared to help pay for our airfares and minor expenses?
    If there is enough support from our brave Muslims, I will be happy to lead such an effort to embarrass the White House and the rest of Amerika into realizing what an ass they are making of our  foundational principles.
    Write back to me privately, and let me know if you are able and willing to help…before I lose my own motivation!
    We could go in March or April, after the snows disappear (I do have my limits).

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    1. Jeff,

      Timing is important in order to make the Whitge House sit-in newsworthy. Four suggestions:

      1)Perhaps the best time would be after King’s hearings have generated extremist support for his collective guilt campaign;

      2)A good time might be to support President Obama’s call for modifying the Terrorist Act (if he would dare to confront King on this);

      3) It might be good to avoid support from the established Muslim organizations. In fact, it might attract attention especially if the protesters were all Shi’a, including some parliamentarians from Iran who helped lead the demonstrations over there;

      4) Finally, it might be good to have the WhiteHouse demonstration coincide with a successful demonstration in some other Muslim country in order to make the point that the movement against repression of human rights is a global phenomenon and includes America.


      Comment by Robert D. Crane | February 13, 2011 | Reply

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