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Lessons lost on US, West…and Israel; How to make enduring enemies

As Egypt struggles against the tyranny of over 50 years…well over 50 years under Mubarak, Sadaat and Nasser…the West (USA) is looking apprehensively.
While the empty slogans of “Freedom”, “Democracy”, “Free Speech” are pattered ad nauseum by all from the President of the United States down to the Republican Guards and echoed by the spineless gallery of the Democrats, nobody in their right minds envision those slogans to apply to the unwashed of the world…they can hardly tolerate them to be applied right HERE, in this great bastion of hypocrisy (er, I mean, Democracy).
Not wishing to be caught speechless, our Secretary of State, madam Hillary Clinton has forced herself to support the idea that democracy should prevail in Egypt…after “an orderly transition”…maybe meaning, another hundred years.
Egypt after all, is hardly like Tunisia; Egypt is the great stronghold against Arabs and Palestinians and a “strong partner in peace with Israel”….oh, yes, Israel! People are having heartburns in Israel and they are forcing their public into believing that if Egypt “falls”, the end of Time for Israel, is at hand…here come the cattle-cars and there fire the ovens!!!
Never mind that the cattle cars and ovens and concentration camps had nothing at all, to do with Arabs or Palestinians, they were entirely the product of the West, with the Germans doing the dirty work, while the French, the Serbs, Croats, Dutch; the Norwegians, Italians, Spanish and even the US, all colluded with the Germans to create more Jewish fodder for the ovens.
But no, the West is a deep friend of Israel and the Jews, while the Arabs are the REAL enemy.
To that end, Israel has turned to asking Western countries (primarily the US) to support of Mubarak “at all costs” and to Hell with the collateral losses of a few thousand Egyptian people.
The Israeli cabinet is being updated on the “crisis” in Egypt on an hourly basis and Israel is preparing all scenarios of a future without the current Egyptian tyrant and his son. All these scenarios include massive escalations of armaments and military by Israel, in order to offset the “power balance” around Israel. This of course, means massive injections of military equipment into Israel…paid for by the US taxpayer.
The good news is that the US industry gets to sell shiploads of equipment to Israel so they are probably all praying to their gods of power and money, for an ouster of Mubarak, in an ironic alliance with the people of Egypt.
The bad news is that hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Force-injection to Israel, will not result in a single school in an underprivileged American neighborhood, not a single doctor, not a single daycare, no increase in housing or drug-treatment center…NOTHING at all, to the poor of this country. But Israel will be protected! As, likely, will be the careers of the gutless politicians who endorse the “supplemental aid” to Israel.
It is strange that our Republican (and to a large degree Democratic) politicians insist on having no new expenses (“investments” in Obama-lingo), without a commensurate cut in some other budget line….except of course, for “Defense” and even more of course, for “Israel”. The false support for a cruel, oppressive and murderous system like Israel, is more important than the preservation of a dignified life of the underprivileged American; one cannot even dream of support for the “dirty A-rabs”.
What are the “dangers” of a Mubarak overthrow?
To start with, Israel and its sycophants in Congress and the White House are probably doing their best to convince the Egyptian Army to take over and forestall an civilian-controlled, uncontrollable, government. Failing that, all policy forecasts go into a bug-eyed tizzy…”The Muzlems are taking overrrr!!!!
The greatly-promoted fear is that the Akhwan e Muslimeen (“The Muslim brotherhood”) will take over and then we will have another I-ran and if that also happens in Tunisia, then we will have THREE I-rans! Oh, my Gawd, oh, lawd! THREE fanatical, fundamental Islamic regimes and then THREE countries with THE Baamb and then they will hit tiny Israel and then they will target the US and Europe and poor helpless us, they will destroy us all and after they have killed us all and raped our women, they will establish Shariah law and then they will force us all into converting to I-slam…oh lawd have mercy, we MUST kill ’em all before they git us!!! DO SOMETHING!!!
After all the civilized clothing is removed from the rhetoric, this is the message our leaders want us to embrace. Then, no matter what they connive to do, we the unthinking, speechless and action-less public, will support it, because after all, it is a small price to pay, to keep us all safe…er, pass the bill to the dead A-rabs, will you?
Nobody ever considers the fact that Israel itself is a fundamentalist theocracy, run along racist lines and in the pattern of White South Africa, only harsher; there is no democracy in Israel unless one only counts Jews, who do enjoy an enviable democracy, but not so the Christian and Muslim Arab citizens of Israel; Palestinians being a far cry from even remotely humane treatment.
So, what if the Muslim Brotherhood does take control of Egypt? So far, they have not shown any signs of being irrational and they have been in existence for almost a century. Why should we suppose only the worst for them?
Of course, this shift towards intolerance becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy if the West collectively starts to “strangle” Egypt as it did to Gaza and is trying to do to Iran (maybe Lebanon will be next?). Any country turns to tyranny and control when it perceives an external threat…out go all democratic principles in the interest of “security”.
Just ask the post- 9/11 Americans who stood by silently as the Administration slashed away at constitutional guarantees of individual freedom.
Just ask the Americans who are suffering incredible deprivations at the low-income levels, as more and more funds are diverted to “keeping us safe”.
Just ask the Muslims in America who are being taken closer and closer to the chopping block as time passes…in the interest of keeping us all safe, of course!
It is no secret that Israel is driving US policy as far as Muslim countries are concerned. Israel provides “expert” advice, “expert” training, wonderful educational tours of Israel to leaders and a constant barrage of fear-mongering…all against Arabs, Palestinians, Islam and Muslims. With such organized hysteria against Islam and Muslims, it is a wonder that the US does not A-Bomb a Muslim country every week…Oops, sorry! It IS A-bombing several Muslim countries on a daily basis…with Depleted Uranium munitions.
When bomb fragments are dug out of the bodies of men, women and children in so many Muslim countries, “Made in USA” is to be found on the pieces. When Police turns on civilians in so many Muslim countries, their arsenals are “Made in USA”, when jack boots land on the necks of the poor in Muslim countries, “Made in USA” is stamped on the soles of the boots. Today, when tear-gas canisters are picked up in the streets of Egypt, “Made in America” is printed on every can.
These memories remain in the public psyche long after the effects of Earthquake and disaster rescues by US forces, have evaporated.
The net result of such blind, short-sighted and unthinking American approach towards Muslims, can only be, that the recruitment centers against the US are lined up to overflowing.
Nobody seems to care.
The “War!” industry is happy because this means more weapons sales.
Israel is happy because it means more money, more weapons and no more talk about “peace”.
The tyrants are happy because more money and weapons also flood towards them and no questions are asked as they in turn, bring hundreds of millions of America’s dollars for deposit back into US and Western banks.
No lessons are learnt except that hysteria pays great dividends and Fear is the greatest asset for career-enhancement…and oh yes, screw the poor!

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  1. (1)There are those who make things happen; (2) there are those who watch things happen, and (3) there are those who wonder what happened.

    Maybe the weak may never inherit the earth, but sure look like the mighty always do fall. The Arab revolution is absolutely fascinating, not only because of what’s happening in nation after nation – Young, jubilant, educated crowd peacefully demanding the ouster of the useless regimes – but that the most powerful nations on the planet are reduced to category three above. The powerful West that has ruled much of the ME the last 100 years, first directly, and then indirectly through puppet regimes, has no say whatsoever.


    Comment by Tess Abidi | February 1, 2011 | Reply

    • Let us all pray that thw cool winds of change, may also bring changes in places like Libya, Arabia, Pakistan, Israel and Kashmir.


      Comment by penjihad | February 1, 2011 | Reply

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