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Planting Prejudice In Our Defenders

For the story behind this commentary, please  read from this link.
Prejudice goes a long way. After it infects the primary person, it is passed on the others at the same level, to juniors and to other impressionable people, until very soon, its effects can be seen across the board
Prejudice is corrosive at all levels, it is bad when parents share their prejudice with their children who make it their own, it is bad when friends share their prejudice with each other and exercise it against others, but it is especially bad when it is shared in training of people who have the power of freedom or prison; life or death.
Prejudice travels best when it is unopposed and when it is disguised as beneficial to neighbors or, to society, thus causing irretrievable damage.
This is how genocidal movements get their energy and how they succeed; just ask Hitler, Milosevic, Habyarimana…ask anybody who is in the hate-business and they will share their prejudice, cloaked as a blessing to humanity. The justifications for spreading prejudice, almost always include the protection of the innocence of a society against an inexorable evil.
One unintended consequence of promoting prejudice is, that once unleashed, it becomes uncontrollable and attacks the originators and the spectators, just as easily as the targets.
The Germans who watched silently as Jews were marched off to death camps, soon found themselves rubbing shoulders with the same Jews in the same camps; the Sunni Muslims who stayed on the sidelines as extremist Sunnis bombed Shia gatherings, soon found themselves and their own loved ones also being targeted and victimized by the same fanatics.
There has always been a latent prejudice against Muslims in the West and in America, but it was discouraged in public because it was not seen as a good. After the tragedy of 9-11, Prejudice against Islam and Muslims was not only unchained, it was given a benediction reserved for divine causes; we saw the rapid spread of expressions and hostile actions against Muslims in America.
Today, prejudice against Muslims and expressions of revulsion against Islam, have become normalized with ever-increasing numbers of people believing in the evils of Islam and the Muslim threat to society. Prejudice, in the form of misinformation, is being spread in our armed forces and in our law-enforcement agencies from the command-levels, down to the field operators and it is being cloaked under “patriotism” and “security”; sincere people in ever wake of life in America, have begun to believe that Islam and America, are incompatible and that if Islam (and Muslims) is allowed to take hold in this country, “it will destroy our way of life!”…the basic slogan of genocide throughout history.
Thousands of Police and other law-enforcement agencies, including the FBI, have been exposed to “training” that focuses on Islam and Muslims, as the prime threat to society, to peace and to our cherished “Judeo-Christian” values and the numbers of such contaminated officers and agents is growing daily.
“Experts” on security and “terrorism” are growing at an exponential rate, like mushrooms on a dunghill, because teaching fear against Islam and Muslims is a highly lucrative pursuit and these days, it is a sure path to fame as well.
Even organizations that are seemingly against prejudice and bigotry, appear to be deep in the business of spreading hate and fear against Islam and Muslims disguised as “anti-terrorism training” or, even training against bigotry.
  • The Simon Wiesenthal Center (“Museum of Tolerance” notoriety) produced “Ever Again”, a film designed to show how Islam and Muslims are a threat to Jews in Europe and how this is now spreading into the US and must be stopped.
  • The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of the B’nai Brith has had many of its offices and student affiliates showing the hate-Islam video “Obsession” and while it distances itself (in private) from such activities, it does nothing to stop such activities from continuing.
  • Republican Party clubs and other branches have also shown the video at many of its venues, their senators and Representatives in Washington have even held showings for other members of Congress and have openly expressed their hostility towards Islam and Muslims. Rep. Peter King (R-NY) the new Republican Chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security, has promised to launch a House hearing on “Radical” Islam and “home-grown terrorism”, even stating in a radio interview with Frank Gaffney, When a war begins, . Other (chiefly) Republican members of the House and Senate have openly expressed their revulsion of Islam and Muslims, suggesting that if not stopped, Islam (Muslims) will destroy America.Muslims are not Americans
It is not enough for leaders of organizations to hide behind plausible deniability and say (as did NY Police Commissioner, Ray Kelly…below) they knew nothing of the times when bigotry is being used in training their ranks; these leaders…Chiefs of Police, heads of law-enforcement departments, military Generals, political leaders, heads of organizations and even the President of the United States, have an obligation and duty, to condemn the dissemination of bigotry and hate against ANY minority and to order it stopped immediately.
Their selective blind eye towards the “occasional mistake” is unacceptable and then it is the obligation of the person on the street, to let the leaders know that they are in office to protect EVERYBODY and not to defend their own ranks. 
It was only because the German, the Yugoslav, the Rwandan publics failed to take interest in such egregious abuses, that genocide became a reality in their countries; it does NOT need to get that far in this country.

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  1. Makes me want to move to Canada


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