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To be American, Must I be White and Christian?

Sometimes, one views being right with mixed feelings; somewhat like saying that  French public will revolt soon and we will all be taken to the Guillotine…and then being carted to the public square for the guillotining during the revolution; there is absolutely no satisfaction in being right!

For a long time, I have been saying that if the Republican Party comes to power, Muslims are going to see persecution as perhaps we have not seen before. I have been saying this because the Republican Party machinery has been actively pursuing virulent anti-Muslim rhetoric disguised a “Patriotism”; their different party clubs have been showing hate-Islam videos, their Senators have been inviting Islamophobes to the Capitol and hosting Hate-Islam video screenings for Congressional members and various Republican Party congressional and Gubernatorial candidates during there 2010 elections, were heard to repeatedly bash Muslims and Islam, just the ensure their victory.

I have also said that the Democratic Party is almost in a conspiracy with the Republican Party against Muslims; the Republicans launch the attacks against us and the Democrats make it possible by remaining silent and funding the efforts.

Still, suggesting that Republican leaders will don Brown shirts if they should take power, was an unpopular stand and I heard from friends who were Republicans, every time I would say such a thing.

Then the Republican Party won the House majority and the Department of Homeland Security, already with a well-earned reputation for persecuting Muslims (which is why I call it the Department of Fatherland Security), got a new Chairman for its oversight Committee…Rep. Peter King (R-NY).

Überkommandant Peter King (R-NY)

Almost immediately, Überkommandant King announced the launching of a Fatherland Security investigation on “the radicalization of the American Muslim community and homegrown terrorism”. In plain English, this means he will seek to condemn Muslims as the source of all “terrorism” in America and the world. Presumably, once this “fact” has been established, the persecution of Muslims can get the start the anti-Muslim bigots in power so desperately want. These days, “Homegrown Terrorism” is another code word for targeting Muslims, just as the other code words like “Terrorism”, “Radical Islam”, “Fundamentalism”, are all code words that boil down to a single enemy; “Muzlems!”.

During an interview with that famous Islamophobe, Frank Gaffney, Überkommandant King opined that “there were too many Mosques in this country”. Then, upon getting egged-on by the excited Oberleutenant Gaffney, the Überkommandant went on to state that during war, Muslims are not Americans.

Frank Gaffney runs his own Center for Security Policy in Washington DC. In giving evidence at a lawsuit against a Rutherford County proposed Mosque, he accused local Mosque leaders of having ties to terrorism…using his own report on Sharia “law” as his source of information; during cross-examination, he was forced to admit he was not an expert on Sharia…”law” or not.

I wonder how Überkommandant King’s Jewish constituency views his disenfranchising statements against Muslims? After all, Jews are regularly accused of not being American and actually being Israelis.

How many Mosques in America are “too many”? As many as Temples and Synagogues? half as many? where is the bright line that defines Mosques as “too many” in America?

Of course, we cannot expect Überkommandant King to be mindful of the FACTS that so far, since 9-11, the greatest threats (except for Ahmed Ressam, who tried to smuggle explosives into the US) to the American public have come not from us “Muzlems“, but from Jews and Christians; consider the following short-list of REEL Americans:

Examples are endless, and while reasonable people get the point that WMD crimes are committed “irregardless” of race, religion or nationality, Überkommandant King is really only interested in “gittin’ them Muz-lems!”.

The person who alerted the authorities about the Times Square car-bomb, was a Muslim; Muslims have fought ably and well, as members of US Armed Forces in Iraq and Afghanistan; more Pakistani Muslim soldiers have laid down their lives in America’s “War!” against “Terror” in Afghanistan, than the entire “Coalition of the Willing” soldiers.

Nevertheless, Überkommandant King and his Republican Party leaders are exclusively interested in MuzlemTrrrrsts!”…as the Democratic Party leaders sit with duct-tape across their cowardly mouths. 

Where are the American Muslims while the hunt goes on?

They are keeping their heads down and lying low…hoping; they go to their jobs, go to stores, come home and go to Mosques and pray that this too, might pass. 

Muslims do not wish to recall that Jews in Germany too, kept hoping that the wave of anti-Semitism will pass by and all the Jews need to do is lie quiet and lie low; it did not work.

It also did not work for the Japanese Americans who thought if they kept low, they would not be targeted; they were.

Every single minority in any country at all, suffered terribly because they ignored the signs of the onslaught of bigots and thought silence will help them; everyone, from the Tutsis in Rwanda, the People of Cambodia, The Jews in Europe…every single minority that thought inaction is the best defense, was wrong and suffered terribly as a result. We have no evidence that Muslim minorities in America today, will fare any better simply because they chose to remain disengaged from the political processes of this country.

The non-Muslim people of goodwill are looking for signs of Muslims taking on the bigotry so they can join in and help eradicate it before it becomes overwhelming, but Most Muslims are too terrified to speak up…and that is exactly how Überkommandant King and his Republican Party leaders want Muslims to remain.

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