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New “Enhanced” airport “pat-downs”

Disgusting as it is, invasive “pat-downs” at US airports should not surprise us. Our “enforcement” officers (Police, FBI, TSA, CBP/ICE etc.,) know that while they may not break for law without the possibility of some repercussions, they can be as harsh, hostile and rude as they want, without any danger to themselves (“I am only following the law“). As Muslims, we experience their delicate touch when we cross borders or, during traffic stops and other memorable experiences.
It is clear that a “pat-down” is NOT what they want because they will have to hire a massive number of TSA people in order to keep the lines running fast so, they will “pat-down” passengers as invasively as they can so the word spreads and fewer and fewer people opt-out of scanner lines.
To further intimidate people, they apparently are allowing men to pat-down women passengers…I am betting they will not be having women TSA officers pat-down men (probably because the TSA women will rebel)!
It now looks like Congress is receiving enough flak that they are starting to look at this issue
New Airport Pat-Downs Are MORE Invasive, TSA Boss Confirms 
Airport scanners present two different concerns. One is the possibility of harm from repeated radiation, even if it is low-level and the other is the explicit imaging which shows every detail of the body being scanned…add color and you could be looking at porn. Europe apparently, has overcome the explicit imaging by adding a program that represents the body as a stick-figure and shows everything ELSE, clearly. So, if Joe notAverage, had a photograph by his chest, it would show something by his chest, but Joe would still remain a  stick figure. I don’t see why we cannot have that program installed on US scanners.
Australia is already starting to install the stick-figure programs:
  • ‘Naked’ airport scanners to be made over
    • Stick figures to be used in scanner displays
    • Testing underway on the new software
    • Move to address privacy concerns

    CONTROVERSIAL “naked” airport scanners will soon display a generic figure instead of an outline of passengers’ body parts due to a planned software upgrade addressing privacy concerns.

That still leaves the issue of aditional radiation, unaddressed.
The only ray of hope is that while previously, the main complainants were us (“Terrorist!”) Muslims, we are now being joined by pilots, and other REAL Americans…non-Muslim Women, at that. While Joe Average doesn’t give a damn how many “ragheads” complain, you had better not be feeling up HIS women, by God!
In the smoke-and-mirrors game of justifying the scanners and pat-downs, one thing that hasn’t been talked about is how other, effective agencies overseas, are handling their “security” at airports.
Even if we dismiss the European examples as “politically correct” and therefore, not very effective, I doubt if we will find people criticizing Israelis for being “soft” on security. I was listening to a report by non-Jewish a traveller coming from Ben Gurion airport (Israel); he reported that he was interviewed by a few different people as he progressed through the check-in and security lines and even pulled away for deeper questioning lasting an hour, but he was never subjected to scanners or pat-downs.
Question is if REAL Americans will find the backbone to oppose the invasive pat-downs and the invasive scanners, I think it is getting more and more likely because non-Muslims are starting to complain.

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  1. Please take down the photo. Please I don’t want you to suffer like I did. I want every webmaster to be safe. I can take a patdown photo if you want so you can use that. Please take it down for gods sake.

    Please take down the patdown photo. I have been sued for the exact same photo on your page. You need to take it down or else you can be sued too.

    Please take down that photo because Righthaven owns the TSA Enhanced Patdown Photo you have on your page.

    I am making this comment to save you from a frivolous lawsuit because it is hell for me. Both attorneys and the court has put me through suffering. Don’t make the same mistake as I did.

    Please I don’t want you to be sued by Righthaven. Please take the photo down I beg you. Tell you what I will goto my local airport and take a picture of the patdown procedure then you can use that on this page. I want you to be safe. Please!!!

    To prove to you I am not lying heres a few links about my lawsuit story: the photo is copyrighted by Righthaven. Not even proper attribution works because they still sue for money. It is best to take down the photo. – News story about me being sued over the same photo you have as well on your blog. It’s not safe to keep it up anymore.,0,5323431.story


    Comment by Brian Hill (USWGO) | March 17, 2011 | Reply

    • Thank you for your advice. I did take the picture down because I have no wish to be sued by some idiot who wants to attack me or get some monetary damages when my intention was to share information with others in a non-commercial manner.
      I will look forward to receiving a picture from you.


      Comment by penjihad | March 17, 2011 | Reply

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