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Money, Islamophobia and “War!”

Islamophobia is only a new name for a very old and established commodity for control and power…as old as Time itself…FEAR; it is the oldest method for control and also the most lucrative pursuit in history.

We keep children quiet with fear of the Bogeyman; we keep people under control in religion, because of fear of God’s Wrath and Hell; we rise to political power by invoking fear of economic catastrophe, fear of the “other” and fear of being destroyed…while at the same time presenting ourselves as the best savior, so “Remember to vote for me!”.

Fear brings people to power and Fear keeps people in power; Fear is also the shortest way to fame and fortune….FEAR is what galvanizes the opportunists and Fear is what keeps the best amongst us, silent.

Truth is the first victim to get trampled in the rush for power and control, we people invent greater and greater existential threats from the “other”.

Silence from the public, people who otherwise, are folk of good faith, provides the smooth road for the Fear machines to run on.

America Under Siege

Before the fall of the Soviet Union, fear of the Communist tidal wave, was used to generate untold billions of dollars to produce machines for mass killing…which actually killed millions of innocent people in order to bring “Democracy” to their benighted lives. Thousands of tyrants were paid billions of dollars in order to rent their loyalty in the fight for “Freedom”; it did not matter how many of his own people he killed…and they killed many…as long as they served the cause of Western “freedom”.

After the fall of the Soviet Union, there was panic among the most powerful branches of power across the so-called “Free” world; they HAD to find a scapegoat and find it fast…and the cross-hairs landed on Muslims.

We began with the notorious USAPATRIOT Act that shredded the constitution as far as Muslims were concerned.

We then watched as politicians jumped on the bandwagon and whipped up anti-Muslim hysteria…

We have examples of our own Senator Cantwell, whipping up fear that “the Arabs are taking over our ports!” when the reality was diametrically opposite.

Airlines deplane Muslims, sometimes in handcuffs, just for the crime of being Muslim if a crew-member or a passenger voices “concerns” about the fact that there are “Muslim-looking” people on board.

Our FBI and Police are being trained and tasked to target Muslims as prime suspects and “detaining” Muslims is seen as a great defense of America.

Our Military is actively trained to treat Muslims as threats to America.

Just before the 2008 elections, almost 50 MILLION copies of the fear-mongering video, “Obsession” were distributed to Churches, Synagogues, politicians, academics and to the ordinary American, in an attempt to swing the votes towards more pro-Israel (anti-Muslim) candidates.

At the border, Muslims are routinely mistreated and humiliated by our Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Sometimes Muslims are kept waiting in handcuffs, for hours at the US border, before being allowed to proceed. 

Muslims are the easiest target for the Fear Industry. In general, Muslims are disorganized, they have almost no political profile in Western countries so, anyone targeting Muslims will only win more points and is unlikely to suffer negative consequences.

Most people also had no knowledge of Islam until the 9-11 tragedy and then, the only face they thought they saw, was of Islam. There was widespread panic and fear that another similar tragedy is imminent. Simultaneously, Churches and public organizations clamored for people to come and inform them about Islam, about Muslims and about the world of Muslim-majority nations.

Many non-Muslims saw this as an opportunity to achieve fame and fortune for themselves. They began to portray themselves as experts on Islam and Muslims and offered opinion that supported the public perception of Islam and Muslims as the greatest threat to humanity. Muslims were demonized, de-humanized and Muslim hostility towards the non-Muslim world (falsely labeled as “Infidels”) was painted as the foundation of the faith, thus, anyone who called himself a Muslim, was by definition, out to murder “us all”.

“Experts” grew faster than mushrooms on a dark dunghill. Today we have so “experts” on Islam that making a few choices is impossible. In an effort to stand out in the “Hate-Islam” crowd, they have started to ratchet the fear levels up and the predictions of more and more terrible consequences of allowing Islam to exist, are inescapable.

Who wins, when Islam and Muslims are targeted and why?

There are many groups and sub-groups who have an ax to grind against Muslims and Islam; some bring their memories of ill-treatment against them as minorities in Muslim-majority countries, while other feel their cause can only be promoted on the carcasses of Muslims. Some of the most energetic groups promoting fear and therefore, hate of Islam and Muslims, include:

1. Right Wing Christians. Perhaps in a bid to show Christianity as the only beacon of hope in the darkness being spread by Muslims, Churches are promoting mythology and “experts” that “prove” Islam to be the greatest threat to a so-called “Judeo-Christian Civilization”…a  term invented to create an alliance of Jews and Christians against Muslims; a term that would have been laughed at, just a few decades ago.

Promoting fear and hate of Islam helps evangelical right-wing Christians rally their flock together and pray for Judgment Day, when all Christians will be saved and everyone else, will be destroyed.

2. Right Wing Jews. These Jews are determined to defend Israel against all threats, real or imaginary. They are always on the alert for threats to Israel or to Jews and launch immediate and harsh reactions whenever they feel one is coming; every action outside their circle, is analyzed for threats and hardly any conjecture is left untouched. Naturally, for such Jews, the sentiments are that Israel and the Jewish world, are teetering at the brink of destruction.

The root of this fear is very real. Jews have lived for millennia, as minorities and in Christian kingdoms, have been regularly slaughtered, dispossessed and always been oppressed. Jews have been the scapegoat for tyrants who wanted to deflect their people’s attention from the ills they were suffering, to Jews, who would be blamed for being the cause of their ills. It helped that any properties Jews may own at the time, would be either absorbed by the tyrants, or looted by the enraged public.

Hitler can along and defined genocide by targeting and successfully slaughtering millions of Jews, along with several million other “threats” to the German nation; almost half the worlds Jews, were exterminated in Hitler’s genocide which was referred to as a Holocaust and “The Shoah”. 

The traumatized Jewish people sought a refuge where they could at last, be protected against future pogroms, oppression and genocides and to Israel they rushed. They addressed the “Arab Problem” by killing and displacing most of them and settling on the lands and homes thus vacated.

Arab reaction to the creation of Israel and the arrival of Jews at the cost of Palestinians, was viewed as another confirmation for eternal vigilance against an eternal threat.

The right-wing Jews also see any emergence of Muslims leaders or countries that speak out against Israel’s policies against Palestinians, as a direct anti-Semitism and more proof that Muslims cannot be friends with Jews. As a result, these Jews dedicate themselves to attacking anything and anyone related to Islam or Arabs. In America, targets for right-wing Jewry include Muslim schools, Mosques, organizations, heads of public organizations,  political leaders and just ANY Muslim who dares to speak out against Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

It is most important to understand that while the logic of right-wing Jews is warped, it is so because of the terrible history Jews HAVE suffered through the centuries. While their suffering does not justify their hate-filled actions, it does help to understand their reasons and understanding creates the possibility of starting a dialogue.

 3. Politicians. Like the “experts” who have profited immensely from the hate-Islam industry, politicians are not immune to the same temptations. They see a targeting of Islam and Muslims as a shortcut to their progress in politics. By attacking Islam and Muslims, politicians can show how patriotic they are and how willing they are, to attack any threat to their people and “their” country … presenting themselves as saviors against the “Islamic Tsunami”. Even the most liberal politicians find it hard to resist the profits of rallying against Islam and Muslims.

Seeking to pander to the right-wing Christians and right-wing Jews, these politicians take ownership of the fears generated by the “experts” in the Hate-Islam industry and whip public emotions while presenting themselves as the best opposition to the threat. They create laws aimed against Muslims and Islam in order to prove they ARE doing something against the threat that they have successfully projected so they may be re-elected in the next elections; each round per force, is another ratchet up from the past.

Currently in the United States, the Republican Party has nailed its colors to the mast of the Hate-Islam industry. Republican Party promotes seminars and films that promote fantasies against Islam and Muslims in order to continuously whip up public hysteria and continuously keep themselves as the best guardians of America’s security. 

4. The “Defense” Industry. This arm of the “Military-Industrial Complex” as used in  President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s famous farewell address speech has the most material gain at stake.

Every time there is a war, military action or a threat thereof, the national military forces gear up for action and BILLIONS of dollars are spent on preparation and even more, on implementation of “defense”. Before such an even takes effect, there are billions of dollars spent in research for new methods to destroy the “enemy”; the presence of an enemy greatly eases the pain of the cost of military procurement.

Since the 9-11 tragedy, defense industry has made massive profits, not only in supplying for war, but also in supplying local law-enforcement agencies with material that previously belonged at the battlefront but now is being sold at home; it promises terrible consequences if used in a local context.

Of course, the outcome of a successful Fear campaign, is a targeted minority that can be attacked freely…in today’s America, that minority are the Muslims. It pays the chief players well, to stoke fears of Muslims and to paint local Muslims as “Sleeper Cells” who are ready and willing to start on a program of mayhem when the order comes from The Great Mullah High Command.

It may seem shocking to some, but the first seeds for genocide are being sown as we watch in silence:

Muslims are portrayed as seeking the destruction of “Our Way of Life” without defining what that “Way” is and how it differs from “Their Way of Life”. This is an existential threat from which there is no negotiation or escape; we have to be ready to kill or be killed.

“They” live on Violence and Hate, while “We” defend peace and tolerance.

Muslims are then demonized; they are portrayed as Nazis, Vermin, Cockroaches and Cancer…all things that MUST be destroyed in order for “Us” to survive.

Muslim Nations as Cockroaches

One of the most unifying arenas…for BOTH “sides” of this “War!”, is Israel.

The injustices in Israel are the rallying call for Muslims when they wish to prove the anti-Muslim hostilities of the West. At the same time, Israel is presented as a tiny bastion of democracy in a sea of mindlessly hostile Muslims. Interestingly enough, Israel is also the pivot on which the massive “Defense” Industry thrives. America is committed to maintain Israel’s military superiority against any single Arab country and ALL OF THEM put together.

You can just imagine the multiplier effect this can have, whenever an Arab nation buys some weapons from any country and who are the net winners of such a strategy. 

Muslim-majority countries are presented as a direct or indirect threat to Israel, to “Democracy” and to the West and our military complex is aligned to destroy any fantasized threat.

Today, we are fighting two declared wars (Afghanistan and Iraq) for which reasons were completely conjured out of thin air.

We are  fighting THREE undeclared wars (Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen)

and it looks like we are imminently due to fight another one (Iran).

The imagery portrayed in the build-up and the execution of each war is the same: the enemy MUST be destroyed because it now has the potential to destroy our very way of life; the enemy will NOT be dissuaded and they are forced by the directions of their faith, to destroy us…we HAVE to attack to pre-empt an attack on us that would be of unimaginable proportions 

Every single one of these wars, depend on the generation of fear and hate, of Islam and Muslims. 

It appears as if America is moving to act in ways that make it acceptable to persecute Muslims…to inoculate the American public against compassionate feelings when grave injustices are perpetrated against Muslims.

America’s reaction to these degenerations?


Islamophobia is a most lucrative business and those pursuing this business have no concerns at all, that this pursuit is tainting the whole country and other countries in the West are being forced to follow in America’s footsteps. Horrible as it may sound, this pursuit of an ever-growing fantasy-threat is preparing the “Judeo-Christian Civilization” to follow in the footsteps of Der Fuhrer as the mindset shifts from “Never Again!” to, “Well, maybe just one more time“…

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